If I Never Loved You
27 Chapter 27: God, What Did She Just Do?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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27 Chapter 27: God, What Did She Just Do?

Julie turned and leaned on her chin: "Wendy, do you have a problem with this?" If you have something to say, go and say it to the boss, these was his instructions, not mine."

"The boss gave these instructions? This is simply a scrap of documents, what use are they to him. Even if he needs them, they can be photocopied, why in the world would Anne have to type all these word for word?"

"Anne is a slut and cheat Wendy, have you forgotten the kind of person she is?" Julie sneered: "She forced away her cousin so she could have her place. She is easily able to do that, but not able to type out this document? She is simply back to her rightful place, exactly where she belongs."

"Julie! You are just too much!"

Anne stood up and walked to Wendy, "Don't worry, I have nothing doing anyway, I'm free now." Having said that, she sighed and thought to herself, it seems she would be working overnight.

She picked up the phone and sent a text message to Alice: "It seems I would work overtime today, might get to your place quite late."

In a short while, Alice's phone call came through: overtime! Overtime! Staying up late is not healthy for you. Come back early!" There was no waiting for a response, and the phone went dead in her hands.

Six o'clock and almost all the employees had left, even if there was someone still around, it would be someone as unlucky as herself.

The door of the president's office opened, but with Anne working so earnestly, she did not hear the sound until there was a man standing behind.

"What are you doing?" Antonio stretched his neck to look at her computer screen. Glancing through, his eyes landed on the tenth line. He was someone who had a very good memory ... He thought to himself, this should be a useless document from last month.

Anne was startled a bit: "Boss, I have not finished with the work, I am still working on recording the electronic files."

Antonio scowled: "I know you are entering the document, what I'm asking is, for what reason are you doing that?"

... "Isn't that what he instructed her to do?

Antonio seeing Anne's expression, which implied that she did not understand what he was saying, reached out to rub his eyes, he looked tired: "You stop and go home. Don't do it anymore."

"Boss ...do you have a headache?"

She asked cautiously: "I could help you massage your temples."

Antonio's first thought was to refuse but another thought suddenly crossed his mind and he decided to go for it: "Well," he silently pulled up the settee and settled into it.

Anne bit her lips ... She was just asking. She reluctantly stretched out her fingers, her thin cold fingertips touched the face of the man sitting in front of her and she heard a sigh of relief. Her massage was not authentic, but surprisingly comfortable. Having this woman near him, caused his pulse to race, and he involuntarily relaxed.

Antonio closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch of each of her fingers.

Seeing him looking so calm and relaxed attracted her to him.

Her fingers kept massaging his temples slowly, and unconsciously, into his closed eyelids.

Slightly bending toward him, she lightly kissed his closed eyelids, a light kiss. Anne suddenly became conscious of what she was doing! God, what did she just do?
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