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Chapter 309: Radiant of Life 3

(WARNING: this CLIFF is really HIGH. Readers are advised not to read this chapter YET or you won’t be able to sleep tonight)

『Wha… wha… what…』(Escort Leader)

The escort leader lost for words.
The enemy side was also solid.
And Maevis told the guards.

『When I die, please contact my comrades and if possible please tell my family: Maevis has fought well…』(Maevis)

Actually at the last camp, if Maevis told the group if they asked for a message in the hunter guild in the next town, they could get in touch with her comrades(Nakama)
Then by asking her Comrades for a nominated request, they could easily escape the border.

And Maevis continued.

『I will defeat more than half of the enemies and reduce the fighting ability of the other half.
All of you, please take the princess and escape.
One person will stay with the princess until the end.
Two people will sacrifice themselves as a Delayed Defend against the enemies!』(Maevis)

The concept of Delayed Defense was also explained/taught by Mile at the camping time.
The operation plan was heard by the enemies, but there was no problem.
Whether they hear it or not, it’s the same.
Here and there or beyond.

『Are you crazy!?
You are just a mere young girl, do you plan to fight against 30 of us?』(Enemy Leader)

The enemy’s commander shouted so. …perhaps, Maevis was ready to die. She just said it out to inspire herself.

However, Maevis wasn’t kidding. She is serious.

『Ailiman-dono, why not spend a little of your time?』(Escort Leader)

The escort leader realized that Maevis called the young lady as 『Princess (Hime)』and apparently, she must have understood everything as well, so he called the name of the enemy’s commander.
Apparently, they seem to know each other.

And because the enemy’s commander didn’t know the other party’s intention, he didn’t affirm or deny it.
Declare it as an indication of positive intention, the escort leader said to Maevis

『…Can we have Special Honor at the battlefield?』(Escort Leader)

『Huh?』(Enemy Leader)

Special Honor.
It’s to appoint the knight title temporarily only during the fight at the battlefield.

When the number of knights ran short after suffering great damage.

For those who have the task with almost impossible chance to return, with the recommendations of at least three senior knights and a noble in the field, they will be recognized as temporary knights.

If they completed their mission and return safely, their title will be nullified at that point, but they will usually be rewarded with regular honor later.

And, if they were killed, …in that case, they died as knights and they will be treated as knights even after their death.
In other words, it was the greatest gift for the dying one.

『Uu…』(Enemy Leader)

It’s not a system that can be exercised lightly.

Not to mention, it’s a female hunter who they don’t even know her identity.

Maevis lost of words with the Escort leader’s suggestion as well…

『So that the tale won’t be lost…』(Escort Leader)

The escort leader lowered his head towards the enemy commander as he said that.

『I, Baron Ailiman, hereby accept the Special Honor』(Ailiman)

『… good』(Escort Leader)

『EEeeeeh!』(Enemy soldier?)

『Allow me to simplify the tradition because of the time and place aren’t suitable.
We, three senior knights, will now recommend Maevis-dono for the Special Honor on the battlefield!
Is there anyone who has an objection?』(Escort Leader)

There is no word from anyone.

『Baron Ailiman, please!』(Escort Leader)

『In that case, allow me to abbreviate it as well…
However, we meet the minimum requirements.
I, the lord of the Ailiman Land, Baron Gallat von Ailiman, hereby witness the Special Honor in the battlefield!
Until you safely survive and return, I hereby declare that Maevis is a knight!』(Ailiman)

(Maevis’ though)

The knight title which I have always yearned for.
I will die as a knight.

Maevis smiled wholeheartedly.

『No, I’m glad!
Thank you very much! But I will be a knight with my own ability one day!!
…Well, even it’s only a moment,
I thank you for letting me feel like being a knight…』(Maevis)

Even though Maevis said something like preparing for death a while ago, she had no intention to die.

No, in fact, it would be difficult, but Maevis would never give up on her victory from the beginning without a fight.

And she grabbed three of the remaining four Micros from her pocket.

Even if she uses her new technique “Maevis Circle Boundary“, those knights aren’t the opponents she can win without using True God Speed Sword.
Even if she uses it, the odds of winning are still low.
But if she gives up, the probability is zero.
If she doesn’t give up, no matter how low the probability, it’s not zero.
Mile has been saying as well『Maevis-san, If you give up, the fight is over』
Then she opened three lids and drank it all at once.

『I asked you, Micro!』(Maevis)

The toll will be seriously injured.
Even if Maevis doesn’t get hit by the enemies.

『Sorry, I have no desire to die, but I might go ahead of you all,
Rena, Pauline, …and Mile!』(Maevis)

After whispering soothed, Maevis unsheathed her swords. At the same time, the enemies also pulled out their swords. Maevis formed her Maevis Circle Boundary with a large cry while charging to the enemies.

