If I Never Loved You
15 Chapter 15: Sudden Shock
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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15 Chapter 15: Sudden Shock

Anne, with her head held high continued "I have never gotten the opportunity to explain myself, even if I did, will anyone believe me?"

"Antonio hates my guts, he hates my very existence. But I'm waiting for him to get to know the real me, to be able to believe me."

"But Ah, I may not be able to wait after all." Anne wearily smiled.

Her stomach was eating her up, she was extremely pale and cold sweat dripped down her forehead, she couldn't stand the pain any longer.

Alice still stood there in shock. She saw Anne as a slut and despicable woman, but the woman standing in front on her now seemed different.

"Miss Alice, does my answer satisfy your curiosity?" Anne desperately tried to hold herself together.

"Then, Farewell ..."

Before Alice could respond, Anne fell down lifeless, like a leaf to the ground.

She didn't have time to think, she quickly run to her side: "Hello!" Hey! Wake up! Hey! Anne! Anne! Anne! "

Anne's sight was blurry. She could see Alice's panicked face. She saw her shaking her and speaking some words to her, but she couldn't make out what she was saying. And finally, total darkness.

"Get the car!" Alice shouted to the porter: "Go!"


In the hospital…

Anne slowly woke up from her unconsciousness.

She opened her eyes and was surprised the person sitting by her was Miss Alice.

"Am I in the hospital?" Anne looked around and weakly asked.

"Well, yes!?"

"Oh ..."

"Oh? " Alice raised her eyebrow. "Don't you have anything else to say?"

"What do you want me to say?" ...Anne looked puzzled, then immediately remembered and said to Alice: "Thank you for bringing me to the hospital."

"That's it? Nothing else you want to say? "

"Nothing else? Like what?"

Alice looking at her, rolled her eyes and said: "You are pregnant, three months!"

Anne couldn't contain her surprise, with her eyes virtually popping out, she continued to stare at Alice as she spoke: "The child cannot be allowed to live because your stomach cancer is well advanced."

"Me? Stomach cancer?" She looked astonished and devastated.

"The cure rate of advanced stomach cancer is almost nil. The baby in your stomach must be aborted otherwise you wouldn't be able to survive."

Looking at the woman in front of her, Alice was suddenly hit by realization ..."You didn't know you were pregnant? You didn't know you had stomach cancer? "

Anne, still not recovering from the news she had just heard continued to remain motionless. Suddenly she clutched Alice's hand: "Please do not let others know of this, let's keep it a secret." Her other hand intuitively moving in a protective manner across her belly.

"What are you going to do?" Alice looked at her with alarm. "Do you intend to give birth to this child?"

"Alice, please, help me, I will try to live till the day when the baby is born." Anne implored of her: "Please keep my secret, don't tell anyone."
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