If I Never Loved You
22 Chapter 22: Concerned?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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22 Chapter 22: Concerned?

Before her was a table full of delicacies, but all she wanted to eat right now was Alice's soup, she misses it.

The Food seems tasteless in her mouth. Anne manages to stuff some grains of rice into her mouth with her chopsticks. Next to her, the excited voice of Stacey rings out: "Well! Cook Fali's food is still so delicious!"

"Dad, Mom, do you know that when I was in France, apart from the two of you, what I missed most was being able to get some good home-made Chinese food." Since the time they started living together, Stacey calls Anne's parents mom and dad.

Having said that, Stacey moved on to the side dishes to have a taste of it. "Since you missed home food so much, you should eat some more, the cook made a whole lot of different varieties." their mother said.

"Who said I'm the only one who loves to eat, my sister loves to eat too."

Anne glanced at the table full of vegetables, and lowered her eyes.

"Sister, eat some of the spicy chicken wing, I remember, this is your favourite food."

A piece of red crisp spicy chicken, was placed before of Anne. She looked at the bowl in front of her and said ... "This is what you love, not what I like to eat."

"Anne, why won't you eat it? Stacey has been talking endlessly from yesterday about getting to see you, eat up quickly." her mother said.

"I have some discomfort in my stomach today …" Anne replied.

Her father's face grew into a frown: "What stomach problem do you have? You have been able to eat anything that has been cooked in this house since you were young. If you had a stomach problem, wouldn't I, your father know? After being away for three years, Stacey finally returns home because she misses us and this is the kind of attitude you put up?"

Her mother joined in saying: "Well, Anne you do not have to destroy a perfectly good time together. It's just a piece of chicken, just eat it."

Anne bitterly glanced at her parents, trying to hide her unspeakable disappointment and sadness.

"Dad, you said you are my father right? And that you watched me grow from childhood and it is not possible that you wouldn't know if I have a stomach problem. Well, you know, I don't like spicy food in general."

"Mom, you also said I shouldn't spoil this time together and that it's just a piece of chicken right? Do you even know that I actually do not eat spicy food? Do you know what eating this spicy chicken can do to my already painful stomach?"

Anne settled to look at the bowl of spicy chicken, then slowly stretched out her chopsticks, and silently put it into the mouth.

Antonio slightly frowned...

"Well, if you don't want to eat, then don't eat." Somehow, Antonio couldn't help saying.

At the table, several pairs of eyes turned to look in his direction.

Anne's mother composed her facial expression and put on a polite smile: "Sweet Antonio, do not pay much attention to her, Anne is just an ill-mannered girl. Don't get angry because of her."

Stacey smiled at Antonio and said: "sweet Antonio eat some vegetables, don't take notice of sister's behaviour."

Antonio was a little surprised ... He just didn't want to see her being forced to eat what she didn't like. Why would they think he was concerned about her behaviour?
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