If I Never Loved You
30 Chapter 30: Anne“s Answer
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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30 Chapter 30: Anne“s Answer


"Answer me." He forced these two words out of his lips tightly drawn into a line.

Anne shook her head ... The move was undoubtedly a provocation to Antonio.

He angrily lifted up her chin to face him.

He was going to make her chin sore...

"Answer me! Where the hell are you coming from?" The man's face, colder than ice, was trying to suppress his anger and his eyes blazed with rage.

She clenched her teeth, and there was anger in her heart ... Where did she go?

"It's my birthday Antonio! You never remember my birthday! Antonio, I didn't do anything wrong." Anne said.

Finally, all the anger and pain she had held in all this while broke out!

"I went to "The Night," are you satisfied now? "

Antonio's face, instantly became extremely angry.

You went to "The Night?" he screamed.

Anne also angrily replied him: "I am an adult and I will go anywhere I desire to go without your permission"

That's funny! Antonio wondered where she had gotten her confidence from. But he wasn't going to let this pass.

He brutally pushed her against the door and fiercely kissed her. There was no gentleness in that kiss. Anne's lips felt bruised. The pain was unbearable and Antonio was enjoying the whole thing.

His slender fingers deftly went under her coat and pulled it off. That was the coat Alice had given her to keep her warm from the cold. Her coat now being off, it revealed the elegant white dress Alice had given her for her birthday present.

Antonio couldn't help but stare at her, she looked breath taking in the dress.

"So is this how you dressed to "The Night?" Antonio was immediately angered again.

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