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『Why are you angry?』(Guild Master = GM)

As the Guild Master asked that, 【Red Oath】 started looking at each other.

Indeed, just like he asked, why did we complain?
First of all, we tried to earn money with it,
we thought of that idea ourselves,
we made them and sold them ourselves.
And spread the party’s name is a big goal for any Hunter.
If anything, we should be thankful for a little service of the guild master…

『『『『Who thought of that idea~~~~!?』』』』(Red Oath)


The Guild Master couldn’t read Rena’s group thought flow, he was surprised at the sudden shouting.
He couldn’t understand why.

【Red oath】 can’t blame the Guild Master, so, they leave the room with a dull face, and go down to the first floor.
And they leave the guild branch.

『Just what in the world was that…?』(GM)

The Guild Master still didn’t know the reason for Rena’s group’s mood.

『Well, I should prepare a spectacular debut.
The most anticipated newbie party 【Red Oath】 has come.
I hope they will stay as long as possible.
It would be a good motivation for everyone…
And, if it is possible, I want them to settle in this city…
They still didn’t receive any escort request to return to the Tyrus Kingdom yet, so, they should be staying here for a while.
Perhaps this is the first time they came to this country.
Alright, I will prepare a good (celebration) party
At least for this city to come regularly…
Fu~ hi~
Fu~ hi~ hi~ hi~!』(GM)

If it is for the guild he manages, he can do everything within limits as long as it does not violate the rules.

What’s about the guild of the neighboring country?
No matter how friendly the two countries or the two guilds are.
This is this and that is that.

『『『『…………』』』』(Red Oath)

【Red Oath】 kept walking on the street with a silent muzzle.
Everyone had a face that they wanted to say something, but no one said anything.
Finally, Mile broke out.

『Oh, that figure…』(Mile)

『 Do not say it…』(Maevis)

Maevis shot it down with a red face.

『No way.
I didn’t think that it will become such an embarrassment…
I thought that time was cool…』(Maevis)

Why did I show such an embarrassing pose?
I was a fool, I was stupid.
That was my stupid day!』(Rena)

『Hey, Mile-chan, about my figure…
Somehow the chest was emphasized so much…』(Pauline)

It was a disaster, the three girls were agonizing.
And as Mile heard it…

(Ugu, that line just now… it’s in the line collection 【I’d like to say someday】) (Mile)

Mile murmured in a low voice.

『Even though you don’t want to admit it. It’s a mistake because of youth』(Mile) (Said the youngest appearance girl)

『『『…………』』』(Red Oath – Mile)

Everyone received a great deal of damage and stayed depressing all the time.

Including Mile herself, the one said that.

『By the way, how many did we make…?』(Maevis)

Pauline replied to Maevis.

『It’s 1000 copies…』(Pauline)

『『『…………』』』(Red Oath – Pauline)

3 days later

『It’s about time for 【Red oath】 to come and receive requests.
They must finish their sightseeing around the city』(GM)

Resting and sightseeing.
Three days is more than enough.
The Guild master thought so and smiled.

『I have prepared some interesting requests, that young people are likely to be interested in.
It’s somewhat unusual and seems to be difficult.
Of course, those requests also involved with our staff members.
Fufufu, they will enjoy it and we will get close to them…』(GM)

The 4th day

『They still haven’t come yet…
Well, for young hunter, time to play is important as well…』(GM)

The 5th day

『Even though I said that, didn’t they took too much of time for fun!
Well, I should check the situation a little!』(GM)

The Guild Master ordered one of the officers to go and inspect the inns around the city, where hunters might stay.

They have not stayed anywhere!?
You say, there’s no trait that 【Red Oath】 has stayed in the city?
What does that mean?
They haven’t received the escort request to the Tirus Kingdom or any kind of requests yet?
Do you mean that they continue camping and collecting materials for constant requested?』(GM)

However, even if the guild master asked so, the guild staff couldn’t answer it, they could only tilt their head.


『We have gone pretty far away from the Royal city, I wonder if this place is safe yet?』(Rena)

『That’s right.
As a matter of fact, average hunters probably couldn’t enter the guild master room or talk directly with him.
We will stay in the next town』(Pauline)

Mile and Maevis also agreed with Pauline and Rena.

Their party has departed from the Marein Kingdom without staying anywhere after that.
They traveled on the road until it was completely dark and camped outside.
They have repeated doing that without stopping in any cities or villages.

… There was only one reason.

They couldn’t stay somewhere near a guild master that owned the figures and have witnessed the graduation text.
However, if they are far away from the capital, they won’t need to worry about that.
At the rural place, there might be someone, who went to the Captial before.
However, average hunters won’t be easy to go into the guild master room or have a private talk with the guild master himself…

Actually, the girls don’t need to stay in the capital nor do they need to stay in any countries.
If they don’t interested in a city or a country, they can just go through to the next city and next country.
It might not be the responsibility of the city or country though.

『The hunter training school rarely received new hunters of other countries.
Most of the people, who came and watch our graduation test, are from our country.
For the foreigner, unless they have free time, they won’t come to see it.
Majority of the figures should have been bought by residents of our kingdom.
There should be only a few of them that flowed to other countries』(Pauline)

When the girls heard Pauline said so, they felt a little secure…

『In other words, the majority of them are only circulating in the capital of Tyrus…』(Mile)

『『『 Do not say that~ttttt~!』』』(Red Oath – Mile)

Everyone retorted all at once to the remark of Mile, the girl who still couldn’t read the air.


*Chirin* (Door Bell SFX)

Does the doorbell of the guild branches all over the world use the same series?

They sound pretty much the same.

And, as usual, whenever the girls entered a new guild branch in a new town, everyone in the guild is staring at 【Red oath】
Eyes to see something rare, eyes like gaze, disturbing eyes, foolish eyes, interesting eyes, etc.

Half of them are quickly returned to their previous state.
And the other half is still staring at 【Red Oath】 as the girls headed to the counter.
Well, this is the usual thing for them whenever they first arrived at any guild branch.

『We are the party belongs to the Tirus Kingdom, Capital Guild Branch, 【Red Oath】
We are on a journey of training, so, we would like to stay in this city for a while』(Maevis)

As always, it’s Maevis’ role to report to the receptionist at the counter.
Of course, it’s because she is a party leader.
Besides, when Maevis reported it, the receptionist will give better treatment.

Well, compared with the cheeky girl who looks like an underage, a minor girl, or a 『woman』with big tits than her, Maevis is the best choice.
It was safest to choose Maevis.
And it has become a habit.

And the receptionist accepted us with a smile.

『… So far, Welcome to our guild branch.
And I am sorry.
Since there are only a few young women only parties here, everyone must think it’s strange so they are staring.
Actually, whenever a female hunter came, they always became like that.
For them, it’s an ordinary reaction…
They have no bad intention.
So, please forgive them』(Receptionist)

『『『『No, we don’t care about it at all!
Or rather we are glad!』』』』(Red Oath)

『E… eh?』(Receptionist)

When the girls happily replied so, the receptionist had a strange look.

Yes, the hunters here behaved like that whenever a female hunter came, an Average reaction.
A Common reaction…

『『『『Average is the best!』』』』(