If I Never Loved You
1 Chapter 1: When This Started
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If I Never Loved You
Author :Suryanshi_Biswas
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1 Chapter 1: When This Started

Everyone thought the actions of Anne to be despicable. They saw her as a cheap woman and a shameless prostitute. But all Anne did was to dedicate three year of her life loving Antonio.

Only she knew how intense her feelings was, and only she knew what she was going through.


Three years ago

On the afternoon of that fateful day,

Antonio furiously pulled her out of the office

into his car and drove to the underground

parking lot.

"Do you think after you drive Stacey away

I will now come to like you?" Antonio glared at

her with rage.

Anne was shocked, her eyes showing her

guilt.. If she had not said anything to Stacey,

she probably wouldn't have gone to France.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.."

Bang! Antonio's fist smashed into the

glass window behind her. "You didn't mean to?

lf this wasn't deliberate on your part, then

what do you call this?" Antonio was boiling inside with so much rage and bitterness. He

stared, pitiless, at the pale and frightened face

of the woman standing in front of him:"You

told Stacey you are in love with me?"

Anne instantly turned pale... Is it Stacey

who told Antonio about it?

"I..love you, but I haven't been able to

tell you.." That's all in the past. If not that her

diary containing her secrets and feelings was

accidentally found by Stacey, she was

prepared to forget what her heart was telling her and forever burry her feelings for him.

Anne was really sincere about what she

was saying but Antonio would not hear any of

it. He refused to accept that this was all a


Antonio sneered and interrupted: "So you

forced Stacey to leave me?"

.. Anne was speaking, shaking her

head, "l really didn't know things will turn out

this way."

"You didn't know?" "Antonio snorted, with

anger in his eyes: "You did not know, that your

diary filled with those silly words about your

feelings could make Stacey go away? You

didn't know, how your diary managed to get

into Stacey's hands? Don't tell me, your damn

diary, just landed in her front door!

Anne thinks for a bit, it's clear Stacey read

the diary, but how it managed to land in her

hands, she did not know.

"You and Stacey grew up together, you

perfectly know how she is most likely to react

in any situation?" If she knew you- her cousin,

whom she adores so much has fallen in love

with me, she was going to get out of the way

So you can be happy, and you knew that, didn't

you? So you deliberately made her read that

diary so she would leave! You think you can

decejye me with this kind of trick?" Antonio


"Anne! You? You love me, my ass! You

listen to me, even if you use this despicable

means to force away Stacey, I Antonio in my

entire life time will never fall in love with you!

Antonio said matter-of-factly.

Anne's colour changed.. Antonio's harsh

words continued to ring in her ears. Even if

this decision had been inevitable, even if

enough psychological preparation had been

done, to hear Antonio say these words to her,

Anne could have never been ready enough to

bear its painful impact

Antonio wasn't done with her yet, he

wildly tore apart her clothes with rage.

Anne instantly turned pale, "Antonio,

please don't do this..."

"Don't do this? Now you know how it feels

to be scared? After using your scheming ways

to force Stacey to leave me?"... Antonio

smirked, for as long as he still remembers

how Stacey came to him crying last night begging him to be good to her sister, he would do anything to destroy this woman before him now.

And he did.
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