If I Never Loved You
32 Chapter 32: Don“t Go
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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32 Chapter 32: Don“t Go

She was lying on the bed, listening to the sound of the shower from the bathroom and looking up at the ceiling with a little nervousness. The sound of water stopped, and Antonio pushed open the door.

Anne just looked at Antonio for a moment: "Tonight ... Stay here, okay?"

For three years, Antonio had never spent the night with her, he always hurried out whenever he was done with her. Antonio concentrated on wiping himself and totally ignored her.

Anne climbed out of bed and tightly hugged him from behind: "Don't go, please."

The man in the reed belt stiffened his back.

"Please, don't go ... Antonio, I have never asked you this in all these three years. Today, please stay, okay?" She hugged him tightly from behind.

For a moment, Antonio relented and put down his cell phone on the nightstand, which suddenly rang. That ring tone was unique, she could recognize it anywhere. It was the ringtone Antonio had set for Stacey for the past three years, it had never changed.

"No," she shook her head, her fingers firmly clasped his collar, tightly hugged him, and then shook his head: "No, don't go?"

"Do not answer ... Do not answer ... Please, please, don't answer, and don't go!"

The cell phone was still ringing. For just this moment, Anne really hated Antonio's phone for ringing at this particular time.

"Let go!" The man bellowed coldly.

"I won't." "If I let you go, you'll be gone."

Anne, let go. "

"I won't! She desperately shook her head.

This damn cell phone, why won't it stop ringing! She just wants to be with him for the rest of the night. Why today of all days, why must Stacey call at this time!

Antonio scowled, disentangled her hands from around him, suddenly stood up, and sneered at Anne: "it seems like you have forgotten my words again. You're just a mistress to satisfy my desire. Anne, do not make me have to repeat myself ever again."

After this cold outburst, Antonio picked up his phone and pressed the answer key. "Hello, Stacey?"

"Antonio, I twisted my foot and I'm in great pain, can you come to the hospital?"

Antonio's complexion changed, "Is anything else wrong?" Is the wound heavy? Which hospital are you in, I will be on my way. Just stay where you are, I will be there soon"

He ended the call, took out his jacket and turned to leave, without a second glance at Anne.
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