If I Never Loved You
6 Chapter 6: Numb
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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6 Chapter 6: Numb

For three years, she thought she had succeeded in numbing her emotions, being numb to the disgusting looks she received from him, numb to all his humiliating words and numb to all the accusing stares she received from others.

Really, she really thought she was numb enough to ignore that. Only by enduring all this would she be able to stay by his side, to have her happiness.

But... Anne slowly stretched out her hand to touch her face, her lips hinting the beginning of bitterness ... Yes! She did feel the pain, the shame and the sadness.

Her mobile phone suddenly rang. Anne looked at the caller ID and without hesitation pressed the answer key ... She could never afford to ignore Antonio's call and not suffer for it later.

His voice was muffled on the phone: "Where have you been?"

"The bathroom, I have an upset tummy" ... Of course, this was a lie.

He abruptly interrupted her sentence and went straight ahead to ask about the assignment he gave her: "I asked you to run an errand for me. Have you sent the present to Alice? "

So she can't even enjoy a moment of peace... Not even after telling this lie.

Yes, this was expected of someone like Antonio, not the slightest form of compassion or consideration.

It was too late for him to like her now. Three years ago, he made that completely clear. Yes, he did. Over the past three years, no matter how hard she tried, he made it a point to always remind her of that through his actions, that he will never ever develop feelings for her.

"Yes, I know." Anne forced to compose herself and in a business-like and professional manner replied: "Mr. Antonio, I'm going to pick out the right gift for Miss Alice and make sure to deliver it to her before three o'clock in the afternoon."

Quite annoyed by Anne's attitude, he angrily hanged up.

Looking at herself in front of the mirror, she could see the reality of her thin figure holding stiffly unto the phone with her face moist with tears. A striking difference from the Anne who just spoke to Antonio on the phone in a perfectly emotionless and business-like tone.

She must have lost track of time because there was someone behind the door: "Open the door, unlocked the door so other people can also use the washroom."

Straightening up herself, she took off her old fashioned glasses, splashed water unto her face, dried up and put back on her glasses. She mechanically went through the activities without giving it a thought. She then turned and walked to the door and calmly opened it.

"Executive Secretary ..." Wendy stunned, stood at the door. She did not think it would be Anne inside the locked washroom ... "Is everything okay with you?"

Well. Anne was indifferent as she calmly walked out amidst a couple of curious stares.

"Can't bear the heat ah." Julie, who came to the washroom with Wendy, snorted: "shameless slut."

Wendy frowned: "Julie, if you have nothing better to say, then keep your mouth shut."
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