If I Never Loved You
26 Chapter 26: No Regre
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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26 Chapter 26: No Regre

Anne shook her head: "No, I want to have this child." She stepped back two steps, and suddenly bowed down respectfully toward Sheldon and said: "Please, help me to extend my life, until the child is born."

Terry turned to look at the side of the building for a long while...

"For Antonio?" He asked.

Anne was silent.

Ann raised her head and stared at Terry: "Antonio does not own me. I just want to simply have this baby. I am actually very selfish, I want to leave behind this little life so that when I'm gone I can still have my own blood living on."

"Are you ready to make this decision?" Terry asked gravely.

Sheldon was somewhat surprised at Terry's attitude.

"Well, I don't regret it." Anne replied.

Anne's forehead, was dripped in cold sweat. Sheldon before thought it was because of the rains outside, but now found something to be terrible wrong: "stomach ache? What did you eat last night? "

"A piece of spicy chicken ..."

"You do know you have stomach cancer, don't you?" Anne did not finish speaking when Sheldon scolded: "Whether you want to keep living or not is up to you, but if you want to safely give birth to this child, then you need to cherish your own life some more. Stay away from anything spicy."

Anne, being scolded did not say a word.

Terry asked Anne to be sent back home immediately.

"Terry, I thought you were at least going to be better than Antonio. Just let it go? Think about what you are about to do. This is not like you, it's not your style. "

Terry smoked a cigarette: "Anne is a woman I wish I could have. But her heart, is obviously not for me. Antonio has his own arrogance, I too do have my own pride."

"No regrets?"

"No regrets."

At this time, Terry's answer was very firm, he absolutely did not think, one day, he will regret it!

Two months later…

Anne was now five months pregnant, her belly had begun to show already.

But because of the cancer, her belly, if not carefully looked at, one would not be able to see that this woman was five months pregnant.

Days passed by and Anne actively cooperated with Sheldon's treatment. Alice, no matter how busy she was, always accompanied her to the hospital for her treatments and check-ups.

Antonio never returned to the "Orchid Court" since the day he went there to have dinner with Stacey's family.

Anne did not know if this was an illusion, but at work, Antonio tried as much as possible to avoid her.

Julie had become the president's personal secretary now and Anne had moved into the general office for all the secretaries.

Antonio was avoiding her. She knows. For every day that passes by at the office, Anne only gets to see Antonio a few times. He only communicates what work she should do directly through Julie.

"Anne, this information needs to be typed out." Julie dropped a thick document on Anne's desk: "Give it to me before you close from work." She turned to leave after coldly giving that command.

Wendy looked at the thick document, and couldn't help but speak out: Julie, are you okay? What the heck is this? Is this not the unwanted data information of last month?"
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