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248 Xu Xiaolan Has Become the Biggest Winner

After receiving the Palace of Autumn's sword inheritance, Xu Xiaolan's aura became even more powerful.

"Ah… I'm finally free… With such a good heiress to your inheritance, you can also rest in peace." Autumn Female had a look of reminiscence. Then, she smiled bitterly and shook her head in resignation.

Autumn Female didn't say anything more. She farewelled An Lin and the others and left the Palace of Autumn.

Xu Xiaolan was in high spirits as she dragged An Lin toward the Palace of Winter.

After being savaged in the swordsmanship department which he was most proud of, An Lin's mental state became comparable to that of Da Bai's.

One had his dignity as a swordsman wounded, and one had his dignity as a male wounded. They both wanted some time to calm down.

At the Palace of Winter, they saw the silver-haired Winter Male.

Upon seeing them, the first thing that Winter Male said was, "Life's but a lonely trek through the wintry snow. Who's going to illuminate my lonely world?"

Then, he was enchanted by Xu Xiaolan, who was as beautiful and as noble as a phoenix.

"Ah… You're like a flame in the darkness, you melted my heart!"

"This beautiful lady, are you willing to accept my frost inheritance?"

Gifting an inheritance straight away? An Lin and Da Bai were instantly dumbstruck.

However, Xu Xiaolan shook her head sternly. "I don't want it. My element is fire."

"Now then, I think you're misunderstanding something. The powers of ice and fire are not actually in conflict," Winter Male explained earnestly. "Rather, they're interrelated. If a place is rid of all its chill, then that's fire!" He continued blathering on about this for a long time.

After a lot of coaxing and convincing, Xu Xiaolan finally agreed to accept this frost inheritance. A shard of ice melted into her palm.

Although she was skeptical of Winter Male's words, getting something was better than getting nothing at all. Thus, she still reluctantly accepted this inheritance…

"Ms. Xu Xiaolan, let's exchange voice transmission talisman details?" There was a passionate glow in Winter Male's eyes.

"I don't want to. If fate brings us together, then we'll naturally meet again!" Xu Xiaolan bluntly rejected his request.

"Ah… I like your fiery personality!" Winter Male put his hand over his heart. He felt like his heart was going to melt again. "Then I'll take my leave first. Next time we meet, I'll make you fall in love with me!"

After uttering these shameless words, Winter Male reluctantly flew away from the Palace of Winter.

From beginning to end, Winter Male never said a single word to An Lin, Xiao Chou, or Da Bai.

They were treated like empty air…

"Haha, it seems like this frost inheritance really does have a bit of use. When fighting in icy and snowy conditions, it can ensure to the greatest extent that my flames aren't affected by the low temperatures…" Xu Xiaolan was absolutely delighted.

She grabbed onto An Lin's hand and continued toward the next palace. Everything was going so well!

An Lin rubbed his face and finally couldn't help but grumble, "Xiaolan, does your family own this Winter Dragon Tomb?"

"Hah?" Xu Xiaolan glanced at An Lin in confusion. Then, she realized what he was suggesting. She waved her hands and chuckled. "Perhaps I'm more fated with this dragon tomb…"

An Lin nodded solemnly. "Fate is too mysterious for words to express!"

The two of them arrived at the fifth palace. This palace was called One Year.

"There are four seasons in one year. Could it be that this palace is related to the previous four palaces?" Xu Xiaolan was eager with anticipation as she looked toward the palace sitting in front of them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Most likely. Or maybe this name is merely just a continuation of this dragon tomb owner's sh*t sense in literature." An Lin was also unsure. Anyhow, they would only find out the answer to this question after they entered this palace.

They pushed open the door and entered into the palace.

What welcomed them was a graceful and elegant middle-aged male. Upon seeing the two of them enter, the male greeted, "Welcome to 'One Year'. Also, congratulations on receiving the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter inheritances. My name is Lord Year."

This male knew that they had received the inheritances of the four other palaces. Perhaps he really was the boss of these five palaces.

Hearing his word of welcome, An Lin and Xu Xiaolan also introduced themselves. Then, they gazed at the male before them respectfully.

They had pretty much figured out how this place operated.

Each palace had a tomb keeper, and these tomb keepers could each choose an heir or heiress to their inheritance. As long as Winged Dragon Shen Yin's wisp of aura didn't reject the chosen being, then said being could receive the inheritance. Once this was complete, the tomb keeper would also regain their freedom.

