If I Never Loved You
11 Chapter 11: The Figh
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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11 Chapter 11: The Figh


A fist flew in Terry's direction. He tried to avoid it but it came crushing against his chin.

"Damn it!" Terry wiped the corner of his lips and jumped unto Antonio.

Sheldon retreated to the side to watch the battle against the two lords. There was nothing he could do. This wasn't just between two individuals, but between two whole empires.

The two men finally separated, both being injured, but obviously Antonio only suffered some minor injuries, Terry on the other hand wasn't looking too great.

Sheldon's mobile phone rang. He answered the call and his countenance immediately changed. He turned towards Terry and said: "it's your grandfather. He says he has been trying to reach you on your phone but he can't get through to you."

Antonio used that opportunity to kneel down beside Anne on the sofa and studied her. "How did she get to your home?" He asked.

Terry's eyes flashed with anger: "Are you blind? Can't you see she is in a coma? Of course I carried her in."

Antonio lifted her up, walked towards the door and said: "Thank you for the wine." @@
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