If I Never Loved You
20 Chapter 20: Alice“s Pas
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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20 Chapter 20: Alice“s Pas

"What did you say?" Anne in total shock stared at this elegant lady in perfect makeup and looking like a porcelain doll: "Don't make jokes like that!"

"I'm not joking, I want to adopt this baby ... Do you really want him to live his life bearing the tag as your son, Anne? Do you really want him to grow up listening to all this gossip around him? "

This woman is stupidly and hopelessly yearning for a man who doesn't love her, and fighting to keep her unborn child. Alice did not know for certain how she thinks, but for her sake, she was willing to see to it that an innocent child does not suffer from all this misfortunes around him.

"I ..."

"Are you certain that your parents will be willing to lovingly take care of the child of a daughter who brought them humiliation?" But the child to me, I cannot guarantee to treat like a mother, but I will give him the best of education, and care. And I will be responsible for seeing to it that he receives the best of everything money can buy."

For a long time, Anne remained silent, she did not speak. She understood Alice's words ... Would her parents really care about this little life that brought them stains?


"Alice, you have to think clearly. A star who is unmarried but has a child will spark a lot of gossip and controversies."

"It's none of my business, and I don't want to continue to be in the entertainment circle anyway". Having said that, Alice stood up, and went to the kitchen to get Anne some more soup: "These past years, I have been able to earn a lot of money from my work. I could go into business, buy some shares and go into the business field, there is still more time ahead."

Alice put the bowl of soup in front of her. She looked at Anne and jokingly said: "If you feel guilty about what I want to do, then you can just name me as the sole benefactor in your will, ha-ha."

Although this was meant as a joke, Anne thoughtfully nodded her head and said: "Good, good, that is a brilliant idea!" As a daughter of one of the richest parents in the country, even though they may not approve of her now, they have always been generous to her when it comes to money. She hardly spent on anything, so she saved most of that money.

"Alice ... I think, God may not also hate me fully after all. During these last days of my life, he sent you my way. Thank you, Alice."

"Don't be so pathetic. I proposed to adopt your child not purely for your sake, but for mine too ... I would never be able to have a child in my life."

Anne finding it hard to believe exclaimed aloud, "How can this be possible?"

"Nothing in the world is impossible." Alice stood up: "Time is almost up, I'll let the driver take you back to the company."

Everyone has a secret you know... "Anne, do you know why I helped you?" Alice walked her to the door and smiled, "because I once also had the chance to give birth to a child. But I wasn't strong enough, unfortunately, it died."

Big time celebrity Alice Pregnant?

If this news is released, the entertainment circle is sure to explode. But at this moment, Anne was as shocked by the news that Alice had been pregnant, as she was by the remark she added to it.

"We both love the men in our lives with all of our hearts and might. Even going ahead to risk our lives to bear their children. Our children, too, are destined not to be loved by their own fathers. Anne, you are like me at that time."

"So, I didn't force you into anything when I knew you were pregnant with this child. Because I can understand your feelings, I respect your choice. Otherwise, even if the child is aborted, and your cancer is miraculously cured, I think you will forever live a lifetime of pain and regret."

"I, Alice, have lived more than 20 years of my life not caring or getting to close to anybody else. But I do not want this one person I have come to know go through what I went through, a life of sorrow and misery. I would rather want her to be happy and live a carefree life."
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