If I Never Loved You
3 Chapter 3 : Office Tourture
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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3 Chapter 3 : Office Tourture


"Come In"

Anne inhales deeply and puts on a stereotype professional smile.

"Mr. Antonio, Good morning. This is the FA group information that you asked me to organize yesterday."

Antonio standing in the window, heard Anne's words, turned, looked up at her from the corner of his eyes. "Well, put it down."

Anne nodded, "alright then, if that is all then I'm taking my leave."

"Wait a minute." Anne turned around at the sound of his voice. "Alice is celebrating her birthday today, go to the jewellery shop to choose a piece of jewellery as a gift for her."

Having said that, he dropped a credit card on the desk: "Use this card to pay for it and do not worry about the price. Alice is a classy lady so get her a classy and expensive gift"

In hearing Antonio's words, she knew it was an indirect insult directed at her. Lifting up her shoulders, she forced herself to keep her emotions in check.

In a business like tone devoid of all emotions, Anne responded in the affirmative and reached for the card on the desk. A hand suddenly grabbed her chin from across the desk. Antonio tightly clutched her chin and forced her to raise her head to look into a pair of deep calm eyes.

Suddenly, the other hand took off the framed spectacles on the bridge of her nose. "Who can possibly imagine: your double faced personality of a dedicated secretary in the daytime with an old-fashioned hairstyle showing off an old maid appearance, but at night time, a full time disgusting whore and slut! "

He does not like seeing her put on this calm demeanour with no betrayal of what she is feeling inside, so business-like and professional!

A shameful woman, but acting so aloof now!

He can't stand it, he's going to break this facade!

Looking at the face in front of him, he saw the calmness no longer solid and gradually fading away with all colour fading off her face bit by bit.

Antonio suddenly took her by the hand and furiously pressed her against the desk, sweating and panting.

"Sir Antonio, please we are in the office!"

Anne desperately cried.

"What is wrong with this being the office?" Is this the first time. Anne, do not pretend to act so decent and chaste? He sneered: "I already know the exact kind of person you are, the worse kind."

With a heavy and weeping heart, Anne looked on helplessly as Antonio rudely lifted up her office skirt.

"Antonio, please don't ..."

Shut the hell up! Antonio suddenly raised his head, eyes clouded with deep rage and disgust: "Anne, how many times have I forbidden you from calling me directly. What kind of person are you and who the hell do you think you are to me? "

Yes, she was cheap, how can she call out his name?

What qualifications does she have?

"Braaa" a sound caused by the ripping off of her under garment was heard!

Anne was dumbfounded, she couldn't think straight ... He tore up her intimate clothes? What is she going to wear for the rest of the day?

In resignation she succumbed herself to the torture, it was useless to beg for mercy.

The Sudden intrusion into her dry vulva caused her extreme pain and anguish, the pain was muffled by her silent cries.

The impact of the man inside of her thrusting so roughly made her feel like she would faint out of pain any moment from now.

Enduring this endless and humiliating torment, in her nearly faint time, he finally released into her.

Antonio comfortably breathes out a sigh of relief, a look of contentment on his face. He busied himself with putting his clothes in order, his looks not showing even a single trace of silk folds...
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