If I Never Loved You
23 Chapter 23: Deep pain
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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23 Chapter 23: Deep pain

At the table, Anne was still trying her best to eat the spicy chicken, her face already turning pale. Trembling all over, her heart was shaken.

"I'm full, and there's still some unfinished business at the office. I'll take my humble leave then." No longer able to endure the pain, Anne suddenly stood up, said nothing more and turned to leave.

Stacey also immediately followed and stood up, and to everybody's hearing said: "Elder sister, did I say anything to make you unhappy?" It's our dinner party."

Enduring her discomfort, Anne replied: "No, you did not cause me to be unhappy Stacey. I really still do have some unfinished work to handle, I'll take the lead."

"Wait a minute, elder sister, you're always busy at work. At least let's finish up with the dinner then you can go." You see, I haven't been home for three years...

"Another day." Anne had made up her mind. "I don't want to stay here a minute longer."

"Sister!" Stacey kept saying, " Stay and eat with us ... Us ...

She didn't finish her sentence when a man's angry voice sounded from behind them: "Stacey, you go inside and enjoy the dinner, your sister Anne has many things to finish up with at the office."

Antonio was furious, he sounded so cold and frightening: "Anne, make sure to schedule an executive meeting at 9 tomorrow morning. Sort out the details I asked for regarding the construction site and make it readily available in print during the meeting."

He arrogantly walk towards her. Just a foot away from her, he stopped, and in a low voice speaks into her ear: "since you do not want to eat, then go to work. I can assure you that that's all you will be doing for the rest of your life."

Anne slightly trembled and then quickened her steps.

This family, out of the house now, she turns to look back. She could see the lights in the dining hall and hear the faint sound of laughter floating out.

Her heart ached so much ... This family, does not belong to her.

"Anne, take this." The old housekeeper chased after her. She stuffed a slice of bean cake into her hands. "This is your old lady's speciality. Eat all of it and do take better care of yourself."

Anne was instantly choked with tears. She covered the cake with her hands, she could still feel the heat from it. It was obviously just baked today.

"Housekeeper Tina, please thank you very much." And also... Tina, I miss you so much." She was holding still holding the wrapped cake, and then came forward to hug this kind old woman.

Tina, goodbye, never to see you again.

"This little girl of mine, if you really miss an old woman like me, then come back home often to go on walks with me." Tina stretched out her old and wrinkled hands and lovingly touched Anne's forehead.

The feel of her rough palms made Anne feel like she was a little girl again, though her words did bring her some pain. But this time around, she lowered her eyes to cover the deep pain and sorrow she felt inside.

"Tina, wait," Anne reached out and took her phone from her bag. Leaning against Tina's shoulder they took a picture together.

"Ouch, you made this old woman take a picture?"

"I'll keep this to always look at, to always remember you by."

"I'm off then."

Anne quickly walks away, afraid to turn around and look back. She wouldn't be able to hold back her tears if she does.
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