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The Imperial Army desperately continued their march. With the condition of the Imperial Army, it’s unreasonable march. However, if the Kingdom Army catching up, they will die.

But if they can escape far enough, they don’t have to fight or die. With that in mind, they have to proceed even if they die. They absolutely don’t plan to fight, they try everything to live and return.

And because the commander is permitted to abandon unnecessary goods and equipment, the Imperial Army, which was originally losing most of their supplies were now liberal. They can move faster than the Kingdom army with full equipment and supply.

The Imperial Army, who had lost most of the food and water many days ago.

The high ranked officers still had little food and water which placed near the headquarter so they were still alright. However, normal soldiers only had a small amount of water that the magicians create with magic and wild grass as food. They are too tired, hungry and thirsty to continue.

Moreover, on the return trip, they can’t afford to go near the river. Because the pursuing Kingdom troops would most likely go that way. The Imperial Soldiers move legs almost unconsciously while wandering in hunger and thirst.

Only if they could escape the Ascham land and cross the border of the empire, there are villages that can buy food and there are also wells. Or if they could meet the Imperial Border Garrison soldiers and asked them to share food…

And while the front unit walked, dreaming about something stupid.

They raised the face in surprised, looked forward, something was there.

… One tent, a long table placed in front of it and three girls sitting on simple chairs. And there are barrels, wooden boxes placed between the girls and the tent.

On the tent where the entrance was closed and the inside could not be seen, a signboard was written.

【Traveling Canteen Saintess Store】 Mile Vol 8-3

『『『『『『What’s thatttttt』』』』』』(Soldiers)

『…Do you have water?』(Soldier A)

A soldier stopped in front of a long desk asked so with a trembling voice, and a big tits girl with a gently feeling smiled, although she was still young, the soldier wonders whether she is adult or not.

『Yes, water, each cup is 5 silver coins, each Ale cup is a small gold coin, wine cup is 2 small gold coun』(Unknown Big tits girl)

『『『『『『It was too expensive, lower it down!!』』』』』』(Soldiers)

Yes, 5 silver coins are about 5000 yen in the Japanese currency. (T.N: 50 bucks) One small gold coin is equivalent to 10,000 yen. (100 bucks)

『It’s too expensive!』(Soldier A)

A young soldier complained so, and the girl answered calmly.

『Balance between supply and demand. It is the basis of business. If it seems to be expensive, it’s only a matter of not having to buy. We just sell it for customers who seem to be able to buy at this price. Besides, what do you think about the young girls carrying water barrels and selling to the battlefield? The danger of getting involved in the battle, the danger of being attacked by soldiers. Do you think the water we brought over for days has the same value as the drinking water in town?』(Unknown Big tits girl)

『Uuu…』(Soldier A)

He can’t argue.

『Well, but it was…』(Soldier A)

『Give me 1 cup of water!』(Soldier B)

Another soldier interrupted the soldier who was trying to ask for a discount.

『 Your money would be useless if you die here anyway. I will gladly buy the water that the girls carried for us with the life-threatening danger! Five silver coins, the price of life is cheap!』(Soldier B)

Saying so, a soldier who puts five silver coins on a long table.

『Yes, thank you for your patronage!』(Pauline)

The big tits girl immediately hands the cup with the water from the barrel.

『Ume~e! Ume~e (gulp*)…』(Soldier B)

Soldier B drinks the cup of water down all at once. It is a splendid drink, not a single drop out. Soldier B became cheering up after drinking the cup of water, murmur with kind of frustrating face.

『I would like to have another drink, but I will not drink all the limited water myself. I will give it to another comrade in my squad…』(Soldier B)

And then, Soldier B put another 5 silver coins on the long table, paying for another cup of water.

『It’s water!』(Soldier C)

『Oh, me too!』(Soldier D)

『Ale for me!』(Soldier E)

『You are an obstacle if you don’t buy it, get out of the way, soldier A!』(Soldier F)

Soldiers, who complained about the price, are pushed aside, and the soldiers who were willing to buy came in one after another.

『Yes Yes, since we have stock, not just this Barrel alone. Please do not panic, do not press, please line up calmly. Also if you push it too much, the desk will fall and all the water cup here will drop on the ground』(Pauline)

In fact, because ale has a diuretic effect, it’s rather prone to dehydration. But Pauline doesn’t know such a thing so it can not be helped. She never felt bad.

When Pauline was busy selling drinks, a soldier muttered as if he had noticed something.

『Movement canteen… Saintess… shop…』(Soldier X)

And the soldier asked Pauline.

『Why, is there a 《shop》word in the name? Did you also sell something else?』(Soldier X)

The soldiers around heard it stopped moving and quieted. And Pauline answered smartly.

『Of course, we are』(Pauline)


『What do you sell?』(Soldier X)

The soldier asked with a trembling voice.

『Uhm, Zosui (rice soup), hard bread, dried meat, Hot Soup with wild ingredients and kudzu vegetables, etc Everything is a small gold coin.』(Pauline)

『『『『『『It’s too expensive, Lower it down!!』』』』』』(Soldiers)

And… both drinks and food have been sold like hotcakes.

Because the front stopped, the soldiers in the back became impatient, A noncommissioned officer (NCO) ran ahead from behind, Knowing the reason, he started to partition immediately.

『Keep going! Bought quickly and proceed forward. Made way to those from behind! Besides, the Kingdom Army is approaching, if you already bought it, advance ahead!』(NCO)

Thanks to the noncommissioned officer (NCO), the selling went pretty smoothly. For those who wish, the girls also have a service to put water in bottles instead of drinking on the spot.

To make it easier to use. After receiving the rice soup and vegetable soup, the soldiers are eating while going around the tent in a large circle, return the container, and go forward. It is a method to not block the front of the store. Truly an NCO, wisdom of age.

Of course, that NCO also bought his own portion and moving on that circle as well.

『Thank you, Because of you girls, many soldiers will live and can return home. I appreciate it. It seems that your stock is running out. So I guess you sale stops here. Before the Kingdom army found you, You’d better get away earlier』(NCO)

When the NCO told Pauline so. Pauline turned backward, the barrels and wooden boxes that there were almost empty.

『If you please』(Pauline)

『『roger that!』』(Rena + Pauline)

When replying to Paulin, Rena and Maevis went into the tent, brought out another barrel and wooden box.


Then Rena and Maevis go back and forth between the tent and the shop repeatedly, bringing out new barrels and wooden boxes and bringing the empty one back to the tent.

『Okay, there is still plenty of water and food. As long as there are those who suffer from hunger and thirst, whether it is the battlefield or the bottom of hell, if there is a call, we will soon come and go! As for we are…』(Pauline)

Rena and Maevis ran to the left and right of Pauline and posed.

『『『Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop!!』』』(Pauline + Rena + Maevis)

This time, there is neither color smoke nor explosion sound.

And from the inside of that small tent entrance, Mile was staring at the other three while chewing on a handkerchief. Even though she wore a mask at that time, however, she was witnessed by many people. She couldn’t show her faces before the soldiers now. And she devoted to serving replenishment items from the item box inside the tent. Apparently, Mile also wanted to join the posing herself.


And besides Pauline, the NCO was still stunned while standing.