If I Never Loved You
16 Chapter 16 : Different Woman
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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16 Chapter 16 : Different Woman

"For now you are sick, you can still go ahead to have children some other time. Besides, with this disease you have, are you not even thinking about your parents? Anne, you should go ahead and abort this baby, begin the stomach cancer treatment program and then you can still have the chance to live. But if you insist on keeping this child and making an orphan of it, your life will not be saved."

Anne bowed her head and in a low tone said: "Alice, Stacey from childhood lost her parents, my parents took her in and treated her as their own child. She has been living with us since then. And after Stacey went to France, my parents got angry, they blamed me and even kicked me out. They no longer care about me ... When Stacey returns, they can go ahead and give her the company and the rest of their wealth."

The more Alice listened to her speak, the more her brows furrowed in deep thought. This woman sitting right in front of her now and all the rumours she had heard about the despicable Anne were totally opposite.

Yan Group, a very prominent name in their industry even said so about Anne and Stacey's story. But is the woman sitting in front of her one who is capable of forcing her own sister to disappear?

"What of Antonio?" Alice asked.

Her question caused her to freak out as she vigorously shook her head: "Don't let him know. If he gets to know, he wouldn't let me keep the baby. Alice, I know my request is asking a little bit too much, but I have no other choice. I beg you, please keep my secret. Stacey is soon to return, you see, that is even the reason Antonio asked me to send you the break up present ... He cares about Stacey."

"Anne, let me tell you something. Antonio and I were just going out for the fun of it, he never for once even touched me. I knew he was going to do something like this and it would have caused a whole lot of gossip." "Anne, perhaps Antonio does not hate you as much as you say, at least he touched you. You are pregnant with his child."

Anne replied in so much bitterness: "You do not understand, he touches me, just because he hates me." For what Alice said, Anne was a bit startled, but... "He didn't touch you, just because he was thinking about Stacey, it wasn't because of me."

"In the future, what are you going to do? Give birth to the baby? Who's going to keep it? "

"If, if I can really get through with giving birth to this baby, Alice ... I also ask you for this one thing," Anne grabbed Alice's hand, as if that was her very last strand of hope: "I know, I do not have the right to ask this of you but I really have no one else I can turn to."

"If this baby is safely given birth to, please send the child to my parents and tell them that I didn't know how to face them after getting pregnant out of wedlock and beg them to raise the child into a responsible adult."

Alice could understand why Anne was doing all she could to protect the innocence of her child. She didn't even want the child to come in-between the child's father, Antonio and Stacey.

"I'm really unlucky to have met you, aren't I? I can't believe I have to go through all this trouble because of you. This notwithstanding, I perfectly understand you."

As she was speaking, Anne's phone rang.

"Where are you? How long does it take for you to do something? "

Anne glanced at Alice, and spoke into the phone: "I am still at Miss Alice's end, I will return soon"
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