If I Never Loved You
8 Chapter 8 : Terry
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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8 Chapter 8 : Terry

Terry looked very angry now ... "Isn't this the kind of trick the ladies use of late?"

"Hey! Hey! Wake up, I do not have the time to play games with you, how much money do you want? Say it, I can clearly see what you trying to play at." Terry shook the lady but there was still no reaction from her. He reached out and with the back of his hand touched her face: "Wake up, don't pretend, is it not money you want? How much? I don't think I'm that broke, speak up."

Still no reaction...

"Hey! If you wake up, I'll give you a million dollars. Don't believe it, I can increase it for you."

After sometime, Terry gave up.

Looking at the woman in his arms he wondered: "what's the name of this lady?"

Carrying the lady across his shoulders, he skipped to the rear of the car and gently placed her inside. He half run, half walked to the driver's side, started the engine and drove off, way exceeding the speed limit.

Terry took the lady inside, into his apartment, it had a nice view of the ocean. He left her lying on the sofa in the living room and stepped away to make a call.

He took out his phone and dialled: "Come over to my place as soon as possible. I want you to come check up on a lady who has fainted."

The man on the phone kept on screaming: "Terry! Did I hear you right? A Woman? You've got a woman there? I remember you have a phobia of women. Can you even touch a woman? Terry! Are you kidding me? "

Terry opened the refrigerator, the expression on his face grim and thoughtful ... Hmmm! has his female phobia been cured today?

Slowly, turning around, he looked at the woman lying on the sofa, Terry's brow twisted in concentration. "Hey man! Stop all this nonsense and get here quick."

Regardless of what the person at the other side of the line had to say, he quickly hang up without waiting for his response.

He took a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, opened it up and gulped down all its contents with a gurgling sound. Having gathered as much courage as he could, he decided to verify his suspicion of overcoming his phobia.

Cautiously, Terry took out his cell phone and browsed through till he found a movie website. He chose a short video and opened it, immediately, the face of a woman appeared on the screen. Without much thought and abruptly, he threw away the phone. He still couldn't stand to look at the face of a woman.

Since his female phobia isn't cured, how ... Terry's gaze fell on the face of the woman on the couch.

Stretching out his finger, he carefully touched her face and did not feel any form of disgust like he felt earlier when he looked at the face of the woman on his phone.

This time, Terry put down the can, drew closer to the woman and studied her face ... Oh, it turns out she has the face of a very young person.


Terry's eyes fell on the pale skin of her neck, he swallowed nervously. For the first time in his life, he felt some form of desire for a woman.

Slowly approaching, Terry seemed a bit afraid, he carefully put his lips on her pale lips ... it turned out this woman's lips felt soft and tender. Well, not bad.

"Terry! I'm right here! You, you, you ... She, she, she ..." A voice suddenly sounded from behind him. He turned to see Sheldon standing at the door, his private moment with her abruptly coming to an end: "You really do know how to pick your timing" Terry sarcastically commented.

"How was I to know a guy who has a phobia of women will be sneaking around an unconscious woman?" he couldn't keep the laughter out of his voice.
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