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Chapter 86: Battle with Wyvern · Fighting fierce

Kingdom – Forest village – Hill
That was a kind of breath attack with ultrasound?

Wyburn rarely releases a breath, but it isn’t completely impossible.

Although it is a sub dragon, Wyvern still can use the flying magic. And if that is a smart individual he can imitate other dragon using breath.

There are cases that hunters encounter Wyvern that can use breath attack in the past.

However, Mile never thought that this Wyvern would be an rare example.

Mile may anticipate this if she knows this Wyvern is an abnormally intelligent individual.

However, there were no such reports from other hunters. Guild Master also didn’t say anything.

However, the『Red Oath』can’t blame them. The hunters never thought that this Wyvern have the idea of 『keeping the strongest techniques until the end』and they were defeated really fast with the rolling log.

“Wh, what was that『something manipulation technique』” (Rena)

“The 『Stomach flute manipulation technique』, well, just think of it as a type of breath attack” (Mile)

While answering to Leena, Mile was thinking about it.

(Troubled … To think that Wyvern can use remote attack magic …

Moreover, the range is farther than Rena and Pauline …) (Mile’s thought)

Mile was careful, she doesn’t let everyone depend on her magic too much.

If everyone just rely on her magic, they can’t grow, and in the first place it will not function as a party.

Also, Mile didn’t like that relationship.

So this time, Mile kept her main role as a supporting player and she wants to make Rena, Maevis and Pauline become the center of attack and defeat the Wyvern.

But in this situation, it became difficult.

The enemy’s attack can reach us and our attack other than Mile herself will not reach the Wyvern.

The Wyvern will not enter their attack range ever again.

In addition, the 『thunder bird strategy』 ended with failure,

Neither Rena nor Maevis are able to fly again.

What should I do… Mile thought

“… I will go!” (Pauline)

“Huh…?” (Mile)

Pauline who said so to Mile was a little pale.

“… Is it okay?” (Mile)

“Because there’s no other way, and I’m also a member of the『red oath 』!” (Pauline)

In that word of Pauline, Mile nodded greatly.

“… please … fly, Pauline!” (Mile) (Onegaishimasu. Tonde, pōrin!)

Mile told Pauline about the plan

“Aim straight at his chin. Because you will be separated from him soon, sustained magic is useless.

Shoot the ice pillar against the chin.

If you do well, you may make him fall or at least you can damage his throat so that he can’t use that special breath anymore!“ (Mile)

“I understand …” (Pauline)

This time there is a possibility of receiving a remote attack while approaching.

Besides, unlike Maevis, Pauline isn’t capable of handling direct attacks by tail, legs and sharp teeth.

Therefore, Mile muttered in her head as insurance.

(Lattice force barriers!) (Mile)

And then Mile put hands under Paulin’s armpits and cast that mysterious spell.

“Thunder bird 3, get ready!” (Mile)

Bun! (SFX)

Bunbun bun! (SFX)

“Swing by!” (Mile)

Do shun! (SFX)

This time, Pauline is lfying with much faster speed than the previous two.

“Thunder bird, target his Chin!“ (Mile)

(It appear AGAIN ~ ~ !!) (Wyvern thought) (Mata kita a~a~a ~~!!)

The Wyvern is facing this type of attack again, he is instantantly try to avoid the imcoming human but soon regained calm.

(As it is the third time, I get used to it a little. I will not get scared easy again…

And, I thought that this opponent was a magic attacker) (Wyvern thought)

Thought so, the Wyvern opened his mouth, breathed in and made a preemptive strike

Kī ~i~i~i~i~in (SFX)

Pa~an! (SFX)

The Wyvern panicked to the enemy who quickly approaching him without any change though his attack should have hit.

The absolute confident knockout technique was broken without any action.

Moreover, unlike the previous two bodies, this time the human doesn’t raise a fuss and fly silently.

… Truly a strong dog doesn’t bark. Such a word crosses the Wyvern mind.

There is no longer time to shoot the second shot.

And then the Wyvern try attack with his tail …

The Wyvern, who thought so and was staring at the enemy, noticed.

