If I Never Loved You
14 Chapter 14: Regre
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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14 Chapter 14: Regre

"Stacey is coming back?"

These words sounded like a death sentence in Anne's ears. That meant she wouldn't even remain his mistress anymore? She suddenly needed more air, she felt like she would suffocate to death.

She calmly forced herself to say: "Stacey is coming back ah, Congratulations!"

After saying congratulations, she dashed out of his office.

Never had she felt so flustered like this in her life. How was she going to face everything that is going to happen upon Stacey's return?

But for now, she had to concentrate on getting the items listed to Miss Alice as soon as possible.

This was the second time she was going to see her, and she clearly remembers what Miss Alice said to her the last time, "if you can do yourself this favour, do not appear before me again, you are not my class."

Having gotten to her place, Anne handed over the gifts and documents to be signed to Miss Alice and waited for her to sign them. "They're good and done" she said with a radiant smile.

"Miss Alice, if nothing else, I'll take my leave."

Anne turned to go when Alice stood up, "Secretary, everyone is saying you are a shameless slut who forced your cousin to leave so you could be by Antonio's side. I've also heard that that cousin of yours is coming back, even more accomplished as a fashion designer. I guess you would have to go back to where you belong, just like a defeated puppy watching your cousin being happy."

"Do you ever regret doing what you did?"

Anne, who was just about stepping out suddenly stopped. All what Alice said was nothing new to her, but her last question caught her off guard.

She calmly faced Alice and said: "For three years, I've suffered from the despise and insults of people accusing me falsely, the only thing that keeps me going each day is the love I have for Antonio."

"You asked me if I regret having done something like that. Anne bitterly smiled and said "but even if I open my mouth to tell you that I never did such a thing, you will definitely call me a liar."

Alice was stunned at her reply.
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