If I Never Loved You
33 Chapter 33: Antonio, I am Dying.
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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33 Chapter 33: Antonio, I am Dying.


Suddenly, on impulse, she rushed out after him and held unto his jacket: "please don't go"

"Didn't you hear the phone call, Stacey has twisted her leg, I need to go and see her."

"But it's just a minor injury, you don't really need to go, she would be fine."

Antonio pushed her aside and tried to walk pass her.

Anne looked at the man who had lost his patience, suddenly, she raised her neck and shouted to him, "Antonio!" I'm going to die! "

Antonio was a bit surprised, but recovered in the next few seconds: "Anne, you are willing to use all forms of lies just to get me to stay? Unfortunately, even if you are dying, it is not as serious to me as Stacey twisting her feet."

Suddenly, she turned away, with her head hanging low and allowed him to pass through. Antonio pulled the door open and left.

Anne suddenly rushed out after him, looking at the man already standing in the elevator, she stood in the corridor, and loudly said: "Antonio, I am dying, can you say you love me?" This is the last time I'm begging you, I will never do it again." "So, please, even if it's a lie, please lie to me this once."

Anne helplessly watched, as the man standing in the elevator watched her without even acknowledging that he had heard her.

A line of tears streamed down her face…. It was finally time to put a stop to all this.


Ding Dong ding-dong.

Who is ringing my bell so late in the night, Alice thought to herself as she came to open the door. Standing there was Anne with her suitcase.

"Can I please come live with you, I have finally given up" Anne said

Alice came forward and embraced her saying: "Don't be silly, of course you can" @@
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