『Maevis von Austin, here I go!
Look at the Radiant of my life!!』(Maevis)

Ki~in, doshu~! Zu~do, kaka~kan, zashi~! (SFX)


『Too… too fast …』(Enemy)

『What are you doing? Hold her down! Surround her and attack from all directions…』(Enemy)

Gi~n, Do~su! (SFX)

『(Bakana) Impossible, just a mere young girl…』(Enemy)

A few soldiers tried to attack to the escort and the princess but Maevis slashed their back.


There was an enemy behind you,
You turned your back on her and trying to fight another enemy,
Did you plan to suicide or something?
The escorts also stepped ahead a little to intercept the enemies,
but before they could do anything, the enemies have been slashed, so, they went back to their original position to protect the princess.

『Just leave them alone for now, all we have to do is be careful so that they won’t run.
Our primary target is this girl…
Gu~ha!』(Squad Leader)

A soldier who seems to be a squad leader gave instructions to his men before he fell to the ground.
Maevis ran wild all over, the enemy soldiers’ fighting ability is decreasing rapidly.
…But, as a result, it was only a short time.

『Hah, Hah, Hah …』(Maevis)

No matter how much power and speed the Micros boosted her, this number of skilled soldiers wasn’t something she could win unscratched.

Maevis has avoided fatal attacked but she received some inevitable slashes on her armor, no matter how light the damage was, it still accumulated over time.
And furthermore, her bones were broken because she continued her reckless maneuvers during the Mirco Boost.
Her tendon is broken and her muscles are torn.

Maevis’ movement stopped before long, and the enemies who surrounded her also stopped moving.

『…It seems to be over now.
I was honestly surprised with your ability to squeeze the power beyond the limits of your body.
However, you only have the body of a young girl.
Your body can’t endure the speed and power of your technique.
Lack of training, perhaps…』(Enemy Leader)

Maevis bites her lips in regret as the enemy’s commander pointed it out.

『However, even though we are enemy, I can’t help but admire such a great battle.
Out of our platoon of 31 members, nearly half have been rendered powerless and the rest was also wounded.
Moreover, even in such a situation, you still considered not to give us fatal injuries.
If I have met you in a different way, I would surely wish to have as my son’s daughter-in-law.
However, you can’t move anymore.
How about surrender?
You have done enough already』(Ailiman)

It was a really kind offer from the Baron, he even revealed the damage of the unit that he led.
But Maevis silently shook her head.

『I will show my conviction and justice with this Radiant of life!』(Maevis)

There was no doubt there.

『I see… in that case, I will do the honor to end it in one blow.
For the last time, may I hear your name again?
I want to tell my sons, my grandchildren, and my subordinates the name of a great swordsman.』(Ailiman)

That would be the greatest compliment as a swordsman.
In response, Maevis made herself known.

『Maevis von Austin … No…』(Maevis)

Then she shook her head and re-named.

『Hunter Party Red Oath Swordsman Maevis!』(Maevis)

『Hmm, so the last name you want to be known isn’t a noble name, but a hunter swordsman!
Great, Marvelous, Mavis!
However, I will remember that name.
I will surely tell my family and my subordinates to remember that name.
I will also let your parents know your wonderful end.
So rest assured and take pride …』(Ailiman)

『It is not necessary!』(An average suspicious Loli)


The commander and soldiers looked around but there was no human figure.
However, at that time.

Zubababa~! (SFX)

The space around 2 meters to the right of Maevis was torn.
And from the tear of the space, one foot came out.

(T.N: just like Wasp gate)

『Belong to Red oath…』(Mile)

And then two hands, other foot, the head, and torso also came out.


And on the other side, around 2 meters to the left of Maevis,
Space around 1 and a half meters high swirls horizontally,
The whirlpool went down gradually.
And from within, red hair, tight facial look… and small chest appeared.

『Similarly, Red Lena!』(Rena) (Joke: A Red Rena is three times faster than a normal Rena)

Furthermore, space next to the red hair girl, a busty girl who appeared

『Similarly, Red Pauline!』(Pauline) (Joke: A Red Pauline is three times faster than a normal Pauline)

And three pairs of eyes turned to Maevis.
Her body and clothes became tattered, bleeding from many sword wounds, her left arm, her right leg could move properly. The girls’ important Namaka.

『『『Ho~ ho~ ho~…』』』(Mile’s trio)

Mile angry


Those who were supposed to be soldiers of the war, for some reason, felt chilly.

『『『Ho~ ho~ ho~…』』』(Mile’s trio)