If I Never Loved You
7 Chapter 7 : Alice
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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7 Chapter 7 : Alice

Anne was now here to deliver the exquisite gift box to Alice.

In the past she had longed to see Alice not just on television but in real life, but now, seeing her standing right before her eyes held no excitement for her. She couldn't wait to get away from the place.

Not only because Alice looks too much of the perfect picture, but also because of the morning's incidence in Antonio's office. Having her underwear ripped into pieces, she just had her one piece skirt on...

She looked up at the dazzling Alice, fresh faced and glowing with beauty. She couldn't even afford to look her in the eye, she couldn't help but feel inferior to her.

Not to mention at such a time when she couldn't even bear to look at herself.

Alice the more beautiful, the more dazzling… these were the words that were running through Anne's mind even as she felt the compelling need to hurry out of the place. She just wanted to get out of there and not have to look at Alice who seemed to exude elegance from within.

"Secretary, do well to express my gratitude to Antonio. I really love the diamond necklace so much. He has excellent taste and keen eyes." One couldn't miss how polite she sounded, showing off her cultured upbringing. But this wasn't without a knowing gaze directed at Anne.

Anne only hoped to be able to quickly leave, she didn't care about the murderous looks she was getting from Alice.

"Miss Alice, I will deliver your message" Anne replied to her, "I will take my leave then." she hastened to leave the place.

"Secretary," at the call she turned around to see Alice standing by the window in her long wavy her, the painting behind her showing a similar gorgeous image of herself: "secretary, the next time you step out, make sure to put on some decent underwear. A simple glance reveals everything. "

The blood completely drained off her face on hearing these words. Alice still stood there looking like a perfect picture in her fake smile.

Anne run out of the building. She had never been that bad at sports, but now she was lost. Her feet carried her as fast as they could.

The image of Alice with her scornful eyes and lips twitched in mocking laughter kept flashing before her eyes.

Anne run blindly across the street.

"Screech…" the sound of a car coming to an abrupt stop. " Are you fucking crazy? If you wish to die then go jump off a building, don't freaking come running into the streets like that. I almost hit you, damn it!"

Anne suddenly came back to her senses and looked around. Oh God! She actually run into the busy road.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am sorry!" She did not know what to say to the driver, Alice's eyes, Alice's mocking smile, it was still hunting her. She couldn't get it out of her head. And she almost got killed by a car.

She was so confused that she bowed her head and apologized, as if she didn't know how to do anything else except bowing.

The owner of the car almost ran into her but she still kept on apologizing.

Anne continued to bow her head, continuously whispering nothing else but sorry. The owner of the car looked a little annoyed, he got out of the car and walked towards Anne. Angrily shouting and cussing at her, "Do you really want to die ..." He didn't have the time to finish his sentence as Anne suddenly collapsed into his arms looking frail and lifeless.

Looking at her lifeless body, she generally had a small frame and interestingly pretty face ... today was indeed nothing short of an unexpected day for Terry. He didn't even hit the lady and yet here she was lifeless in his arms? "
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