I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Chapter 282: Report 3
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I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Author :FUNA
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Chapter 282: Report 3

『Okay, everyone is here…』(Gorasen)

Gorassen looked around and said so.
The guild master has already given up everything and is sulking in the corner.

『This is a new kind of Orcs and Ogres that was just delivered.
As you can see, their appearance is an ordinary species. But these Orcs are strong like the normal Ogres while these Ogres are strong like a normal Ogre king.
It was the report from the hunters who fought these monsters, but after appraising them, it seemed to be true…
Yes, all the monster’s bodies here seemed to be normal but they are actually very strong!』(Gorasen)

The surroundings became noisier.
It is natural.
It means the death of the hunters who met these kinds of monsters.
And many more problems lined up.
It can’t be that they are worked up.

『… Rest assured. All of them have been killed and this is their dead bodies…』(Gorasen)

The hunters finally calmed down after hearing Gorasen said so.

『That’s it. In other words, all of these special monsters have been hunted by
《Evil God Utopia》, 《Flame’s Friendship》 and another one, uhm…
Ah that’s right, it was 《Red Oath》, it’s all thanks to all of them!』(Gorasen)


Other parties have already eliminated the dangerous monsters with great efforts.
They are also well-established and reliable veteran hunter parties, 《Evil God Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》
No, whether they are young hunters or veteran, it doesn’t matter.
The fact that they worked hard for everyone by taking great risks to eliminate the monsters to protect everyone.
That was greatly appreciated and commendable.

Just the other day, they also pushed back the flock of demons while protecting the newbie hunter party.
This time, they also accepted this troublesome escort request to help out again.
Both parties are so great and always think about this town, the hunters.
Many people looked at them with admired eyes.

(((((Stop! Stop it~ttttttttt!))))) (EGU + FF)

The members of both parties 《Evil God Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》 suffer from guilt but they can’t explain it.

『Hey, you guys, try attacking one of the Ogres over here』(Gorasen)


The hunter was surprised when he heard Gorasen’s instruction.

『You might encounter them someday, it will serve as useful experience at that time!』(Gorasen)

As the hunters heard that, some of pulled out the sword.
Other people went back a little lower to make space.


The first one lightly swung his sword.
Even if the Ogres are lying on the floor, there are no hunter willing to risk damaging their sword to have a full swing.
The sword then hit the Ogre’s torso a bit and stops.

『…Ku~u, hard!』(Hunter)

When the subject was lying on the floor, he couldn’t have a full swing to exert his usual power.

He also couldn’t get the results he was expecting and he had a disappointed look.
However, he seems quite calm to leave it to the next person without relentlessly trying again.


『Dam, no way. I can’t cut this…』(Dismantling staff)

After seeing the first hunter, other hunters seriously tried to swing their swords.
However, they couldn’t get the result they wanted no matter how they tried.
The dismantling staff also tried, but still, he couldn’t plunge as deeply as he thought and groaning.

『… But weren’t these guys defeated with a single shot?
Well, here, these bodies. It was cut neatly and crisply.
Hey Wolff, was this your job?
What kind of cutting was it?
Let me see it for a moment!』(Hunter)

Everyone is familiar with each other.
Many people have worked in a joint request. Some hunters knew well the power of the members of 《Evil God Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》

They are strong but they don’t have the monstrous strength nor divine swords.
It’s natural that the hunters would like to reconfirm their strength after they suddenly started to make a big success.

『『『『『『………』』』』』』(EGU + FF)

However, they were at a loss.
It is natural.
Because they can only cut to the same extent as everyone else.

Then Maevis offered her help from the side.

『Let me show you』(Maevis)

Actually, it doesn’t really matter.

《Red Oath》 doesn’t want to show off too much in public.
They are concern that their techniques and skills are too different from the common sense of the world.
The big shot people, big merchants, other hunters or criminals, etc. may approach them or abuse.

But unlike magic, it’s not a big problem when one swordsman shows off a B-ranked or A-ranked sword technique.

In the first place, the purpose of their training trip is training and《Spreading the name of their party》
If they don’t appeal their strength, they can’t achieve the second purpose.
So, in addition to Mile’s storage magic for convenience and earning efficiency, the girls didn’t hide Maevis’ sword technique except for the secret drug Micro.
…But of course, Pauline’s hot magic must be hidden… (T.N: Spice market collapse)

Maevis walked to the side of an Ogre while and Rena’s trio backed out a bit, leaving enough space for Maevis.

(I ask you, my love sword …) (Maevis)

She whispered in a small voice that can’t be heard by the spectators.

Under Mile’s teaching, Maevis has learned fast speed sword but her strength hasn’t improved much, she is a noble lady after all.
Actually, Maevis’ muscular strength did improve, but it’s only about a little beyond the average C-ranked hunter. But even combined with《God Speed Sword》, Maevis still can’t cut this special Ogre.

So, she can only expect the sharpness of her sword like when she fought the Ogre.
If she failed, it would be a shameful display.
I didn’t want to bother the other two parties and she confidently announced so. But if possible, she still wanted to avoid being a laughing stock in front of many hunters.

So she prays…

(Kita! Kitakita!) (Sword’s Nano)

The nanomachines who became exclusive to Mavis’s sword got excited.
After all, they were relied upon again.
It was also possible to break through “Astronomy Scientific Magnification (天文学的な倍率)” (T.N: I give up)

They read the air this time so there’s no effect with emphasis on appearance.
The 《coating for sharpening》effect was gently applied so that humans wouldn’t notice it.
Keep the sword’s appearance unchanged…

『God Speed Sword!』(Maevis)

Suppari* (SFX)

The body of the Ogre was cut up and down with almost no force.
Of course, there’s no scratch on the floor.

The Ogre is in the state pressed against the floor, the body is fallen to both sides without any damage on the floor surface.
It was an unbelievable technique, no matter how strong the swordsman is and how sharp the sword is.


The dismantling workshop was completely silent.
Everyone seems to have finally understood.
The reason for this 3-parties-group continuously got great achievements.

『…Well, like this…』(Maevis)

When Maevis looked back and said so…


She was surrounded by the hunters.

『Yes, what kind of technique was that just now?』(Hunter)

『What is 《God Speed Sword》?
Is it magic or is it a mystery that you must master the sword technique to use?』(Hunter)

『Is that sword an ordinary sword?』(Hunter)

Maevis was bombarded with questions from the surrounded hunters.
And Maevis isn’t good with this.

She may stand firm in front of a group of monsters with no fear though.

『Oh, I will explain …』(Mile)

And Mile gave out an explanation.
Yes, she repeated the previous explanation to the dwarves.
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