These tomb keepers put forth all kinds of weird and wonderful trials. It also appeared as if they decided who to bestow their inheritances upon based solely on their mood. This could be deduced by looking at the strange happenings in the previous four palaces.

Meanwhile, Lord Year looked like a relatively composed man. His demeanor was also more like that of a Boss.

After hearing their self-introductions, he smiled warmly. "The inheritances of the Four Seasons Palaces are far more excellent than those of the Zodiac Palaces. It's a pity that the previous two groups of cultivators were captivated by the Palace of Heaven and let slip these inheritances. You guys are able to resist the temptation of the Palace of Heaven's divine light and march forward palace by palace. That's very well done!"

An Lin blinked his eyes. So his methodical sweeping method was this deep and profound?

"So, which members of your group received the inheritances of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter?" Lord Year asked in interest. He looked toward An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, Da Bai, and Xiao Chou.

Xu Xiaolan took a step forward and chuckled apologetically.

Lord Year nodded and looked toward the three remaining members.

There was a moment of silence.

Seeing that the three remaining members didn't respond, he couldn't help but ask, "That's all?"

Xu Xiaolan nodded. "The only person to receive inheritances was me…"

Lord Year grimaced. "You received all of the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter inheritances?"

Xu Xiaolan's face flushed red. Even she felt a bit sheepish about this. However, she still nodded in confirmation.

"How mysterious and wonderful fate is…" Lord Year exclaimed.

An Lin really wanted to chime in at this moment. Look, Mr. Boss, Xu Xiaolan has already received so many inheritances. It's about time that we little brothers get a taste too.

There was a look of appreciation on Lord Year's face as he gazed at Xu Xiaolan. "I originally planned to have the recipients of the inheritances duke it out among each other to decide the final victor. This is also fine though, all the inheritances have been gathered by one person."

"What more, Shen Yin's wisps of auras surprisingly didn't turn down this person. This is the complete four seasons…"

"Ms. Xu Xiaolan, this palace's Four Seasons Soul Gem is yours now."

Saying this, Lord Year took out a gem and handed it to Xu Xiaolan. This gem was flowing with four colors—green, yellow, red, and white.

Xu Xiaolan dazedly accepted this Four Seasons Soul Gem. She still hadn't recovered from this pleasant shock.

Is this gifting treasures instead of gifting inheritances now? It feels fairly good…

An Lin's eyes bulged, and his lips quivered. He felt like a sword had been run through his heart.

What the f*ck is with this now?! We've clearly done nothing at all so far, and you're immediately gifting her a treasure?!

Then, his eyes started to become vacant and unfocused. Who am I? Why did I come here? What's the meaning of me coming here?

He felt that apart from acting as a shocked passer-by, he could do nothing else at all.

"My mission here has been fulfilled. It's been fulfilled in a fairly satisfactory manner no less…" Lord Year smiled as he turned to glance at Xu Xiaolan. "It's time for me to leave, we'll meet again someday."

Saying this, Lord Year soared into the skies and left this palace.

Da Bai and Xiao Chou had already become accustomed to this kind of development. They accepted this fate with a calm expression on their faces.

"Eh, I feel like this gem is bringing about a change in my power!" There was a bright glimmer in Xu Xiaolan's eyes. At the same time, rays of light burst forth from the Four Seasons Soul Gem in her hand. There were four different colored rays of light, and they all dazzled brilliantly.

After a short moment, her expression changed drastically. "Ah! I feel like the energy within my body is fusing and growing…"

Hearing this, An Lin instantly became anxious. "Xiaolan, stay in control!" he shouted in panic. "Are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

Xu Xiaolan's pretty face was flushed a slight red as if she was experiencing some pain. Fear gripped at An Lin's heart.

Da Bai and Xiao Chou also walked over in concern.

At Half-Step Soul Formation Stage, Xiao Chou had the highest rank out of all of them. He was just about to check Xu Xiaolan's pulse, yet she waved her hands to indicate that it wasn't necessary.

Xu Xiaolan went into a meditating position and shook her head softly. "Don't worry, I'm fine. I just feel like… I'm about to break through!"

An Lin: "…"

Da Bai: "…"

Xiao Chou: "…"