If I Never Loved You
2 Chapter 2: For Three Years
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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2 Chapter 2: For Three Years

"This is not what I want." Anne pleaded. Isn't this what you want?" Antonio blinded by anger, lustfully stared at Anne. "You did not hesitate to make Stacey go away, isn't this what you've always wanted? Good! I'll give it to you!"

       Having said this, his large hands brutally tore off her clothes, and without the slightest show of pity opened up her legs and disgustedly forced himself unto her!

         Anyone at all could have walked into or out of the underground car park, but Antonio was not in the least bothered. Not the fear of being discovered or Anne's tears could make him think clearly. Stacey's last words kept resounding in his ears. The more he replayed them, the angrier he got.

       She was the object of his anger.


"Beep"...The beeping sound from the kettle of boiling water brought her back to the present.

        Anne stood up from the sofa, rubbed in between her eyebrows, it wasn't easy to remember things three years back.

         She picked up the phone and looked at the time: 01:32am.

        Tonight... he's not coming back?

        Hesitating, she dialed out a string of numbers.

        The phone rang twice and was connected. Anne opened her mouth to speak with a smile happily displayed on her face:

        "Hello, Antonio, you in ...."

    "Pin..." The person on the other end of the phone said nothing, and coldly hung up.

          Anne's smile faded into a sad look. Had it not been for work matters, he wouldn't even bother to give her an audience.

         Anne sits on the couch and solemnly reflects: Three years ago, after he had asked her out of the office into the underground parking lot, she had now become not only his plaything at night, but was also always on standby at the office.

        She and Stacey did share some similarities, so, since then, she had become like her replacement, more like the mistress.

         She also understood that if not for the fact that she shared those similarities with Stacey, she wouldn't even have the opportunity to stay by Antonio's side.

         Three years without any news of her whereabouts, no one had been able to contact her.

        Three years, and Anne still did not have any kind of romantic relationship with Antonio, Antonio always had his own way.

        Anne still had this feeling of guilt, three years gone already, and Anne was still not good enough for him.

      On one hand is this feeling of deep guilt and on the other hand is the hope that Antonio would learn to respond to her love, even if only to be able to experience a little bit of love, really, she is not that greedy, she would be satisfied with just a little bit of love.

          But she was ashamed of herself for even harbouring these thoughts... Anne, you are too despicable, weren't you the same person saying it wasn't your intention to make Stacey go away? Now you want to take advantage of this opportunity to earn Antonio's love? In short, these three years have been hell for Anne.

         The longing for Antonio's feelings, the guilt of Stacey going away..., these two feelings together were her worst innermost contradictions.

          Had she known what was in store for her the next day at the office, she would have put in a lot more effort to enjoy the night instead of stressing herself over the events of the past three years.

        "Did you watch the news? The president has changed his girlfriend!"

         "Did you see it too?"

         "It's Miss Alice, the celebrity actress."

      "Hey, do you know our President's mistress too? Do well not to be on the bad side of his personal secretary, she is his new mistress..."

      "I can't believe how cheap she is, going ahead to seduce our president."

      "Hush up," the president's secretary is coming this way."

       Anne walked in with her back straight and head held up high, pretending not to have heard any of their side comments passed.

      But she clearly heard everything they said.

       When will all this end?

        For three whole years, this is what has been going on in the company... she has been acting dumb to all this but for how much longer can she survive, will she forever be able to block out these hurtful attacks?

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