If I Never Loved You
9 Chapter 9 : Anne“s Unconsciousness
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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9 Chapter 9 : Anne“s Unconsciousness

"Sheldon, come and see, how she is faring?" Terry stepped aside and allowed him take his place. "This woman is really strange. When I met her, I almost hit her with my car as she run into the street, I scolded her, and then she kept on apologising to me."

"It seems that apart from sorry she doesn't know how to say anything else. She's not a lunatic, is she? "

"But even if she's crazy, I don't mind, I like her."

Terry couldn't help but add ... "It's nice to kiss this woman's lips. I want her by my side, to kiss whenever I want to ... Well, it seems like a good idea."

Sheldon not paying much attention to him, was already doing a check up on Anne.

He not only studies Western medicine, but the traditional type as well. Traditional medicine is something he picked up from his grandfather. Combining Traditional and Western medicine was his expertise.

"Anne's pulse does not look too good: her fainting only seems to be a small part of the problem. It is possible that this is as a result of accumulated psychological stress, and I think she may be suffering from prolonged mental fatigue. "

"Oh ... That is to say, she must have fainted from the momentary shock of almost getting hit by a car. When is she going to gain consciousness? "

"That is not necessarily so." Sheldon further explained. Looking at Anne lying on the sofa, her colour just didn't look right: "When this woman wakes up, it is best to persuade her to go to the hospital to do a complete body check-up."

"What does that mean? You mean there's something more wrong with her?" Terry seemed unhappy at the thought that the lady he just kissed might not be well, he wanted to make sure she was attended to at all cost.

Sheldon shook his head, "I'm not sure. It is too early to draw conclusions without the appropriate medical tests. But I can be sure that this woman lying here is in need of a thorough medical attention."

The sound of a phone ringing startled them both.

"Terry," Sheldon shouted: "Won't you answer the phone. What are you doing? "

"It's not my phone ringing."

"It's not mine too ... Uh, hers?" Both of them turned to look in the direction of Anne.

Sheldon was too late in stopping Terry as he went ahead to search for Anne's phone, and pressed the answer key without a second thought.

"Anne, immediately you finish with the assignment I gave you, make sure you return straight away to the office or else you will suffer the consequences."

The voice of a man came through on the phone immediately Terry answered the call.

For a moment Terry was startled on hearing that it was a man on the other side of the phone. "Oh, so her name is Anne. She won't be back for a while, as it is now she is asleep in my house."

Sheldon simply couldn't stand it anymore. "First of all, you go on to answer someone's phone without their permission, and then you go ahead to say that the person is asleep in your house?"

"A woman sleeping in the house of a strange man? ... Whoever hears this is sure to misunderstand."

"Terry, what if the man you are talking to is the person's husband? What you just said can cause a misunderstanding between them, it could destroy their relationship."

On the other side of the phone, Antonio's face went cold, especially at the sound of hearing what the man said, that Anne was asleep in his house. He was madly furious.

Just when he was about to ask who on the line was, another man's voice sounded on the phone again.

Antonio was not a fool, he could hear all what the two men were talking about. His anger was about to blow out.

To hear...

"Sheldon, don't be silly, the call seems to be from her boss. But this boss really has an awful attitude. When my girlfriend Anne wakes up, I'm going to tell her about it, and she is going to quit her job immediately. "

Antonio's face had now turned as red as a ripe tomato. His anger could not be described.
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