I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Chapter 113: Out of the world
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I Said Make My Abilities Average!
Author :FUNA
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Chapter 113: Out of the world

[The Ancient Dragon Daughter Sherara (Although we can’t tell from how she looks) guide us to the underground from the large hole.

We reach the spot where the earth and sand collapsed because the beastkins opened a hole there.

Beyond that hole was a space that looks like a hall.

This must be the 『Temple Hall』 which Beldetes was talking about.

Sherara’s body is too big to enter the hall.

The temple will collapse and be buried all of us together if she forciby enters.

To avoid it, Sherala only put her head in that hole.

It seems that earlier, the three Ancient Dragon had put their head in to look inside ] (Mile’s inner thought)


Right now, I’m putting a very thin and very tough thread arround your neck.

So if you take your head out, it’s going to get ugly …」(Mile)


Sherala was scared, as long as her life was threaten, she will get cold feet.

Mile knew that fact and threatened her, so she couldn’t escape.

And the girls check the hall.


Mile casts spell to spread the light in the hall.

「Th-This is……」(Mile)

[We can see everything clearly after being illuminated by the light

Although it’s a hall, it isn’t so wide.

Even though there’s an altar, there is no religious item.

However, I could understand why Beldetes called this hall a「temple」](Mile’s inner thought)

There were Drawing on all the wall surfaces of the dome-shaped hall.

It isn’t paint.

It’s a magnificent Tile Drawing that use huge number of different colored stones

Just how much time and effort to make this picture.

No, because those stone isn’t plate-shaped, can we really call it「tile」?

Anyway, it was a mural painted with a combination of enormous number of colored stones.

Certainly, if we make Drawing that way, it will not fade even after a considerable number of years.

There is no trace of peeling off, so those stones weren’t just pasting together but carving into the wall.

What sort of ingenuity had been done and how much time it takes to complete this.

Rena, Maevis, Pauline, and Dr. Kulereia are looking at the mural painting and are amazed.

Different from them, what makes Mile agape isn’t the enormous Drawing but its content

「What is this …」(Rena, Maevis, Pauline, Kulereia)

With other girls, the Drawing may look like this.

A funny plant that grew to the sky.

There’s are jellyfish and fish. So is this a picture about the ocean?

A picture that human beings, elves, dwarves, beastkins, and devils are living peaceful and happy together.

And standing beside them was a figure of Dragon Bady which looks like an Ancient Dragon.

In addition there’re various scenes, various living creatures,… which are unknown.

They all were drawn on the walls by combining countless colored stones.

「What a fantastic picture … 」(Maevis)

「It’s the first time I see anything like this …」(Rena)

「One day, we should have such a peaceful world …」(Pauline)

Maevis, Rena, Pauline are telling their impression about the Drawing.

Dr. Kulereia is quiet with some sort of difficult face.

And, as for Mile.

「Why, why is this …?」(Mile)

With Mile, the picture was looked like this.

A group of skyscrapers building.

Many space ship. It isn’t a rocket or airplane, but a 「space ship」

Something like a flight air car.

Several adults wear clothes like researchers and a lot of infants of many races.

And a small dragon near their side that look like a Pet.

Mile understands somehow.

This isn’t just a fantasy painting with the artist’s delusions.

Mile thought that someone would have to leave this Drawing here with a great deal of time and effort, perhaps spending most of that person’s life.

If it’s only about several hundred years, that person can just draw a picture normally.

Then it would have been completed sooner.

By that person made this Drawing like this.

That means he wanted this picture to endure for a certain period of time?

And who did he want to see this Drawing …?

Mile remembered.

At that time, the word God (self-stated) said.

「…Actually, that world has greeted civilization collapse several times, because of the lost of all technology human barely survive.

And the last thing they did is a large scale experiment as remedy maesures …」(God)

That 「large scale experiment」is familiar, it is about nanomachines.


And Mile, just like Doctor, also becomes silently.
(After a while Red Oath and Dr. return to the surface) (TN: in raw don’t have this but I add)

「Well, you should leave this as soon as possible, if you want to avoid disputes with humans …」(Mile)

「Wait!」 (Beldetes)

Beredestes stopped Mile that tried to withdraw after they came back from the ruin.

「It is unfair that we are the only one gave out information.

And we also have to report about this to the upper one.

I also request your side give out information as well !」 (Beldetes)

Mile thought it’s troublesome, but what they said was true.

They will need to report to their boss, and of course 「we don’t know」isn’t an answer.

Middle management must be hard. Besides, we don’t have any thing to hide. It’s no harm to give out something back.

「… so what do you want to ask?」

Beldetes pointed at Mile with his huge fingers.

「You! I want you to tell us about your identity!」(Beldetes)

「Hah……!?」(Red Oath)

Everyone on the spot are staring at Mile.

Especially with Dr. Kulereia.

It can not be helped.

Mile decided to honestly answer the Ancient Dragon Beldetes’s question.

「My true identity, is …. well, I will tell you, my identity …」(Mile)

Rena, Maevis and Pauline swallowed their gulp.

「At one point, I’m the only daughter of a Viscount.

At some point, I’m a C rank hunter.

But actually I am…」(Mile)

Dr. Kulereia swallowed her gulp as well.

「… An Average girl that you can find anywhere, Mile!」(Mile)

「You are lyingggggggggggggggggggg ! 」(3 AC and RO and Dr.) (Usoda aaaaaaa !)

It was an All Out Tsukkomi.

「Do not lie! How can you be just a human being!」(Beldetes)

「Even if you ask me so.

But both my father and mother are aristocratic people who have followed generations.

I don’t think that our family have mixed blood from other races within at least 10 generations …」(Mile)

「What, …」(Beldetes)

Beredestes is amazed at the words of Mile.

「Well, indeed, although you only smells human beings … But, how can that be …」(Beldetes)

Mile sniffed and smelled herself in a hurry. But my smells is … No, it was pretty sweaty. But that can’t be helped! It can’t be helped after all that!!

「Then, why are you so strong? Why can you fight Ancient Dragons?」(Beldetes)

Mile replied Beldetes with a doya face while put her hand near her face.


「That was because my soul is trembled with anger and my heart was burning with hatred!」(Mile)

「Huh…, Are you, really, a pure blood human? If so you must be out of the world!」(Beldetes)

Mile answered smartly to that question of awe.

「Yes, that’s right, I am not from this country, so …」(Mile)

「that would mean a「foreigner 」 but it wasn’t what we are talking about!」(Rena)

Mile and Rena were just like usual.

And when the three Ancient Dragons stuntly standing behind, 「Red oath」and Dr. Kulereia tried to leave the place sneaky.

Dusun dosun (SFX)

Something appeared from between the trees.

「Low Breath!」 (Red Oath and Dr.)

(We completely forgot about them …) (Red Oath and Dr.)

Early, they had saved everyone from crisis by earning some time, so it was pretty rude of everyone to forgot about them.

Then a girl around 10 years old descended from Low Breath and ran to Mile and other girls and said…

「Wan wan!」 (10 Y.O Loli)

「Eh, Elsie ~e~ee!!」 (Red Oath)
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