If I Never Loved You
31 Chapter 31: Gift?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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31 Chapter 31: Gift?


"Were you expecting me to wear a shirt to that place?" She retorted.

This man in front of her despised her and she was never going to earn his love. Besides she was already dying, she might as well speak up her mind, after all, she had nothing to lose.

Before she could say Jack, she heard a ripping sound. Her once elegant dress was now shreds in Antonio's hands.

"Antonio! My gift!"

He didn't seem happy at the sound of that.

"Gift? Who gave you this gift?"

It's none of your business, she replied

Antonio blocked out her words with a kiss again. He pushed her unto the bed.

"Don't you dare touch me? I don't want to have sex with you!"

This provoked Antonio the more. For three years, Anne had never refused him, until now. It really made him angry.

"You don't want to have sex with me, do you prefer Terry?"

Anne look him straight in the eyes and said, "Terry is not like you!"

"Oh really, I bet he doesn't know how to handle a slut like you." He replied.

Anne thought to herself, he only sees me as a slut, doesn't he? Out of the blue, she asked him: "Antonio, have you ever felt even the slightest bit of love for me?"

Antonio didn't know how to react to that question, but he immediately recovered and sneered at her. He pushed harder and harder until he finally entered into her. Anne refused to cry out in pain as he painfully thrust into her. @@
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