If I Never Loved You
28 Chapter 28: For the First Time in Three Years
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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28 Chapter 28: For the First Time in Three Years

Cautiously looking at him, she realized his eyes were still closed, "shoo" ...Anne finally let out her breath and was relieved. It turned out that he was asleep.

A sigh of relief, and suddenly feeling distressed? ... What has he been doing recently that he is so tired, just sitting on the settee and falling asleep?

His lips, even if he was asleep, is still tight closed, the corners of his mouth looking rigid and serious. Anne could not help but kiss his closed eyes again, then the kiss gently trailed to the corner of his lips ... She stole a kiss, the first time in three years, and she liked it. Her heart skipped a beat, but it was a happy one.

The corners of her mouth unconsciously turned up into a smile. While he has still sleeping, Anne hurriedly backed away, lest she should be found out and scolded. She had no longer wanted to suffer any form of humiliation from Antonio.

Anne looked into her bag and grabbed her phone. She looked at the time and looked back at Antonio sleeping soundly on the settee. She ran softly to his office. In a moment, she came out with a blanket and covered him up. She then picked up her bag and silently left the office.

After she left, the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes, and with narrowed dark eyes, he reached out and touched his eyelids and the corner of his lips where she had kissed. He was perplexed.

Anne on her way to Alice's house, hesitated for a moment and then took out her phone. She texted a message to Stacey: "Antonio fell asleep in the office." She only sent this text message, as to what Stacey was going to do about it, it wasn't her problem anymore.

Anne thought of the serene face of the man who was asleep in the office ... Antonio, I called in Stacey, which should make you very happy. Stacey is the woman you want, if you believe that ,that year, I was despicable enough to drive her away, then three years later , today, I would like to do anything to make things right.

The corners of her mouth revealed a subtle wry smile. "Anne, stop lying to yourself, you are a hypocrite! You are not willing to see Stacey and Antonio ending up together." Her mind retorted back at her

To Alice's place.

"Ding Dong Ding Dong"

"Come on, come on in." Inside, was Alice wearing an apron. "Your timing is just perfect. Today, we're having black chicken soup."

Alice said, and took off her apron: "Anne, hold on for a minute."

Saying that, she went into the bedroom and came out holding a large and expensive looking gift box: "This is for you."

"What is this?"

"Do you not know?" "Alice asked. " Anne, go change out of your ugly clothes."

She closed the door behind Anne and screamed: "Anne, I'm giving you just five minutes, you better be done by then."

Anne opened the gift box, and inside laid a gorgeous white pair of braces and skirt. This is ... Did Alice specially get this for her?

"It's beautiful."

"Anne, are you still inside, I'm coming in to help you change!"

Outside the dressing room, Alice calls out again: "Anne, you still not done? I'm coming in."

The door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Alice was quiet for a moment, she almost couldn't recognize Anne. Anne looked extraordinary in a pair of beautiful braces, fixed to a dazzling white skirt. She looked amazing

"How, What?" Isn't it hard to see? I don't deserve something like this, I can't possibly wear this, and I'm going to change…
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