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77 2020 Valentine“s Day Special, Part II

Once I made my purchase and got it in some gift wrap, I walked back out to the town square. Now that I have what I need and extra time to spare, I should drop by the bakery and try to get my hands on an entire cheesecake.

I feel like we should indulge ourselves since it's our birthdays too.

When I went up to the bakery, I came across Livia and Cynthia drinking coffee. I didn't recognize them at first because they should be at the Academy. Cynthia had to stand tall and shout my name from across the shop to get my attention.

Cynthia: "Steven! Thought I'd never see you out of the elixir shop!"

Once I figured out it was her, I walked up and greeted them.

Livia: "Hey, Steven. Fancy seeing you here."

Steven: "Hey guys, aren't you both supposed to be at the Academy?"

Livia: "It's an important staff meeting today so the Headmaster gave the students the day off."

Steven: "Nice. What are you 2 doing here though?"

Livia: "We both wanted coffee and crossed paths."

Cynthia: "Yeah, funny coincidence."

She sees the gift box in my hands and reaches for it. I raised it up, out of her reach and inadvertently reveal my hidden sword.

Cynthia: "Is that a gift?"

Steven: "For Kanna. It's her birthday today."

Livia: "Why are you carrying a sword?"

I instinctively pull my tunic down and hide the sword.

Steven: "I don't want someone to rob me. This gift is for Kanna and her only."

Cynthia laughs and playfully jabs me with her elbow.

Cynthia: "Ohh~? Are you not going to invite us over, Mister Smooth?"

Steven: "I asked Livia and couldn't find you but I kinda had a hunch that you'd stop by because Kanna invited you."

Cynthia: "And you were on point."

Livia: "I wanted to wish you a happy birthday too. It's also your birthday, right?"

Steven: "Yep… kinda crazy how Kanna and I both have birthdays on this day."

Cynthia: "Why haven't you said anything either?! Happy birthday, Steven! How old are ya now!?"

Steven: "19."

Livia: "Time really does fly… it feels like I've known you for years and we should be much older."

Steven: "Livia, it hasn't been a year yet. Don't make me feel old."

Since they're both here, we can all head to my home and start the party a little early.

Steven: "Let's go order something while we're here."

Cynthia: "You sure—"

She stops, leans in, and whispers.

Cynthia: "That gift has to be expensive, you sure you want to risk flashing that around in public?"

She's right!

I may have a sword but I'd rather minimize the chances of someone attempting to rob me.

Steven: "Ohh… can you do me a favor then?"

Cynthia: "Sure."

Steven: "Buy Kanna cherry cheesecake. Not just a little slice, I mean the entire 20 inch. I have 30 Coin to pay for it."

She smiles and smacks my back.

Cynthia: "Let's go half on it, boyfriend! I too know what Kanna loves!"

Steven: "Say it like that and people will think we're the ones that are together."

Livia: "I'll see you there, Steven."


Everything is going better than I had hoped!

I rushed over to the house, excitedly imagining Kanna's face when she sees the present. She'll be taken aback for sure!

At the house, I silently enter the shop. It was dead quiet and not a lot of light was coming from the back. Hopefully, it means that Kanna's still asleep like I planned.

I made it to the living room and saw Joan resting her head on a half-asleep Madelyn's lap. I tried tiptoeing past them but suddenly I felt someone shove me from behind.

Kanna: "Where did you go!?"

Steven: "Ka-Kanna!?"

She stands between the door to the shop, arms crossed, ears tall and aggressive, and scowling.

Madelyn: "You made plans with her but left as soon as you wake up? There's some explaining to do, mister."

Steven: "Err, I, uh, I was gambling that she'd sleep a little longer."
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The gig was up but I still attempted to keep the surprise going.

Steven: "Kanna… Cynthia and Livia are on their way. I don't know where Yuuna went but I guess we can party once everyone gets here."

Madelyn: "Ohh~?"

She looked at me suspiciously before looking down at Joan.

Madelyn: "Well, the more the merrier."

Steven: "Yes, the more the merrier."

I walk up to her and still try to play it cool.

Steven: "She just fell asleep on your lap?"

Madelyn: "Yeah… she can be cute."

Kanna: "Don't try to breeze past me! Where did you go?"

She's relentless!

Things will only spiral downwards. The smart thing right now is to tell her I have a surprise but not what it could be.

Steven: "It's a surprise Kanna; please let it be one."

Kanna: "What kind of surprise?"

Steven: "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you."

Kanna sighs and sits on the loveseat next to Madelyn.

All I had to do now was sit in silence and wait for Cynthia to show up with the cake. It was an awkward half an hour as Kanna did not take her eyes off me. It felt like I couldn't do anything as I was being watched through a microscope.

When they did show up, the mood lightened up as Cynthia excitedly announced their arrival. They arrived with the cheesecake plus Yuuna in tow.

Cynthia: "We brought the goods!"

Livia: "We came across Miss Yuuna along the way."

Yuuna: "Good morning, Kitten."

Steven: "I didn't know you snuck out too, Yuuna."

She also had a gift-wrapped box. I take my hands from behind my back and reveal the 2 gift boxes of my own. Yuuna looked at it, at me, and then giggled.

Yuuna: "I guess we all brought you a gift."

Cynthia: "Yeah, the cake can go last. I want to see what Kanna is being spoiled with!"