If I Never Loved You
5 Chapter 5 : What“s the use of her anger?
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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5 Chapter 5 : What“s the use of her anger?

Anne, that bitch.

"Where is she?"

As soon as the president opened his office, the other secretaries looked up, they saw their president standing in front of the office with a deadly face. The president demanded of Anne's whereabouts.

"The Secretary came out of your office in the morning and hurried to the sales department and didn't come back."

Julie is the President of the Secretaries of the company, and not being very cordial with Anne, she found every opportunity to criticize and insult her. Julie saw this as an opportunity she couldn't let go.

Julie pouted and put on a sweet smile: "Sir Antonio, what do you need? I am at your service."

Antonio on hearing Anne went to the sales department and did not return to the office afterwards, he was agitated, his eyebrows twisted in concentration. In his mind, he was thinking about where that damn woman had ran to. He did not care about Julie's words, not to mention that Julie with her Charming face showed off her perfect smile.

Antonio nodded, put Julie at the back of his mind and headed back into his office.

"Bang," the door was slammed right in Julie's face, her perfect smile abruptly disappearing from her face.

Someone behind her tried to stifle a laugh.

Julie on hearing this battered her eyelashes in the person's direction and glared: "What the hell are you laughing at?"

Wendy chuckled: "I see someone was desperately trying to get the president's attention, but that didn't happen, Ha-ha."

"Listen Wendy, who doesn't know what Anne has been up to in this office? Anne is a big time whore and slut but I am not. I just wanted to attend to the president's needs seeing that his supposed personal secretary is nowhere to be found."

"Be honest with yourself. I know you actually wish you were in her shoes"

"Hoh! Do you dare to associate me with that cheap slut? I am in no way like her. "

Wendy suddenly stopped talking, looking very uncomfortable like someone who had just been caught doing something she shouldn't.

Julie suddenly aware of someone behind her, subconsciously turned round, still in the process of finishing a statement: "That secretary ..."

Anne standing emotionless behind Julie, calmly looked at them just a second longer and silently went past the president's office, and walked towards the direction of the ladies washroom.

After she left, Julie released her breath, not even realizing she had been holding it in: "she almost scared me to death ..."

"Do you think she heard it?"

"Heard what, it really doesn't matter anyway. It's not as if this is any news, it's all over the company."

"So what would you do should she get angry?"

"What's the use of her anger? Every single person in the company already knows about the gossip going around. Even the president is aware of this but hasn't put a stop to it or gotten angry over it. As such, who does Anne think she is to get angry over this, in fact, whether she gets angry or not is irrelevant? No one really gives a damn about how she feels."

Anne practically fled out of the office area. As to how her feet could carry her out of there at that speed, she had no idea. Seeing the washroom at a distance, she quickened her speed and run into the washroom, locking it behind her.

With her hands still shaking, she collapsed onto the floor like someone whose strength had just been sucked out of her.

She looked at herself in the mirror ... "Is this the price to pay for love?"
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