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Chapter 321: Death Struggle 1 ~ Burning Ancient Dragon Doragon

Chapter 321: Death Struggle 1 ~ Burning Ancient Dragon (Doragon)
[T.N: the title is “死 闘 1~燃えよ古竜(ドラゴン)“, which has both kanji 竜(Dragon) and Katakana ドラゴン (Doragon)]

The Ancient Dragon, who was entrusted with the battle, slowly began to walk up toward the “Red Oath”.

If he used Dragon Breath, it would end in an instant and humans would be annihilated without any effort.
So, at first, he intended to let humans attack unilaterally.

He wanted to see the level of humans’ desperate attacks and he was sure that not even a scale of his would be hurt.
Unlike other lower creatures, the Ancient Dragon, which is a higher creature under the protection of God, has strong protective magic on its body since its birth.
Therefore, until death or their magic disappears, it’s unlikely that an attack of the lower creatures would penetrate their scale or hull.

As for the other two, it’s not a fun show to watch.
It was just like a scene where their friend tried to kill the helpless small animals unilaterally.
For decent people, it’s not so much fun to watch.
Unless the said people have lost their Dragonity (play word on Humanity)

『It seems like he plans to give us the first move.
Then, as planned, we will kill one of them with our first attack before the other two realize what’s going on.
When the battle becomes 4 vs 2, we will have a great chance of winning!』(Mile)

『『『Oh! !』』』(Rena’s Trio)

Usually, Maevis is responsible for external negotiations, and Rena is responsible for conducting battles.

However, in an emergency where common knowledge and experience of these two aren’t useful, Mile will take command. That was the tacit understanding of the “Red Oath”.

Abnormal objects for abnormal situations.
In an emergency, use something insane.
It seemed so right. Three girls, other than Mile…

『Zero zero magic, first form. “Rock Open“!』(Pauline)

(T.N: Open is katakana)

Zero chance to win.
Zero chance of survival.
The “Zero Zero Magic” is the magic of death to defeat the “Zero Zero Situation” and to protect my friends. The first version.

Pauline casts her greatest, strongest, and most devastating magic of all. And a rock block that is about 3 meters radius appears, cut off unnecessary parts in its body. Drop it.
And the true figure that emerged from inside.
One thick cocoon twisted.

Yes, it is a “drill”.

『Spin around, Spin around more.
Spin to heaven and reverse the battlefield.
To protect my benefactor and my friend,
I put all my power into this blow!』(Pauline)

『Burn my life, burn my soul! (Moeyo Waga Inochi, Moeyo Waga Tamashī!)
It’s unacceptable that my life, which inherited the thoughts of my father and everyone of “Red Lightning Bolt” would be stolen by some lizards.
I won’t forgive it!』(Rena)

Rena’s eyes are swirling around. It seems like her mental state isn’t normal.

『I asked you, Micros!』(Maevis)

And Maevis drank the contents of the five containers at once.

『My beloved sword. For my friends, reveal your true figure and give me strength!』(Maevis)

In response to her word, Maevis’ beloved sword sprinkles golden powder, radiates a dignified and divine sparkle.

『Nanomachine! Eye, Com man, Yuu…』(Mile)

With Mile’s word, all nanomachines around responded at once.

『As Kurihara Misato, Adel von Askham, and Mile, I order you. Accept my order with the highest priority!』(Mile)

“The small animals are somehow trying to resist me.
Are they brave, stupid, miserable, sad?
It would be a benevolent act for these people to be extinguished without feeling pain and suffering rather half-killing.”
When the Ancient Dragon thought so.




A flying rock trap of earth magic and fire magic. And a helpless female swordsman who charges with her sword.
There is no need to cast defensive magic. At this level, his scales, hulls, and the enchantment magic he has been blessed since birth are more than enough.
There’s no need to do anything. There’s no point in fighting. In the first place, he is a genus of an absolutely inviolable god, whose level of life is different from other living things. He is the Ancient Dragon from invincible myth…

Do~su~! (SFX)
『Gyaahahahah! !』 (AD)

His stomach was pierced and breaking up, the sharp rock drill dug into his body.
His head was wrapped in flames.

Normally, any magic should be bounced back with his scale and outer skin, some flying shouldn’t be able to hurt him.

And flame magic, it was only a temporary thing made by a torrent of magical power, it should have been prevented by his rugged scale and hull.
However, it dug into his body, burn, wraps around his head and doesn’t disappear.

Even if they call themselves “God’s genus”, Ancient Dragons are just ordinary animals that incorporate oxygen into their life activities.

So, if the area around the organ, that takes in the air, is covered with flames, oxygen will be taken away from the air.
If the inhaled air becomes hot and the lungs are burned.
Even though they could spit a fire flame, the Ancient Dragons’ body is not able to withstand high heat. It simply concentrates the magical power around the palate and exhales flame. After releasing the magical power from the palate, it will become hot.

…Yes, the Ancient Dragon’s body and palate aren’t designed to withstand the high heat of fire breath. There’s no internal organ called a “flame bag” in their body.

So, if he breathes in hot air without oxygen into his lungs…

“Kohugh, Kohugh, Kohugh… *cough*” (AD)

His chest is burned from the inside, and he can’t breathe.
Unbearable pain caused by numerous rock fragments dug into his stomach.
Born as an Ancient Dragon, this is the first time he experienced “Real Pain”. He has never felt any pain other than fighting within the group.

He desperately swung his arms and trying to shake off the flames, but for some reason, the flames can’t be swept away and never disappear.

“A……, Ga….., Ga……” (AD)

Chi ~yun! (Particle Cannon’s SFX)

“Gohyu!” (AD)

And a ray of light penetrated the stomach of the Ancient Dragon…

Doshu! (SFX)

“Gua!” (AD)

A sword was thrust into the hole made by the beam…

Zu …, Zu …, Zu …, Zubasha ah ah! (SFX)

His Stomach was cut apart.
Internal organs that protrude due to abdominal pressure.

“Uuuu……” (AD)

The giant body of the Ancient Dragon felt on the ground and was convulsed.

『『 ………』』(2 AD)

Two Ancient Dragons are stunned and aren’t working.

And just as intended, Red Oath has beaten one Ancient Dragon and greatly increased the chances of winning.


One of the two waiting dragons shouted a word that seems to be the name of the fallen Ancient Dragon, stood up and rushed to the fallen Ancient Dragon.

Chi~yun! (Particle Cannon’s SFX)

And a ray of light was shot at the tip of his nose.

『…Your opponent is me』(Mile)

“Damn it, this is…” (AD)

For Mile, when her friends’ lives are at stake, she shows no mercy.
Unless she has room to manage, she will be ruthless and hurt her opponents.
No matter if her opponent is an intelligent creature, it’s an evil being who suddenly unilaterally made unreasonable charges and planned to take her important friends’ lives.

Yes, it was the same as goblins, orcs, and Ogres. There is no need to consider anything.

『Now, let’s settle this!』(Mile)