If I Never Loved You
19 Chapter 19: Help From a Friend
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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19 Chapter 19: Help From a Friend

The next day, Anne received a call from her parents: "Come back home for dinner tonight, Stacey's flight arrived yesterday night." her mother said.

Anne didn't have much to say, Stacey left three years ago. Three years ago and things were just the same, as messed up as before. Stacey says she misses me? What about Antonio, anyone can clearly see that he still loves her.

Anne didn't want to hear any more of this, her heart was wrenched by pain. "I will pass by the house after work. I am quite busy at the moment, so I've got to hang up now."

Her own mother, like everyone else, believed she was a bad woman. Everybody has been talking about three years ago, they're not going to forgot it. But so far, Anne still doesn't understand, three years ago, what exactly did she do wrong?

Her diary, which held all her secrets and stuff about her personal life suddenly became not private anymore. Everyone got to know of her feelings for Antonio. Then she became the object of everyone's laughter and mockery, the boyfriend snatcher.

Only God knows how the diary landed at Stacey's doorsteps.

Anne looked up to heaven! Even her parents did not believe her ... But it doesn't matter anymore.

She touched her belly. Her pregnancy was less than three months old and her tummy hadn't yet begun to protrude. But because of her stomach cancer, she was already looking sick and out of shape.

Her cell phone beeped, she opened to read the text: "Come over to my house eat."

It was Alice.

Since three years ago when this whole predicament begun, she had lost all of her friends, she didn't even have anyone to show her some form of care and love.

Seeing that it was already time for lunch break, Anne picked up her handbag and quickly walked downstairs. All the staff were surprised to see the secretary in an unusually elated mood today, as she rushed downstairs to go for lunch.

Alice sitting across Anne mockingly frowned at her and said: "You did not eat breakfast erh, are you trying to starve yourself?"

Anne concentrated on stuffing food into her mouth as she vaguely replied: "Well, not in the morning."

"Anne, you really have no intention of living, do you? You have advanced stomach cancer and yet you're able to skip breakfast?"

Anne just continued eating and eating: "Your soup really tastes good Alice, thanks a lot."

Alice stared at Anne with humorous eyes: "Who said I cooked the soup? I ordered takeout. How can such a big celebrity like me go into the kitchen just to cook soup for a mere secretary like you? " Ha-ha…

Anne looked at her and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Who would have thought that such a tight lipped person on the outside like Alice, could have such a great sense of humour? It was so unbelievable and such a pleasant feeling.

"Do enjoy the meal!" Alice said amidst giggles. She turned to Anne and in a serious tone said: "There is something important I would like to discuss with you"

"Well, go ahead." she replied, at the same time chewing on a mouthful of rice. "I must say your rice also turned out perfectly well, it really tastes great. Did you cook this yourself?"

"Don't interrupt what I'm about saying," Alice said: "Anne, you are pregnant, and even if Antonio doesn't know, he is sure to find out sooner than later. If you really want to keep this baby then I advise you to plan ahead."

"Let me ... think about it." Anne responded with a hint of hesitation.

"And ... the child, if it is born, I hope you can let me adopt this child."
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