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Chapter 1286: Tearing a hole in the sky of the entertainment industry!

Chapter 1286: Tearing a hole in the sky of the entertainment industry!
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100,000 hits!

1,000,000 hits!

10,000,000 hits!

The views on "A Madman's Diary" exploded!

A short story framed as a diary and written in vernacular that many people did not even know was a style set off a tsunami in the country. It stunned everyone!

This was going head-on!

This was fucking going head-on against Zhao Chipeng!

The entire work was almost fully expressed as the inner thoughts of a madman. The madman thought that all the people around him were eating people, and that he would either be forced to eat others or get eaten as well. After the madman was locked up, he refused the food sent to him by his family and also attempts to get him medically treated. He just kept telling the people around him to not eat people anymore. At the end, the madman realized he could have accidentally eaten his own sister's flesh and cried out in despair. The entire story was told through the perspective of a madman suffering from the fear of persecution. It exposed the essence of "eating people," and Zhang Ye had used this madman's claims to tear down the entertainment industry and society as a whole, layer by layer. Every word in the story left a creepy thought in the readers' minds!

From anger!

To despair!

To screams!

And even one's hopes of the future!

All of that was contained in the story!

The literary world was stunned!

The entertainment industry was uneasy!

The people burst into an uproar!

"Maybe there's still children who haven't eaten people yet?

"Save the children!"

These two lines were a sword plunged mercilessly into everyone's hearts!

Old Chen's house.

Chen Guang smacked his forehead. "This is bad!"

Fan Wenli said in surprise, "Why did Zhang Ye pop out!"

"How would I know!" Chen Guang said anxiously.

At Old Yao's house.

Yao Jiancai was startled. "The Zhao family's dog?"

His wife was also panicking. "This is going to be bad!"

But Yao Mi jumped to her feet and said, "As expected of Teacher Zhang! As expected of Teacher Zhang!"

Old Yao's wife said, "What are you shouting for? Your Uncle Zhang has gotten himself into big trouble this time!"

At Ning Lan's house.

Xiaodong was dumbfounded!

Amy was stunned!

Li Xiaoxian was also so startled that she felt a chill run down her spine!

Ning Lan gasped and said, "Is this what a skilled writer is capable of? It's really great! Zhang Ye doesn't even need to use his mouth to kill someone! Without saying a word or opening his mouth, give him a pen and he can rip a hole in the sky!"

At Zhang Xia's house.

Her daughter helped to put a coat over her shoulders. "Mom, it's time to sleep."

Her grandchild was sleeping soundly in the baby crib.

Zhang Xia looked over at her little grandchild and mumbled to herself, "Save the children?"


On Weibo.

In the forums.

The people were raising a ruckus!

No one had thought that Zhang Ye would come forward at this time, nor did anyone expect that he would actually post such an earth-shattering story!

"Oh my God!"

"I can feel a chill creep up my spine!"

"After reading the story, I felt a shiver run down my spine!"

"Madman? Lunatic?"

"To post this sort of story at this time, Zhang Ye must be that madman!"

"A war is gonna break out!"

"The entertainment circle is going to descend into chaos!"

"Could he possibly know Han Di?"

"That's impossible!"

"They've never had any contact or dealings!"

"Yeah, it's impossible that the two of them would know each other!"

"Then why did Zhang Ye do this?"

"Zhang Ye is also a member of the entertainment industry, so why does he try to lead the way and declare war on the entire industry? To go against someone who's funding the entertainment industry? He really must be crazy!"

"But then again, that's exactly who Zhang Ye is!"

"Yeah, that's who he is!"

"I like him so much!"

"Me too, I love him!"


"Brothers, stop sleeping. Wake up, everyone!"

"Someone's finally leading the way!"

"Motherfucking hell! There's someone standing forward at last! There's finally someone who's putting in a honest word for Han Di!"

The comments below the blog post, "A Madman's Diary," blew up!

Zhang Ye's fans came forward one by one too.

"Lord Zhang, are we going into battle?"

"Shall we get the fighting started?"

"We're here!"

"I see it!"


"Got it!"


"As you wish!"

"My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!"

"Come, let's go and help Han Di out!"


"Let's make Old Dog Zhao answerable for this!"

"Zhang Ye's fan club has gathered!"


