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Chapter 182: Cultivating With All Meridians Open

Chapter 182: Cultivating With All Meridians Open

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This time, Mo Wuji did not choose the Lightning Tempering Room, but instead, the best Spiritual Energy Tempering Room. Heaven Seeking Palace’s best Spiritual Energy Tempering Room cost 10,000 Earth spirit stones a day. Normally Yuan Dan Stage cultivators would not even use this tempering room, because it was too expensive. Most closed door cultivation would last for half a year to a year long, and no one had the financial ability to spend that much spirit stones.

However, Mo Wuji did not care. He had a large amount of spirit stones on him, and since the Five Great Empires were in disarray, if he did not quickly cultivate to raise his cultivation level now, what would he be waiting for? Spirit stones were meant to be used to raise one’s cultivation level, and he had even seen a spirit stone quarry before, so this didn’t mean much to him.

In Mo Wuji’s mind, a Spiritual Energy Tempering Room simply had slightly denser spiritual energy. So as long as he had enough spirit stones, he would be able to achieve a similar effect. Of course, he chose to cultivate in a Spiritual Energy Tempering Room, firstly because he dared not cultivate at his house alone, and secondly because he was waiting for Cen Shuyin here.

But once he entered the Spiritual Energy Tempering Room, Mo Wuji knew that he was completely wrong. The Spiritual Energy Tempering Room of Heaven Seeking Palace was much more effective than even the spirit stone quarry. After all, there were still some impurities in the spirit stone quarry, while in the Immortal Training Tower, spiritual energy was much more pure. On top of that, the movement of spiritual energy also encompassed some traces of cultivation dao.

Within a mere day, Mo Wuji had advanced to Spirit Building Stage Level 5. Although from his interaction with Ren Tianxing, he knew that he would advance very quickly once he did some closed door cultivation, he did not expect it to be this fast.

Mo Wuji was enveloped in pure spiritual energy, and a whirlpool became to form around him. Every time he seemed to start a round of circulation, the spiritual energy whirlpool automatically started to match his cultivation needs.

In his heart, Mo Wuji was pleasantly surprised. Even if it cost 100,000 Earth spirit stones a day, he would feel that renting this room was worth it, much less if it cost 10,000.

The Immortal Training Tower was originally a training tower built on a spirit vein, so while Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was low, his rate of absorbing spiritual energy was off the charts. Add on the fact that he chose the room with the densest spiritual energy, the spiritual energy in the air formed waves that rushed at him one by one.

If a True God Stage expert appeared at the Immortal Training Tower, he would sense that the spiritual energy ripples were unusual. However other than those who went to the frontlines, only one or two were left holding the fort in the depths of Heaven Seeking Palace. They would not appear unless something threatened the safety of the sect.

The original plan was to cultivate for a few days before going to take a look at the ice tempering room, but in the end Mo Wuji used up half a month for cultivation.

In the half a month, he had advanced from Spirit Building Stage Level 5 to the Great Circle of Spirit Building Stage Level 6.

It was only a step away from Spirit Building Stage Level 7. But this step seemed ever so far away to Mo Wuji. In the few days after he reached the Great Circle of Spirit Building Stage Level 6, regardless of how much spiritual energy he absorbed, he remained at the same level.

Towards the end, Mo Wuji began taking cultivation pills. He could feel his cultivation rising steadily, but just not breaking through that final barrier.

Even though it was only one level of difference between Spirit Building Stage Level 6 and 7, the gap was very great. One was in the intermediate Spirit Building Stage, while the other was in the advanced Spirit Building Stage. It was as different as night and day.

To Mo Wuji, at Spirit Building Stage Level 7 it might be possible for him to escape from Transcending Mortality Stage experts. However, at Level 6, it would be rather dangerous.

He was about to go to the battlefield, so advancing to Spirit Building Stage Level 7 was a must. At this point, he grinded his teeth together, and retrieved a jade box, opening it to reveal a shiny spirit stone.

Regardless whether other people used Heaven grade spirit stones to cultivate, he was determined to do so today in order to breakthrough to Spirit Building Stage Level 7.

If anyone found out that Mo Wuji was using a Heaven grade spirit stone to break through, they would probably vomit three litres of blood on the spot.

Heaven grade spirit stones were usually mined from an Earth grade spirit stone mine, and if only a couple could be found in the entire mine, it would be considered very good luck already. Using such a spirit stone to breakthrough to stages beyond the Earth Realm, even for advancing from Transcending Mortality Stage to Yuan Dan Stage, was a luxury.

But now, Mo Wuji wanted to use the Heaven grade spirit stone to advance to Spirit Building Stage Level 7. This was indeed a waste of resources. He always believed that no matter how good an item, if it was not used, then it wasn’t something good at all. Since his strength had increased, he could go to search for Heaven grade spirit stones. Leaving one by his side and not bearing to use it to cultivate, if that led to his demise at the hands of an enemy, the Heaven grade spirit stone would just follow him to the grave.

Because of this line of thought, Mo Wuji took out the Heaven grade spirit stone without hesitation.

The spiritual energy in the Spiritual Energy Tempering Room was already at a frightening density, including some cultivation dao in its midst. Once he took out the Heaven grade spirit stone, a sliver of consciousness even got added into the mix, and the cultivation dao became even clearer than before. As Mo Wuji gripped the Heaven grade spirit stone tightly and began spiritual energy circulation, a river of pure spiritual energy directly gushed into every meridian of his. At this moment, all 100 of his meridians seemed to have spiritual energy raging within.

