If I Never Loved You
21 Chapter 21: The Invitation
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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21 Chapter 21: The Invitation

Alice made her driver drop her off at the office. Anne remained very solemn and reflective throughout the drive back: Alice may after all not be the exquisite doll, or big star, or the lady with the perfect life that people see her to be. This woman, has her own past to deal with.

When she got back to the company in the afternoon, she wrote down her resignation letter for Antonio: If Stacey is back, then it's time to quit.

"Personal Secretary, are you resigning? Does Antonio already know, is he aware?"

The bald human resources manager, pushed down his glasses frame a little up his nose, as he suspiciously questioned Anne. Being in this business for as long as he could remember, this old man was very shrewd and cautious.

"Manager Seth, be rest assured that my resignation has the due approval from the boss himself, otherwise, how dare I on my own accord resign from the company? Moreover, the time of implementation is in three months' time." I simply want it to be recorded and filed that I have brought in my resignation letter, then I will be content. As soon as you go ahead to do that and sign against it, then I can follow the due procedures involved."

The Manager looked at the letter in his hands and thought to himself, "It seems that because of the return of Stacey, the boss intends to go ahead and dump Anne."


It was evening already, and Anne had to be present at her parent's house for the dinner. Having mixed feelings and not in the least looking forward to the dinner, she finally arrived at the house.

In the past three years, she only went home a handful of times. But that even ceased after her parents made it clear they didn't want her around the house anymore. Sometimes, she even wonders to herself if she was their real daughter. From childhood, her parents took in Stacey when her father and mother died. After coming to live with them, Anne and Stacey did everything together: they slept in the same room, ate together, and went to school together. Her parents did everything they could to make everyone see them as sisters.

Since then, Stacey had come to be her sister.

As soon as Anne stepped into the house, the old housekeeper, Tina with tears in her eyes came running towards her: "Anne is here. Mrs. Bennet, Ann is back."

With both of them now in tears, Anne warmly embraced the old housekeeper. Three years had passed since the last time they saw each other, Anne will forever remain her little girl.

"Sis, are you off work?" I missed you so much." A shadow sprang over, Anne was forced to turn around, and there stood Stacey, who pulled her into a hug.

"Sis, come in and sit down, the cook prepared a lot of delicious dishes."

Anne was led by Stacey and virtually dragged into the dining hall, just as if this didn't use to be her home and Anne was the guest here. Getting a hold of herself and finally being free from Stacey's firm grip, Anne only half-heartedly walked into the dining room. To add to her discomfort, everyone was already seated at the table.

"Antonio, you sit at the other side, my sister is in." Stacey said.

Hearing Antonio's name, Anne trembled a little, her posture suddenly going stiff.

Her father cleared his throat to speak, his voice now the sound of a stranger to her: "Don't you know your way around anymore? If you have finally arrived, just find yourself a place to sit so this dinner can go on. Stacey's flight landed yesterday night, it was too late to see you then. She says she misses you and wants to see you, just sit down and let's eat. "

Anne glanced at the people at the table, her parents, Stacey, Antonio ... And she, now the outsider.
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