If I Never Loved You
25 Chapter 25: Do You Want to Die?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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25 Chapter 25: Do You Want to Die?

Terry smiled and glanced at her: "You don't have to be so nervous, even if your illness is that serious, you have no problem if my friend is the one going to treat you."

Terry could tell from Anne's tense appearance that she was concerned about her stomach problem. He had no idea and couldn't have possibly imagined that hers wasn't just a stomach problem but actually cancer.

"Not me," Anne hesitated for a bit before adding "I have advanced stomach cancer."

"Oh, advanced stomach cancer, yes, don't worry ... What the hell?! You mean stomach cancer?" Terry lost control of the while for a split second and the car skidded off the road, almost hitting an oncoming vehicle. He was able to gain control of the wheel just in the nick of time.

"Well ..."

"Do not worry, let my friend take a look at your condition first, you will surely receive the help you need."

Anne's stomach gave a very strange sound as she winced in pain. Terry turned to look at her, her colour was not looking right. "We will be there soon, don't worry."

Terry increased his speed, not wanting to cause any further delays.

"Is this the place?" Anne got out of the car and looked up at the building in front of her.

"This is the place, my friend's private hospital. The place is not very big though, but it has all the complete modern equipment."

Having just one umbrella, Terry picked it up and held it above Anne's head as they walked into the building. Terry was completely wet now.

Anne did not notice, but immediately they got inside the hospital, Sheldon jokingly looked sharp-eyed at them and was about to comment on Terry being all wet, when Terry gave him the eye, meaning, be silent and mute.

You are a doctor and I've brought you a patient. This is Anne, who has stomach cancer. I remember you've cured several patients with advanced gastric cancer. Take a look at her condition and do the best you can.

"What do you mean?" Sheldon all this while listening to Terry speak realized something wasn't adding up. He critically looked at Anne, took hold of her wrist and checked her pulse. He stood that way for a long time until he finally asked ... "You're not just suffering from stomach cancer, are you?" You're pregnant too.

"He deduced that from the rate of her pulse. He must have missed this bit of information on the day of the accident because he didn't have enough time to do a thorough examination.

Terry almost jumped!

"Anne is pregnant? The only woman he's been able to even get close to in 20 years is pregnant? Who was responsible for that?"

He remembered Antonio.

Squinting at her, he asked: "Is Antonio the one responsible?"

Anne startled: "Do you know him?"

"Ah" understanding drowned on him, of course. "Furious within himself, Terry felt like strangling Antonio to death: "You being pregnant, does he know?"

Anne shook her head.

"And the stomach cancer?"

Anne continued shaking her head.

"Damn it Antonio! Apart from making money, he didn't know how to do anything else. His own woman is pregnant and he didn't have any idea, she has stomach cancer and still no idea, how?"

"I don't want anyone to know". Anne said: "Please help me keep it a secret."

"And ... I'm not here to try and stay alive, I want to keep the baby in my belly. " The doctor at the first hospital she consulted told her even if she does not abort the child now, she may not live for three months."

Her stomach cancer was discovered too late, and she was unable to use medication because of her baby, which indirectly is cutting down her life even further.

"Can the combination of traditional and western medicine help me stay alive long enough to keep this child for at least eight months old? Then at eight months, you can induce caesarean section." Now if that kind of medicine combination is developed, the child's chance to live will be very big.

Terry and Sheldon looked at her in surprise, she was insane to be thinking like that.

"Do you want to die?" Terry screamed at her: "The child will be aborted, Sheldon will treat your stomach cancer, and your chances of living will be greater."
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