"Bang!" Just one round of circulation later, the gap between Spirit Building Stage Level 6 and Level 7 was breached, and Mo Wuji’s strength instantly rose wildly.

His original ability to absorb spiritual energy was already that strong, and once he took out the Heaven grade spirit stone, a chain reaction happened. A rich and pure spiritual energy fog totally surrounded Mo Wuji, and within the fog an even purer existence in the fog cleared the impurities within his meridians, at the same time rapidly raising his cultivation level.

Spirit Building Stage Level 8, Level 9...

"Crack" When the spirit stone in his hand turned to ashes, Mo Wuji got jolted out of his immersion in cultivation.

Lowering his head, he saw the Heaven grade spirit stone that perished in his hands, and he gazed at it with gratitude.

While Mo WUji was a mortal, he had opened many meridians in his path of cultivation, and was no stranger to cultivating. He had cultivated in placed almost devoid of spiritual energy, and alse in a spirit stone quarry, so he was very clear what cultivation entailed. However, this was the first time that he got completely drunk in his closed door cultivation, the source of which was the Heaven grade spirit stone that he obtained.

Only one Heaven grade spirit stone, and with the addition of the Spiritual Energy Tempering Room, he advanced to Spirit Building Stage Level 9 in the short span of a month.

But in his happiness there was a slight bit of worry, just like a person that got used to a luxurious lifestyle, how would he get used to a more frugal lifestyle? He had happily cultivated from Spirit Building Stage Level 4 to Level 9 in one shot.

This was in the best Spiritual Energy Tempering Room in the whole of Heaven Seeking Palace, and on top of using various pills, he had used a Heaven grade spirit stone. Because of the investment of all these resources, while he cultivated, almost all 100 of his meridians opened up to absorb spiritual energy.

What would happen in the future then? There would no longer be such resources at his disposal, so how would he carry on with his life? Perhaps in the next few years, he would not be bale to advance from Spirit Building Stage Level 9 to Transcending Mortality Stage.

No, he wanted to breakthrough to the Extreme Mortal Stage, so Spirit Building Stage Level 10 was a must.

Thinking to this point, the excitement within Mo Wuji disappeared completely, and was replaced by sorrow.

That’s right, has Cen Shuyin successfully acquired the Seven Styles Lightning Sky? After all, he had been in closed door cultivation for quite a while. Mo Wuji quickly threw all thoughts of future advancement to a side, swept off the spirit stone dust from his body, and opened the doors of the Spiritual Energy Tempering Room.

"A total of 36 days, so the cost is 360,000 Earth grade spirit stones…" The middle aged lady cashier of the Immortal Training Tower expressionlessly passed Mo Wuji’s spirit stone card back to him.

His mouth twitched a few times. 360,000 Earth grade spirit stones were spent on his cultivation, but not only that, he had expended a Heaven grade spirit stone too.

Taking over the spirit stone card the lady passed to him, Mo Wuji suddenly reminisced about the young lady that was previously there.

If it were that young lady, even if he had spent all of his spirit stones, he would have cheered up just from hearing her voice.

"Please help me check if senior apprentice sister Cen Shuyin has some out from closed door cultivation…" While Mo Wuji did not like her emotionless voice, he still had to find out about Cen Shuyin’s status.

Whether Cen Shuyin had successfully learnt the Seven Styles Lightning Sky would affect if he got the flying magic treasure.

However, the middle aged woman acted as though she did not hear Mo Wuji’s words, and kept her cold expression.

With a sigh, Mo Wuji gave up. He knew that asking would be useless.

Nothing beat checking things out himself, so he headed straight up to the ice tempering rooms, where the only high tier ice tempering room was unoccupied.

Mo Wuji went to the intermediate tier ice tempering rooms, and it was the same. None of them had slips inserted, which meant that Cen Shuyin was not inside either.

Could it be that this woman learnt the Seven Styles Lightning Sky and ran away. This was equally possible. After all, a flying magic treasure was not a simple item.

Shaking his head, Mo Wuji was prepared to give up waiting for Cen Shuyin.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly spotted a Immortal Training slip slotted inside the intermediate tier Lightning Tempering Room that he previously used.

Who was training their lightning affinity technique? Mo Wuji stopped on the spot. If someone knew a lightning affinity body tempering technique, there was no harm in making a trade with him. Otherwise Cen Shuyin would continue bugging him in the future.

After an hour of waiting, the doors to the Lightning Tempering Room suddenly burst open.

A woman with a face full of black soot, and a head of burnt, messy hair walked out.

"Senior apprentice sister Cen…" Mo Wuji looked at the Cen Shuyin before him in shock. If he was not thinking about Cen Shuyin, he might not have recognised her.

The Cen Shuyin before him looked like she just climbed out of a soot pile. Even though she had changed her clothes, all her exposed skin was riddled with wounds. The originally heavenly looking, demure young lady, looked like an African refugee now.

In a moment, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. Cen Shuyin entered the Lightning Tempering Room to cultivate, so could it be that she have learnt the first style of the Seven Style Lightning Sky?

At this point, a sense of expectation rose up within Mo Wuji. Since Cen Shuyin had learnt Sudden Lightning, wouldn’t that mean that she would give him the flying magic treasure?

Inside, Mo Wuji was very excited. While the flying carriage was decorated rather femininely, it was better than not having one at all. Once he obtained it, he would redecorate the interior completely.