If I Never Loved You
18 Chapter 18: Antonio“s Anger
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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18 Chapter 18: Antonio“s Anger

Antonio tightly clutched the phone in his hands for a long time. His face gradually turned calm on the surface, but he was still brewing inside.

Antonio dialled a number…

Alice's mobile phone rang. She looked down at the phone's caller ID and pouted: "It's Antonio."

She answered the phone: "Hello, your lordship."

"Where is she?" The other side coldly asked these three words.

Alice turned to look at Anne but did not speak.

At the other end, Antonio threatened: "damaging your reputation and destroying your career might be a little too much to do, but believe me, you do not want to push me to the wall to do exactly that. It's not a threat, it's a promise!"

Alice could only turn her eyes towards Anne, covered the phone and blurted out: "provoking Antonio's anger could cost me my career."

Anne took the phone, placed it to her ear and said: "Don't embarrass Miss Alice. I'll go back myself."

"In half an hour!" Antonio replied back: " If I don't see you at home in half an hour's time, you can tell Miss Alice to start making plans to look for a new career."

Alice wished she could do something to this arrogant and inconsiderate man.

"Now being with you has gotten me into trouble. Antonio is going to destroy my career if you do not return home now."

Anne, quietly listening to Alice like she was in a trance, saw a touch of sympathy and generosity in her eyes, something that had not been there earlier.

"But do you really want to go back?" Alice inquired: "Also, you are too thin, I could possibly carry you to the car by myself. Wouldn't Antonio be able to see there is something wrong with you?"

Anne lowered her eyes ...Antonio never bothered to even give her a thoughtful glance, how would he be able to realize that she had lost weight?

"I must go."

"I'll drop you off."



Anne took out her keys and opened the door. Immediately, she was forcefully pulled by the wrist into the room.

"Sir Antonio, slow down, take it easy." She was dragged up the staircase, almost falling to the ground. "Bang," Antonio pushed her unto the sofa, Anne subconsciously avoided hitting her belly.

"Where were you?" he icily demanded.

"You already know the answer to that. I was with Miss Alice. "

"I asked you where you were, not who you were with!"

"We didn't really go anywhere, we were hungry and went out to eat a meal."

"Oh?" The man sneered: "When did you and Alice become such good friends? And how could I not know about it? "

"We ... went to eat"

Antonio does not for a minute believe what she's saying. Looking closely at here and with penetrating eyes, he became more and more convinced that she was lying ... this woman had begun to keep secrets from him.

Thinking about this, he got totally irritated and pissed off.

Without a word he bent his head and hardly pressed his lips against hers, those lips that had begun lying to him. His hand slowly went under her dress and touched her down there, she couldn't keep that away from him!

Antonio was feeling heated up, he wanted to feel himself inside of her. Without any consideration, he ruthlessly penetrated into her.

Anne instinctively resists ...her motherly instincts unconsciously putting her in a protective posture to protect her belly.

But her resistance irritated him the more.

"Be gentle Antonio, my whole body aches ..." In all her predicaments, never had she for once visibly shown so much pain. But for the first time ever, with her hands protectively on her belly, she cried out in anguish and pain.

Antonio was not moved by her display of pain. Though he slowed down his actions, he was still very much angry.

Anne has never experienced any form of excitement or joy from having sex. She always feels nothing except pain and loafing. It baffles her mind why so many people out there seem to enjoy this kind of activity.
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