Wuxiaworld > I am the Queen > 108 Chapter 17
She closed her eyes tight, lips curved downwards when her shaking fingers pinched the mixed rice.

It was warm, but not scalding. It was squishy and a bit slimy and slippery. Yet she found she was not repulsed as she thought she would be. In fact, she was finding the new experience . . . comforting? The rice was smooth and soft like it would melt with the tinniest force. She didn't know it was like that. Was it special rice?

She opened her eyelids, curiosity in her eyes. Like a kid's first time exploring the soft sand on the beach, she watched how her fingers interact with the tiny glistening pebble of grains.

Her fingers subconsciously pinched the morsels of rice and, with so much effort, carried it to her mouth. She was not successful though, her fingers didn't seem to know what angle to carry the food so it wouldn't cave and dropped to her plate. Or didn't want her expensive clothes to get dirty, so her fingers had to stop each time. She thought it would crumble from her fingers and cause an avalanche towards her clothes.

Argh! It's really hard!

With focus and determination, not wanting to loose with her food, she steadily, robotically, seriously, carefully, slowly, brought her fingers into her mouth as she leaned in.

Eventually, she successfully shot the grains inside her mouth and was ecstatic. Red, which was the color of happiness, showered her face as she gulped the rice down her throat. Then she looked at Eric, a wide toothy smile complimenting her face.

"Eric, Eric, did you see that? Did you? I did it. I did it! it wasn't that hard and disgusting after all!"

Some diner at the side clapped and cheered for her while Eric never stopped grinning.

"Congratulations. After fifteen minutes, you finally had your first experience of eating rice using your hand." He huffed a laughed.

"Ahahaha. Thank you. Thank you. It's not that hard," Evangeline said, smugness in her voice, didn't get the sarcasm in Eric's words. She stared at her food full of newfound determination and eagerness to gulp it all down.

She stopped when she felt an uncomfortable sensation on her fingers. She inspected her perfectly manicured nails and found a tiny morsel of grains stuck between the space of her nails.

She frowned, clicking her tongue in annoyance. She brought her fingers to her mouth to remove the annoying thing when Eric was much faster. Before she could react, her finger was already inside the warmth of his mouth.

". . ."

". . ."

Everyone stiffened with slack jaws, even the cook paused and forgot he was cooking as he stood stunned at the intimate scene.

While Evangeline, she gasped audibly while her body turned to stone. Her eyes rounded, lips apart when Eric's warm, slimy tongue flicked against her flesh. His tongue caressed her finger, and her spine jerked in a prickling mess, jolting here and there. Her nerves wiggled in chaos, responding by pumping blood mixed with explosive electricity all over her body.

She didn't even have to view herself in front of a mirror to know that she was red based from how hot she was at the moment. She even heard the evaporating sounds of the nearby piles of snow from the heat she gave off.

Her toes curled when the hardness of his teeth gently scraped her nails, a finger at a time. His eyes . . . oh, those pairs of beautiful twin moons were staring at her from start to finish, burning her from its intensity. Desire and hunger apparent in the way he stared at her that made her swayed back and forth from the stimulation.

It was really too much!

She was afraid if this continued, she would literally spurt blood from her nose. She already felt the hot liquid creeping all the way towards her nose.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Eric stopped the torturous pleasure. He smiled at her, face sporting innocence.

"I'll help you with your food. I'm already done eating anyway."

Still haven't recovered, Evangeline could only nod her head in a dreamlike state.

Eric's lips hooked up, stretching into a grin that was youthful and concerning all at once.

Evangeline was still in a daze when another stimulating scene flashed before her eyes. Her brain cells had long gone gave up on her as Eric's fingers, holding a spoonful of food, was waiting for her to open her mouth. Which, of course, she did.

The first contact made the compressed heat inside her burst from her ears. The pressure was intense! And for a time, she couldn't hear anything, couldn't see anything. Only feeling, feeling the salty taste mixed with a sweetness that definitely didn't come from the food. His bony fingers grazed her teeth, and when her tongue collided with his skin, a burst of flavors exploded!

