I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Chapter 115: Return Trip
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I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Author :FUNA
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Chapter 115: Return Trip

「Well, we will report to the guild as we agreed. And we probably don’t need to report to the Lord because Dr. Kulereia already did it.

And the report to the guild is only just in form. The guild master may also present when Dr. report to the Lord …」 (Rena)

Everyone nodded to Rena while walking.

In the previous meeting with Dr. Kulereia and the three Acient Dragons join in as well (Chelsie doesn’t join in because she need to check Low Breath’s condition). We have decided 「The content of what we will report to the lord」as:

「The beastkins were conducting an investigation in the ruins with the instructions of the Ancient Dragon.

They want to search for relics.

The beastkins were only helping the Ancient Dragons for a little reward, there were no other intentions such as invasion.

Those ruins were the ruins of a simple stone building, and there was a fancy painting in the wall.

And right now, the beastkins are already preparing for withdrawal.

Even if you are heading to that site now, there’s probably nobody left.

At first, Red Oath were discovered by the beastkins and the girls fought back to protect themselves.

And the Ancient Dragons suddenly appeared there, the fight with the beasts was interrupted.

The girls had resolved the misunderstood by talking.

And the beastkins returned all the equipment of the investigation team」

… There is no lie.

However, the battle was cut entirely.

Even if the girls reported that Red Oath fought and win against dozens of beastkin and three Ancient Dragons, no-one will believe it.

There was even a possibility that the girls will be treated as fraud and wouldn’t get paid the request fee.

And even if the one report was Dr. Kulereia, The Dr. will also be called a liar and get no reward, and may even effect her name.

Beside, if the guild believe the report, it will be even more troublesome.

4 hunter girls can win against dozens of beastkins and three Ancient Dragons.

This country as well as other countries won’t leave them alone anymore.

Fortunately, Chelsia didn’t see the fight after the crash.

And before the crash, she planned to spy as she ride the Wyvern.

Because she could see the human girls being attacked by the Dragon, they tried to help the girls but get beaten so soon. Because they were beaten so soon, she didn’t see the battle at all.

So, if she was told that the misunderstanding has been solved after that, she can’t doubt anything.

However, 「Red oath」feel bad that they must skip the help from Chelsie, and they decided to return this favor someday.

Dr. Cooleya prioritized to prevent worsening the relations between races than telling everything to the client. It wass natural.

Also, Dr. Kulereia, whose age is several times how she looks (or several tens of times), knew some knowledge about hunters.

And of course she knew「Unless a person break the law and become criminal, It’s prohibited to investigate that hunter’s past and abilities. It is the lowest act.

Even if the person invesigate isn’t hunter, but if other hunters knew about that, they will refuse that person’s requests all together」

And the doctor was unwilling to become enemy of the「Red oath」

「…By the way, Mile can you tell us the answer of that Ancient Dragon? About your identity」 (Rena)

But that rule wasn’t applied to party friends.

Unless the hunters in party know about their colleagues’s history and abilities, they won’t able to work together.

And Mile answer to Rena.

「It’s a secret technique of my family!」 (Mile)

「…………」 (Rena, Pauline, Maevis)

(This is bad, they suspected me!) (Mile)

Of course, did you really expect they will accept just like that.

「Ah, that, in fact, there was a thing called 「the brutal power of the fire place」…」 (Mile)

Mile explained various relationships between the human mind and the body.

The magic power, the body potential when the limiter of the mind was removed.

Even Mile explained so, everyone still think it’s suspicious.

「You see, Rena has also experienced it! At the time, you killed the thieves!」(Mile)

「Ah…」 (Rena, Pauline, Maevis)

「And, Meavis’s 「True God speedsword」is also a state that make your body give our more than 100% of your physical abilities.

That is also some kind of 「the brutal power of the fire place」」(Mile)

「Ah!!」 (Rena, Pauline, Maevis)

Apparently, the girls seem to have believed a little.

「And 「the brutal power of the fire place」 isn’t something which can be done normally with your own intention.

But there’s another similar to it.

「Stupid power」(『馬鹿力』) that 「Release more power than what we originally have」(『元々自分が持っていた力を解放する』)

It was 「Power that couldn’t have existed, which we originally didn’t have」 (『元々持ってはいなかった、あるはずのない力』)

Although the source of the power isn’t known, since it’s often happen when you stand in front of the enemy to save your friend in crisis.