The person who flew closes the eyes, and is relaxed suddenly.

… Yes, Pauline was unconsciousness.

Do gan! (SFX)

Paulin wrapped in a solid lattice force barrier didn’t take a strike from the Wyvern’s tail, but crashed into the Wyvern while keeping the kinetic energy as she was.

And both of them are falling towards the ground, the Wyvern and Pauline.

“Uwaa aa! Rising airflow! Air cushion! Gravity reduction!“ (Mile)

With the Wyvern falling together so it’s difficult to soft landing only Pauline.

Also, Pauline will be pressed if the Wyvern leans over her.

Therefore, it was necessary to gently drop both.

Mile were rushing and the magic was repeated.

It was worthwhile, the fall speed of the Wyvern and Pauline dropped rapidly, and it seemed to be able to succeed in soft landing somehow.

“Master! The Wyvern from the sky!” (Mile) (「親方! 空からワイバーンが!」) (Sorry I can’t get the refer)

“I can understand if I’m looking at it! And also who is Master?” (Maevis)

Apparently, Mile seemed has regained her margin. (どうやら、マイルは余裕を取り戻したようであった。)

However, Maevis did not try to catch the fallen the Wyvern.

Pauline doesn’t seems to taking any damage. Because of her lightweightness so Maevis safely received her with the princess pick (Bridal carry).

However, just in case there may be the impact of hitting the Wyvern, Mile casting healing magic with no chant.

Although the Wyvern had a fallen, it has a reasonable light weight. Well it need to be light in order to fly after all.

and it seemed that it was only slightly damaged by the fall .

Mile took out the thing like something from the item box while the Wyvern was twisting without moving, and she ties his mouth, legs, wings, tail with many round.

The Wyvern who regained consciousness shortly afterwards tried to cut off the binding but the string that looked like a very thin string keep binding the Wyvern.

Yes, it was carbon nanotube. The sturdy material used for Mile’s slingshot.

It is impossible to break free with the half-baked power when it is rolled around by a carbonnanotube string.

After a while Pauline regained consciousness and everyone told her that they had defeated the Wyvern,

But she couldn’t understand the situation and her eyes open wide.

“Well then, let’s pass this guy over to the lord.

It is rare that we can catch Wyvern alive.

Because he is smart so there will be places to use. Well, it may be punished due to appeal to the people.

but with this we can get the sign of the request and even money.

Well, we will leave it to the lord to decide” (Rena)

Wyvern gave up breaking the string that tying him because he knows that it would not be easy to break. Because he didn’t know what Rena is saying , he was watching Rena with insecure.

And when Mile tried to talk to the youngster who was watching the fight in the shade, another man appeared.

White hair, white mustache. An elderly man who looked like a typical magician with a wand wearing a robe, appearing from the shade, said to the four girl.

“I’m not impressed to bully the poor Wyvern with lots of people.

How about this, can you give me that Wyvern with a piece of gold coin?” (old man)

The four people thought of exactly the same thing when they heard the old man words.

(U, usankusa e ~e~e ~!) (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

And Mile further thought like this.

(Urashima Tarō!!) (Mile)

“If we take this guy, we can get an additional rewards for captive alive and 30 gold coins for accomplish the request and why did you pay only one gold coin.

Are you plan to say that you are the one who caught it and get the reward yourself?

Besides, if we give you the Wyvern, this time request will end of failure,

We must pay the penalty fee and our party evaluation point will go down.

I will not yield it!” (Rena)

Mile give out the helping word to the old man who gave a frown to Rena’s words.

“Oh, but we can cut out the proof of subjugation quest part and

we can give him the Wyvern for about 10 gold coins, right Rena?” (Mile)

“Well, then it will be about an extra surcharge,

But our quest will be completed, so it does not matter …” (Rena)

It will be ten times as much expense, but that isn’t a problem.

The man asked with a face that looked peaceful.

“Oh, that was nice! So what is that proof of subjugation quest part?” (Old man)

The four responded with their voices.

“Neck!” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)