If I Never Loved You
29 Chapter 29: Anne“s Birthday
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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29 Chapter 29: Anne“s Birthday

Alice whirled around and rushed over: "Don't! No, don't change out of it! You look gorgeous! Surprisingly you still have a nice body shape."

Alice wickedly smiled at her and touched her bump, she whispered into Anne's ear. Anne turned around and laughed out, "Alice you are a very naughty one, aren't you?"

Alice did not deny a thing, she laughed back and holding Anne's hands, ushered her out of the dressing room. Stepping outside into the dining hall, they were greeted with bright lights, the dining table set with a candle-lit cake and faint scented candles. The surprise on Anne's face was priceless.

"Dearest Anne, Happy birthday, happy birthday!"

Tears, suddenly streamed down her cheeks.

Alice said: "Don't cry, Pretty little Anne, make a wish, blow out the candles, and then cut the cake."

Anne let out a deep breath and blew out the candles.

"Hey, you haven't made your wish." Alice said.

"My wish has just come true." She said: "Thank you, Alice."

Alice was stunned ...Anne's wish, is for someone to celebrate her birthday? She had thought of asking Anne about the other people in her life and what she used to do on her past birthdays, but she didn't want to spoil the atmosphere now. Maybe some other time.

"Anne, you mustn't eat anything spicy or sugary." Alice said as she robbed her hands together and took a mouthful of the cake: "You just have to watch me eat." Ha-ha…

"Can't I just have one slice… just one?"


"Half a slice?"

"Okay, come on, I'll give you just a little to taste, but not much to eat. " Alice was reluctant as she handed Anne a small slice of cake. The rest is mine, you are not going to get another piece!"

Anne put up a very silly smile ...It's strange, Alice should be the classy and elegant, spotless beauty that everyone sees her to be. She didn't expect her to be this cool, easy going and witty as this.

Alice would not let her have the cake, she knew what she had planned in mind.

And after dinner, Alice told her to get ready: "hurry, I'm going to take you out to have fun."

"Ah ... Where to?"

"The Night," Have you heard of it? "

Anne shook her head.

"I know you haven't heard of it, be prepared girl, today this lady right here is going to open your eyes to life." Alice arrogantly said, there is no show of mercy today... This silly girl here who has a short time to live hasn't even lived life to its fullest.


The Night, is a place for high class society people.

Before you can even get to enter "The Night," the demands were very high. You not only needed to have money, but you needed to be filthy rich. Only the rich and wealthy were allowed entrance.

Alice and Anne entered to meet the place brightly lit with coloured lights, soft music playing in the background, people drinking, men and ladies on the dance floor dancing and enjoying themselves. Everyone was generally having fun.

"I want to go home ..."

"Stop, we're here to have fun." Alice pulled Anne along with her and they walked to the nearest bar. She waved and a handsome bartender came to attend to them: "What can I get you Miss?"

"Give me a martini and give her ..." Alice turned to see Anne looking so timid and uncomfortable… "But for this woman, look, I am afraid it is her first time to this place, give her a cup of warm water."

The bartender didn't react for a long time, he couldn't believe he had heard right. Who comes to the bar to drink water! Water?

"Go! Yes, a cup of warm water, it must be warm, not cold. I've lost some money to the bar." She said.

The bartender listens, is happy and does not have to ask for anything. Naturally, the rest of what would have been spent would be given to him as a reward tip.

For the rest of the evening at "the Night", Anne sits holding her cup of warm water and listens to Alice tell her stories about how wonderful the outside world was, about her trips, her experiences and all that ... Alice seems to want to put all what Anne has missed In the past, the things she couldn't try or get involved in, into words. She wanted Anne to see the world through her eyes.

"Anne, you see, in this world, there are many things you have not yet experienced. You're really willing to die and leave behind this good life?" Alice does not give up, she continues: "Anne, please abort this baby in your womb."

She respected Anne's decision ... But, after getting to know her, she was reluctant to watch such a silly and interesting person bid farewell to this world.

"Sheldon told me that as long as the child is aborted, he had a way to make you live eight to ten years. For 8 or 10 years, you can travel around the world. You see, the world, is still a very wonderful place to be." Alice pointed out. Alice wanted to use this means to cause Anne to change her plans.

Anne just shook her head firmly: "In the past, I lived purposely for Antonio's love, and now that I'm faced with life and death, I just want this baby. Just think of me as a selfish mother." Anne stands up: "I'm going home."


Anne opened the door and entered the bedroom.

The bedroom was dark. Just when her hand touched the switch, a cold voice, in the bedroom sounded:

"Where from this smell of alcohol and cigarettes?"

Anne's hand continued to lay paused on the switch for a while, and afterward, "Flip" a sound was heard and the bedroom was filled with light.

The man was sitting in the bedroom, in a single sofa by the window, his whole body exuding coldness. A pair of eyes, coldly fell on the Anne's face.

Anne was feeling stubborn, she didn't open her mouth to explain a word.

Antonio, like a cheetah poised to pounce on his prey, jumped out of the sofa and pinned Anne against the wall.
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