Maybe we should call that power as 「friendship power」

Like, I want to protect my friend even if it cost me my life. I have to protect everyone by all means, my body is burning with passion and it becomes intense energy…」(Mile)

「Haa, okay, you don’t need to say anymore!」 (Rena)

Rena gave up pursuing Mile.

(…I did it!) (Mile)


Mile had a wicked smile like the god of the New World. (新世界の神のような)

…Without realizing the fact that 「She can win three Anceint Dragons if she become serious by removing her limiter」is already out of common sense in the first place …


「… That’s why」 (Mile)

Hermolt town Hunter Guild, the second floor, guild master’s room.

Mile reported as usual and the guild master who heard it gave a big nod.

「Well, I already hread details from Dr. Kulereia.

Because your report’s content is the same with her, there is no problem at all.

And the Lord already gave out reward based on the doctor’s report」(G.M)

Then the Guild Master pulled out the cloth bag from the drawer and placed it on the table.

「Oooh!」 (R.O)

If we report that we have stopped the beastkins, the Ancient Dragon and we also protected the territory. This kind of reward will be out.

However, in the report that we agreed, the beastkins and the Ancient Dragons had no intention to invasion. We only discussions and from just that, this amount of gold coins is already considerable 「generous」

「And there’s a message from our lord, 「This was to boost moral」.」

「This Lord seem to be great …」(Mile)

「No, in fact, he is a great man!」 (G.M)

Mile speaks her impresion.

The Guild master also add in.

「Even our Lord has a lot of bad thing as a noble, but he isn’t so bad」(G.M)

(No, that was enough to be a「bad guy」) (R.O)

Even so Red Oath still think that this guild master really doesn’t dislike the lord.

「Anyway, the Lord had given commoners some labor work.

Around 10 years ago, he also sent his soldiers to protect commoner and their children from life-threaten situation.

The citizen are thankful」(G.M)

If it was really so then we don’t need to feel bad.

This reward was already good, beside he even gave us Low Breath that was supposedly the secret weapon of his territory army.

Maybe he just tried to dispatch the Vyvern and its rider as real warfare training, the girls is really appreciated that.

「I understood, I’m really appreciate that, please tell the lord so」 (Rena)

「Well, if you say that, I will be saved」 (G.M)

When heard Rena’s reply, the Guild Master seems a bit relieved.


And direct report to the Lord isn’t necessary, so the girls try to find whether there is a escort request to the Capital on the first floor.

Fortunately there was a small merchant group waiting for escort hunters, the guild employee immediately invited the person in charge of the merchant group to talk with Red Oath.

And it seems like “that case” isn’t widespread (T.N: maybe Mile talking about the bandit group last time), apparently, there isn’t any bandit group that attack merchant like the last time. Otherwise, the girls will feel uneasy.

Anyway, we can ride a carriage instead of walking with this, and we can also make money.

Since the merchant group was already waiting for departure, so we depart early in the morning of the next day.


「It’s delicious! We hired a good escort, Lucky!」 (Merchant A)

「Yeah, absolutely!」 (Merchant B)

Mile’s dishes were very popular with merchants.

Because it’s common sense that when travel, everyone will eat that cheap, light and bulky portable meal like hard bread and dried meat.

And now they have vegetable soup cooked with wild boar meat that Mile hunted.

Of course, Mile doesn’t use item box items.

Because the girls hunt it just now, it is just「A thing we hunted while doing an escort mission」, so there’s no harm inviting the merchants to have meal together.

Even so, the merchants said 「We are thankful, we will pay the addition fee」, so Pauline talked about getting it on the escort charge.

And there’s no need to save water, they can use as much as they like. Merchants said that they have never had a comfortable travel like this.

There are 4 carriages in total, one merchant each. It is a co-op of small merchants.

It was a small merchant group with totally 8 people if they count 「Red oath」

Some of the goods of the first carriage was transferred little by little to the other three, and 「red oath」 is all sitting on the top of the first carriage.

This time, they don’t do ridiculous thing like one person in each carriage.

With such an arrangement, the response will be delayed.

Besides, if we are separated one by one, we can’t talk, it’s boring.

The girls don’t want to be alone in the horse-drawn carriage until they reach the Capital.
The trip to the Capital was going smoothly.

Except the fact that the three girls are relaxing without noticing that Mile is sometimes thinking about something.
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