I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
982 Crushing Ao Meng
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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Author :Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground
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982 Crushing Ao Meng

Ao Meng was startled by An Lin's speed.

However, a disdainful expression soon appeared on his face again. "So what if you're fast? None of your attacks can hurt me!"

An Lin completely ignored his gloating words. As long as it wasn't the powers of laws, any power would have a maximum tolerance capacity, and the Blood Sacrifice Black Hole was no exception.

Otherwise, Ao Meng would be invincible as long as he had a layer of blood across his entire body!

An Lin landed on Ao Meng's back, and the latter's blood was already gushing forth to engulf his body, creating an indestructible protective barrier.

At the same time, a series of water blades imbued with the power of the divine dao flew through the air.

An Lin completely ignored those attacks. He sent his vital energy surging into the bronze ball, which was lying flush against Ao Meng's back, and he made a few hand seals at the same time. "Large Water Ball! Crush this bastard!"


An Lin was knocked flying by the blue blades of water as a huge wound appeared on his body of the War God, but his eyes were extremely bright as he stared at the Large Water Ball with anticipation on his face.

"Hahaha… You want to crush me with a ball like that? You're killing me! Hahaha, I'm the Dragon King of the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas!" Ao Meng chortled with mirth as he moved his body freely through the air, seemingly completely unaffected by the ball on his back.

An Lin faltered slightly upon seeing this as well. Could it be that his Large Water Ball didn't possess enough crushing power?

Just as he was starting to have second thoughts, Ao Meng's expression suddenly shifted as his massive dragon body shuddered violently.

"What the…" Ao Meng had only just opened his mouth when an indescribably devastating force descended as if it were threatening to crush the entire heaven and earth.


His body was forced into the shape of a horseshoe, and he let loose a wail of anguish as he plummeted from the sky.


The azure dragon crashed to the ground, causing heaven and earth to tremor violently.

Bright blue liquid surged on the surface of the bronze ball as a boundless force was exerted upon Ao Meng's body. He felt as if he had the entire planet on his back.

"Help me… Howl!"

Ao Meng let loose a bloodcurdling cry as a Blood Sacrifice Black Hole appeared on his back, only to be completely crushed by the bronze ball before it crashed down on his body with an insane force.

An Lin heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

The Large Water Ball had absorbed hundreds of millions of tons of water. Such a gargantuan amount of water gathered in a ball of this size would undoubtedly result in an unimaginable crushing force.

This was like if you had a one-ton bullet. If you held it in your hand, even without having to shoot it from a gun, just its weight alone would allow it to puncture your palm.

The Large Water Ball crushed Ao Meng's defense and forced his back to cave in as the sound of dragon bones twisting and cracking erupted.

"Howl!" Ao Meng let loose another wail of anguish.

"Father!" Ao Mingyu couldn't just stand by and watch any longer, and he flew through the air toward Ao Meng.

It was also in that instant that Xiao Ze appeared before Ao Mingyu and unleashed an almighty tail whip to knock him flying like a rubber ball.

"Don't interrupt my master's battle."

The black dragon let loose an enraged roar.

"Brother, please act now! Father is about to die!" Ao Mingyu roared.

"Sigh…" A faint sigh sounded.

A male Dragon Tribe cultivator with a set of cold features and a pair of sharp eyes made his way toward Ao Meng with a sword in his hand, crossing over a distance of several hundred meters with each step.

Xiao Ze immediately flew toward the approaching man. "Piss off!"

He unleashed a spatial seal on the man from the Dragon Tribe before whipping his tail with an unstoppable force toward him.

However, the man instantly vanished to evade Xiao Ze's attack.

In the next instant, he had appeared several hundred meters away and was even closer to An Lin.

He had mastered spatial skipping, which was beyond countless Return to Void Stage mighty figures!

An earth-shattering sword intent burst forth from his body as the clouds and wind surged overhead.

Xue Zhantian was just about to fly toward the man when Tina held him back by gripping tightly onto his fur.

"Little Na, what are you doing? Why are you holding me back in such an urgent situation?" Xue Zhantian roared.

"Let's put our belief in Giant An Lin and not throw away our lives!" Little Na's expression was extremely grim.

"How could this be throwing away our lives?" Xue Zhantian was unconvinced.

Tina's emerald eyes were locked firmly on the man as she explained in a faint voice, "Because… he's a lot more powerful than even Dragon King Ao Meng!"

Xue Zhantian's eyes widened in shock.

He looked at Tina's solemn expression before turning to the man who was approaching An Lin with a terrifying aura exploding from his body.

"You're right. Big Brother An's power is unmatched! A useless dragon like this one will be taken care of with ease, so there's no need for us to interfere," Xue Zhantian analyzed with a justified expression.

Tina: "…"

An Lin's eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of the oncoming man.

He had tried to use his powerful divine sense to detect this man's cultivation base, all to no avail.

However, the man was now exposing his aura for the world to see, and only now did An Lin discover that this was also a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure. Furthermore, he appeared to be even more powerful than Ao Meng.

Ao Meng, who was struggling to breathe under the Large Water Ball, caught sight of the approaching man, and a smile appeared on his face. He turned to look at An Lin out of the corner of his eye, and it looked as if he had absolute confidence that An Lin's fate of death was sealed.

"Who are you?" An Lin asked.

"The fifth son of the Dragon King, Ao Qingyu," the man replied in a cold voice.

He fixed an extremely cold gaze on An Lin; the type of gaze that would have weaker cultivators collapsing to their knees in fear.

An Lin nodded upon hearing this. He was quite familiar with this man. This was allegedly the most exceptionally talented and most powerful cultivator in the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas. He was also supposed to be the closest Dragon Tribe mighty figure to the Dao Integration Stage.

"I will only unleash one sword strike, after which I will no longer interfere with this battle."

Ao Qingyu raised his head. An arrogant expression appeared on his face as his aura surged once again. "But my one sword strike may well take your life!"

An Lin's heart jolted with shock. This was not an opponent to be scoffed at.

He immediately clasped his hands behind his back as he spoke with a faint smile on his face, "Then please help yourself. And make sure to use your most powerful technique. Otherwise, you might not be able to satisfy me!"

Ao Qingyu's brows furrowed. He didn't think there would be such an arrogant man in this world.

His pride as a powerful mighty figure made him reluctant to attack a Soul Formation Stage cultivator.

However, this Soul Formation Stage cultivator had bashed his father into calling him father, so he had no choice but to attack…

However, he didn't think that he would be looked down on like this…

"Heh, please be on your guard then."

Ao Qingyu was not a man of many words, and he immediately drew his sword!

A boundless sword intent instantly erupted throughout heaven and earth, as if it were trying to tear apart this entire sky!

The power of Ao Qingyu's true intent in the way of the sword instantly enshrouded an area of several hundred kilometers in radius.

This was the power of the divine dao, his domain of sword intent. Within this domain, he could slice through anything!

Ao Qingyu turned his eyes upon An Lin and unleashed the most powerful sword strike of his entire life!


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