If I Never Loved You
4 Chapter 4: The endless sense of shame
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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4 Chapter 4: The endless sense of shame

He was disgusted with himself for what he just did

"Out" Antonio screams.

"But I ..." she said, "I can't wear this skirt, you ... Can you lend me your car, I want to go home and change.

She didn't even finish with her sentence when he barked: "No."

Anne bit her lip, looking lost with a pair of eyes moist with tears and filled with fear, she looked so pitiful ... Antonio was almost convinced by her!

Antonio scowled at her, this woman can really act, she should consider going into the acting industry, and she would definitely win an Oscar award as an actress!

"But I ..."

"Isn't that a skirt you are wearing?" Antonio asked "Today you will work full time. I will check to make sure that you are always on the job."

Anne's face suddenly went white!

She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe what she was hearing, did she hear right?

This man wants her to walk around almost half naked all day, wearing practically nothing under her shredded skirt? He wants her to work all day?

Trembling all over ... "Antonio, do you really hate me that much that you enjoy seeing me so humiliated?"

Antonio watched her every move, watching the pain on her face ... "Anne, that's what you want, isn't it?"

A flicker of light flashed through his eyes.

But for one second he froze.

The woman, in front of him, was suddenly quiet.

Silently she stooped to pick up the ripped apart undergarment on the ground and wore them. Quietly and without a sound, she no longer begged for mercy.

There was something very unnatural about her being quiet.

"Antonio, if there is nothing else, I'm off to work."

Anne bowed her head.

Antonio looked at her, this quiet appearance gave him no reason to be furious.

Glancing across the desk, he grabbed the documents on the desk: "Take this to the sales department."

Anne slightly raised her head, so as to be able to take the document ... Anne's face turned a shade of grey at the sight of the document. Her heart was virtually been ripped out of her.... This document, was the same one pressed under her body when Antonio was having his way with her.

At the thought of this, Anne's shoulders ragged with tears.

Antonio wants her to take this to the sales department?

"Antonio, I am also human, do you hate me that much, I hate myself too, please don't humiliate me anymore, I am hurting too!"

Anne mournfully cries.

"What? Did you hear me?" His icy voice reminded her.

At these words, Anne stretched out her trembling hand to take the document.

She doesn't know how she got out of the president's office, and she doesn't know how she got to the sales department. All she realized was that she found herself there.

The file being delivered finally, she practically ran into the elevator, hands desperately pressing the top floor button, she couldn't wait to escape this humiliation.

Out of the elevator, Anne ran up to the roof top Garden.

The endless sense of shame, the rushing unstoppable feeling of disgust! She felt nauseous, disgusted with herself.

Her unsuccessful attempt to throw up reminded her she hadn't taken in anything that morning. Her legs gave way under her and she softly collapsed against the wall. She couldn't hold back her tears anymore, covering her face with her palms she cried her heart out.

Anne since leaving the office in the morning had not been seen by Antonio. Thinking about this, it irritated him a great deal.

Antonio opened his office door, outside of that is the secretary's office. Sweeping his gaze across the entire space, he didn't find the person he was looking for.

"Where was she?"
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