Han Di's fans also came forward. They simply could not believe their eyes. When they saw the story, many of Han Di's female fans cried. Some of them even finished reading the story with a face covered with tears! With Han Di getting framed by his boss, being betrayed by his wife, and then frozen by the company, no one said a word in support of Han Di. Even Han Di's two good friends chose to turn a blind eye to it, and no one in the industry offered to speak up for him. To their disbelief, it was actually Zhang Ye and his fan club who came forward in the end!

This favor was too great!

This sense of loyalty was too strong!

A female fan of Han Di's tearfully left a comment. "Teacher Zhang! Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"We will forever be grateful to you!"

"On behalf of all the fans of Han Di, I thank you for your help. We…we don't know what else we can say!"

"Your grace and kindness will not be forgotten!"

"Thank you!"

"Thank you so much!"

Zhao Chipeng's malice!

The bought off media outlets!

The silence of all of show business!

They had endured it for too long!

They had been stifled for too long!

They had been furious for too long!

The moment Zhang Ye stepped forward, the people finally broke their silence. Many of the other celebrities' fans also emerged from all over the place!

"Count me in!"

"Me too!"

"I can't just stand by watching anymore, fuck!"

"Fuck, let's do battle with them!"

"Go fuck yourself, Jiang Hanwei! I will be a diehard fan of Zhang Ye from now on!"

"Go to hell, Li Yu! I won't ever chase after him again. I'll be Zhang Ye's fan from now on!"

"Damn you, Wang Zhe! Your brother has been bullied to such a point and you're still not speaking up for him? Scram! I won't watch any movies that you act in ever again! I'll only support Zhang Ye from now on!"

"Zhang Ye's the true warrior!"

"He's a real man!"

"Nothing I can say about it! This move of Zhang Ye's is just too damn beautiful!"

"In showbiz, he's the only person who dares to speak up like this!"

"Those celebrities only know how to do charity or get involved in public welfare activities occasionally. They only know how to put up a good front day in and day out, but become cowardly the moment something happens! They don't even know how to differentiate right from wrong! What is truth and what are lies! For celebrities like you, why should I bother liking you? In the end, we still had to depend on Zhang Ye! Aren't you all very good at keeping quiet? Aren't you all very good at holding your tongues? Fuck it then, we don't need you anymore! We won't beg you either! Zhang Ye alone is good enough!"

"I'll be a fan of Zhang Ye's til I die!"

"Come, let's go and fucking curse at that Old Dog Zhao together!"

"Right! With Zhang Ye taking the lead, there's nothing to be afraid of. Let's follow Zhang Ye! Let's follow Zhang Ye's fan club! This legendary figure and legendary fan club, they have never lost a scolding battle before. Zhang Ye is the biggest hooligan in the entertainment circle, so all we need is for him to be on our side!"


Zhao Chipeng's Weibo was instantaneously under attack!

"Old Dog Zhao!"

"Old Dog Zhao!"

"Old Dog Zhao!"

Han Di's wife!

Those from the entertainment circle who had previously shown support for Zhao Chipeng!

And so on. All of them were getting scolded like crazy by the angry mob!

Tens of millions of scolding comments!

Tens of millions of people participating!

Han Di's house.

His sister suddenly exclaimed, "Little Di, Little Di!"

Han Di was still in a daze.

Han Di's parents said, "What's the matter?"

His sister said loudly, "Come and see this! Someone's speaking up for Little Di!"

His mother was taken aback. "Who is it?"

His sister couldn't hold back her tears anymore. "It's Zhang Ye! It's Teacher Zhang Ye!"

Han Di was startled. "Teacher Zhang?"

His sister was desperately scrolling through the pages. "It's crazy, this is getting really crazy! With Teacher Zhang leading the way, everyone is now coming forward in support of you! The media is no longer making any noise. Those celebrities who spoke up for Zhao Chipeng and the chatter in the industry have all fallen silent! He's amazing! Zhang Ye's amazing! His reputation is so great that he and his fans have swept aside everyone else in the entertainment industry! They're so dominating! There aren't too many people who would dare to offend him!"

Zhang Ye?


Why was he doing this?

Han Di said, "I…But I don't know Teacher Zhang personally."

On this night, no one was able to sleep well!

Zhang Ye's story had torn a hole in the sky of the entertainment industry!