VIVA raw fingers!

From then and there, she swore she would ban every utensil when they are together.

Eric pulled his fingers. There was a shyness to Evangeline with an unnatural demure personality as she chewed. Lowering her head, she coyly tucked a hair beside her ear as she occasionally took a glimpse at him who was looking at her, gentleness on his face.

Her bashful and shy look took a full shift when she tugged his clothes and stared at him with sparkling expectant eyes.

Chuckling, Eric scooped another spoonful of rice and carefully brought it to her, and she opened her mouth. Every time her tongue caressed his skin, a new wave of sparks jolted every nerve of her body, and she never felt so alive.

While Evangeline was enjoying all the attention, Eric was in a hot, writhing, sticky mess. He lamented his idea, for it didn't take long that his self-control was cracking bit by bit whenever her slimy tongue bumped with his fingers. He thought she was purposefully doing it since her tongue was caressing his fingers more than necessary.

Ahh . . . payback's an asshole.

At the side, the cook was reduced to a statue as he watched the intimate scene, not even registering the burnt smell drifting across the air. At the same time, the other customers shot annoying glares to Eric and Evangeline's direction, complaining at the cook.

"Master, I thought this place is reserved for singles?! It's already hard enough that we don't have anyone to spend Christmas with, but this annoying couple is too much! This stall is supposed to be for singles! No couples allowed!"

While the others grumbled, Eric and Evangeline ignored them as they continued flaunting their feelings. Evangeline didn't even notice her plate was spotless, still expecting Eric to fed her. Only, Eric was already wiping his hands clean before he gently took her hands in his. One by one, he carefully wiped her fingers that made her lips pressed together, fighting a smile.

"Is the food good?" Eric asked.

"Oh, yes, it's very delicious!" Evangeline said without a second thought. She beamed, eyeing their fingers as his thumb stroked her knuckles. "Let's come back here again."

The others instantly howled and growled 'no' at the same time. Don't come back here! Shoo! Shoo! The couple should go and die somewhere!

Recovering his wits, the cook handed a bowl to Eric and resumed cooking after.

"What is it?" Evangeline asked, blinking curiosity at those four eggs inside the bowl.

"Dessert," Eric answered simply.

"Oh," Evangeline squeaked out, excited. She didn't know this shabby looking hut in the middle of nowhere could make an exquisite dessert such as this.

She had her fair share of desserts that look like an egg from the outside. The concept was to use the shell of an egg as a container to hold the dessert inside.

Evangeline picked one, looking for a small hole for the straw so she could start eating. But to her amusement, she found none.

Amazing! How did they make this dessert? It was like a real egg! Truly exquisite.

With newfound respect for the cook, her sparkling eyes gazed over at him only to be reciprocated with his raised brow and confused face.

"Here, let me show you how to eat it." Eric picked an egg and lightly tapped the bigger end against the table. "Make sure to lightly pat enough to break the shell and drink the broth inside, like so," he said, demonstrating as he spoke.

"Then, you suck the dessert and peeled the shell."

After Eric explained, he peeled the remaining shell, exposing a yellow squishy substance. It was like those expensive caviars she ate but only smoother with purple and green tiny like vines here and there.

It looks disgusting. Evangeline thought.

But since Eric was eating like it was the most delicious thing on earth, Evangeline quickly tapped her egg against the table with the little force she could muster and peeled a small portion of its shell. She was hesitating as a steamy air rose from the hole that smelled like chicken broth. She peered inside, but only darkness reciprocated her scrutiny.

She shrugged and drank what was inside the egg. Warm salty fluids assaulted her tongue. It's really like chicken broth.

Wow. She never had anything like this before.

When there was no longer any juices for her tongue to savor, she asked, "What is this dessert called?"

"Fertilized duck egg."