If I Never Loved You
12 Chapter 12: Kiss of Punishmen
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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12 Chapter 12: Kiss of Punishmen


"Hey, wait up Antonio," Sheldon ran out after him: " You should make time and take her for a thorough medical check-up. She doesn't seem too healthy and she suddenly fainted on the streets too. A check-up would be good for her. "

Antonio did not give him an answer and walked straight away.

The company has two employee health check-ups every year. The last one was conducted a month ago. If there was something really wrong, Anne would have already told him.

He sat in his car buckled up and was ready to drive off. He stared at Anne's lips and all he could think about was Terry talking about how sweet her lips tasted.

He was blinded by anger, he suddenly forcedly crushed his lips against hers, not even giving room to breathe. This was a kiss of punishment. At least the next time he looks at her lips, he wouldn't have to picture Terry's lips kissing hers.

Anne slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes stared at Antonio in surprise. She didn't remember how she happened to be in his car, and why was he kissing her like that? Her lips felt bruised.


He totally ignored her and continued pressing his lips against hers.

She tried to move her lips away from his.

Antonio was furious, so she's refusing to kiss him but allowed Terry to kiss her? He forgot to reason that because she had been in a coma, she wouldn't remember what had happened.

Suddenly and slowly, his hands climbed up under Anne's skirt.

"You went around like this to the jewellery shop, and to deliver the present? How cheap can you be? You are the worst slut I have ever seen."

"Antonio, isn't this what you asked for?" She unconsciously spoke out.

Antonio laughed out loud "Even a retarded person would know that I was just kidding when I asked you to do that" @@
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