If I Never Loved You
13 Chapter 13: Good News or Bad News?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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13 Chapter 13: Good News or Bad News?

"You were kidding?"

"How can you joke about such a thing?" Anne really sounded bitter.

"Because I will not dare to disobey you, you decide to treat me this way by causing me so much pain and shame?"

Antonio noticed that Anne didn't look too good, he just couldn't place his finger on what exactly seemed off about her. He thought it was probably because she had just woken up from a coma and needed more air, so he opened the windows a bit and started the engine and drove away.


Since the day of the incidence, Antonio hadn't stepped foot into her office, he also hadn't been home for a month now.

"Secretary, the president has asked you to come into his office. I just came from his office and he asked me to call you in" Wendy said.

Anne gave no reply. Her head was on the desk. Wendy tapped her "secretary, secretary! But still no response. Wendy finally lifted Anne's head from the desk. "You scared me, she said. Are you alright, your face is so white." "Yeah I'm fine." Anne replied.

"You said the boss wants me in his office? I will go now." Wendy looked a little worried as she watched Anne walk away. Today, she looked like even the wind could blow her off her feet.

Anne knocks on the door and entered: "Boss, you called for me?"

He did not even lift up his head to look at her. He simply handed a piece of paper to her. "Make sure you arrange and pay for everything listed on this paper and send them to Miss Alice"

Anne looked at the items on the paper and opened her mouth wide: a lavish apartment, a sports car, a set of gold and diamond jewellery, these items could cause anybody to go bankrupt.

"Sir please is it Miss Alice's birthday again? Aren't these gifts too extravagant?"

Antonio closed the folder he was working on, looked at her and said." Secretary, the next time make sure you put on some make-up before coming to the office, this is a large company which has a reputation to keep."

Anne kept silent and said "I've noted it down sir."

"And these items are not her birthday present, they are her parting gifts, I'm breaking up with her"

Anne felt a bit of excitement which soon disappeared... if he was breaking up with Alice and so what? It's not as if he would finally give her the attention she wanted!

"But why so all of a sudden?" she asked. She regretted asking that question the moment the words left her mouth.

Antonio raised his head, mockingly looked at her and said: "Stacey is coming back!"
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