If I Never Loved You
24 Chapter 24 : Terry Again
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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24 Chapter 24 : Terry Again

It's the raining season, the weather looks quite unstable.

One moment the weather looks good, the next moment it's pouring down heavily.

Anne decides to quickly rush across the street to get something from the convenience store. She walked as hurriedly as she could. The rains had made the floor slippery. All of a sudden, she slipped and almost fell right into the road. "Screech…" The screeching sound of the brakes of a car was heard.

The front door of the car opened and the owner of the car got down... "Well, you again!?"

"Do you know me?" Anne asked.

"Anne, don't you remember me? The last time you were almost hit by my car, you fainted and I brought you home." Terry exclaimed.

"Was that you the last time? ... Thank you."

"Why are you running across the road again?" Terry asked, very naturally moving forward and stretching out a helping hand to help her get up: "It's raining heavily, get inside the car, I'll drop you off."

"No need, I just want to go to the convenience store. I'll pick a taxi when one passes, don't worry."

"It's no trouble for me. Where are you going, I'll send you." Terry insisted.

"Really not ... The amount of ..." she tried saying:" I really can take a taxi.

"What if the taxi driver has bad intentions, he can take advantage of you."

Looks like he's the one who's being overly enthusiastic. Seems like, compared with any taxi driver, this inexplicable passionate man is more dangerous.

"My name is Terry, Terry the business tycoon. Anne, the last time you fainted, I took you home, and asked the family doctor to attend to you, do you have any problem? "

Anne intended to refuse this man's good intentions, but some other part of her was willing to accept. That other part of her won the battle as she answered him back: "It's all right. I really feel embarrassed by that day, and thank you."

Terry waved his hand: "There is nothing to thank me for, please."

If these words were heard by his friends, he would turn into a laughing stock. Is Terry the kind of person to do something like this? Besides, for a woman?

"That reminds me, did you go to the hospital for a full-body check-up?" Terry asked.

"No ..."Anne responded.

"It's best for you to do so. My personal doctor and best friend, the one who attended to you is very specialized in both modern and traditional medicine. He advised that it would be better if you go to the hospital for a complete body check-up. Apart from you fainting, you could be suffering from other illness."

"Well, what happened to you?" Terry asked. He didn't get any response from Anne so he turned to check on her at the back seat. She had gone pale and was sweating profusely: "Are you all right? Is it because of the weather? You don't look well, I'll take you to the hospital."

"No, No." Anne hurriedly objected: "I am OK." Then looking at Terry and hesitating for a moment, she asked: "That doctor friend of yours you've been talking about, is he really a very good doctor like you say?"

Her words startled him for a moment.

"Of course, he is known all over the world. Last time, there was a patient with advanced gastric cancer, undergoing various treatments and seeing different doctors. His condition didn't seem to get any better until he met this friend of mine by coincidence. And for someone who was given a limited time to live, he is still alive and kicking today."

Anne then replied: "That ... Could you please introduce me to him?"
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