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Chapter 368: Goddess’ Servan


「… Hey, do you know these girls?」(Guild Master)

Mile’s group suddenly heard someone asking them from behind.
…It’s the guild master.
Apparently, he came down from his room from the second floor.
I can’t just call a C-rank party from another country “these guys” for a moment, but if you’re a guild master, no one will complain. I always thought it was like this.

「Ah, yes, when we went to their hometown before, we have been under their care」(Maevis)

You don’t need to tell details.
Especially when Red Oath doesn’t the other party’s consent.
However, Rena muttered for some reason.

「(She is) …the savior… of my life…」(Rena)


An astonishing scream was heard throughout the guild.
It’s no wonder. It’s the savior of that “Red Oath”!

To think there is a situation where the “Red Oath” is at stake and a party has the ability to save them.

((((((Monster girls…)))))) (Everyone)

(T.N: Bakemono, meaning they are crazy strong like a monster not “Monster Musume”)

Although Red Oath is strong.
For Goddess’ Servant only sees them as junior rookie hunters.
“Red Oath” has an instantaneous power and firepower that surpasses them, a target of asylum.
But they are far less inferior in their knowledge and experience as hunters.

In fact, Goddess’ Servant, who started from F Rank with effort and ability, had a number of amazing experiences where Red Oath couldn’t compete.
So it was not arrogant pride.

If you actually fight, “Red Oath” may win but that doesn’t matter.
Seniors must teach, guide and protect juniors. “Goddess’ Servant” members think so. For the sake of “Red Oath”, they do it naturally…
No, glancing from above … it looks great … anyway, they created an atmosphere that their position was better.

And everyone already realizes that Red Oath doesn’t dislike it…
In exchange for a precious sacrifice… Rena is in a good mood, no, with full respect without any discomfort.

(((((((For Real …))))))) (Everyone)

Right now, at the Hunter Guild Tyrus Kingdom Royal Branch, the strongest legend of “Goddess’ Servant” has been bombed. Before the people notice anything…

Now no one would try to mess with Goddess’ Servant here.
Everyone values their own lives …

「Why do monster parties keep coming to this city one after another…
And they are all pretty young women (Bijin), too.
No, I’m happy!
I’d appreciate it! !
Damn, let’s do something about them and let this city live!!」

The Guild Master mutters in bitterness.
Fortunately, neither party seemed to hear.
No, it might have reached the ear of the high-performance Mile,
But it’s okay because Mile has the mercy that she can listen to such a man’s complaints.

「Anyway, this time you are customers to our hometown!
We will treat you dinner tonight!」(Mile)

Mile told so without consulting anyone, but Paulin didn’t seem to object.
It was a party that they had fought together before, the benefactor who protected Rena with her own life, and a great senior as a female party.
As expected, the miser Paulin doesn’t mind to spare a few small gold coins here.

Anyway, that fatal wound could be healed easily because it was Telyucia, but if it was stabbed in Rena as it was, due to differences in height, physique, posture, etc., it might stab Rena in the head, neck, heart, etc.

It wouldn’t be possible to her in the state of “critical point of immediate death”.
So, literally, she is definitely Rena’s lifesaver.

「Then, let’s go to the restaurant immediately」(Rena)

「「「No no no no!」」」(Maevis’ Trio)

Maevis’s group stopped Rena from trying to walk away with a good mood.

「It’s still morning, and the Goddess’ Servant has just come here!
First of all, we decided to gather information and take a break!
The welcome party will be from the evening, THE EVENING!!」(Mile)


Rena seems to have returned to insanity after being preached by Mile.
She seems to be a bit too severe (over-react? over-kill?) about her lifesaver Telyucia.

You can see that she is head over heel for the first appearance of “The Reliable Person” after losing her father and everyone in “Red Lightning Bolt”.

However, the Goddess’ Servant goes home immediately after that.
Maevis’ Trio watched warmly and let Rena to behave like this for a few days.

* * *

「Icicle Javelin!」(Rena)

「Icicle Arrow!」(Rena)

「Icicle bolt!」(Rena)

「Icicle Dart!」(Rena)

Rena can’t use fire magic because she’s in the woods, so she is hunting for prey by firing ice magic.
…It’s a bit too much.

「Rena-san, that is…」(Mile)

「…a bit too high (much)…」(Pauline)

「Well, it’s not like I don’t understand her feeling but…」(Maevis)

Mile’s group looking amazed.
Whether she is looking forward to the welcoming party, or she thinks that if they finish the hunt early, the evening will come soon. Anyway, Rena’s Musou Hunt (peerless) continues …

And for the welcome party “Goddess’ Servant” at the evening.
Rena was enthusiastic about selecting a restaurant and meeting with the chef in advance but when the welcome party began, Rena was quiet.

(((Difficult personality …))) (Mile’s Trio)

Maevis’ group is stunned but it can’t be helped.
Because it’s a girl called Rena …
Anyway, Rena seems to be happy then it’s enough.

* * *

「Time goes by fast…」

One week ends in no time.
『When Litoria told that her party would go on a training journey, Baron Aura was devastated “No way”!』

Anyway, the Goddess’ Servant returned after staying for a week.
However, there is no such thing as Rena being depressed.
Even if they are away, they are doing well.
Apparently, that alone is enough for her.
As long as they are alive, they will come again.
Until death…
…That’s all she needs.
For Rena…

Thus, after a week’s vacation, “a week of busy going around vacation” is over, and “Red Oath” is really back to normal.

And as if waiting for it… No, in fact, he was waiting… the Guild Master called them.

「I would like Red Oath to receive a special request.
The request is escorting a small corp.
And the destination is … the Alban Empire」(Guild Master)

Alban Empire.
It is a country that has sent platoon-sized soldiers to destroy trade.
And the country that attempted to invade Mile, or rather Adel’s homeland, the Brandel Kingdom.

No, even such a country will trade with other countries.
Both as a country and as an individual merchant.

So there are no wonder merchants will hire guards in case of bandits and monsters.

However, it was obviously unnatural for the Guild Master to make a nomination request and call the said party to his room, and to say that it was a “special request” was even more unnatural.

… Not a decent request.
“Red Oath” understood that clearly.