365 Beauty, wake up!

Hinari's heart was beating loudly as she forced her tongue into Zaki's mouth. Her desperation and fear drove her into action. She could still feel the goose bumps on her skin, but despite it all, Hinari didn't want to let go, not until Zaki's dark aura dissipated and he returned to his senses.

She hated seeing Zaki in this state because she felt like he was someone else; someone who wasn't even seemed to be a normal human being. And even though this was not the first time she witnessed him in this condition her heart was still quivering not just because of fear but because of something she didn't even know herself. Hinari didn't know why but everytime Zaki becomes like this, a faint voice in her heart seemed to be begging her to stop him at all cost.

Thus, Hinari continued kissing him; her hands were wrapped around his neck as the sound of the swinging chain in her hand was like ringing bells from afar.

The way she kissed him was passionate but still mischievous as though she was screaming the words 'BEAUTY, WAKE UP!' to him through her kisses. She was kissing him slowly at first but when Hinari felt that the kiss didn't seem to have had any effect on Zaki, she leveled up her attack and she forcefully pushed her tongue into his mouth until she ended up kissing him like a tease, biting his lips and sucking his tongue.

At that moment, Zaki who actually started to regain his consciousness the moment Hinari's lips landed on his, felt his body getting hotter. His eyes, which looked something akin to a dead fish's eyes, were now slowly returning to its usual brightness.

The familiar taste in his mouth shocked him, as if it was the electricity he needed to regain some power back to his body.

The spark of heat coming from his mouth energized his brain and it seemed like it was finally starting to work again. By the time Zaki's senses were finally back to its usual humanlike state, he jolted because of the sudden sharp pain on his lips. When he finally realized that someone was biting his lips hard, Zaki's eyes widened in disbelief mixed with a little bit of confusion.

H-hinari?! She's kissing me?!

Shocked with what was happening, Zaki was about to try and break away from the kiss when Hinari suddenly tangled her tongue to his in such a naughty way, causing Zaki to halt his attempt to break free. Well, at that moment, Zaki felt like he was entranced by the warmth of her tongue and its movements were corrupting him, causing him imobile and couldn't pull away.

However, just as Zaki was about to bite her back, Hinari suddenly pulled back, leaving Zaki astounded and somewhat disappointed.

"Beauty?! Are you awake now?" she asked and gladly, Zaki immediately snapped back to reality. He looked at her and when he saw the worry in her eyes, Zaki averted his gaze from her as he raised his hand and covered his mouth with the back of his palm.

The moment Zaki turned his gaze away, the first person he saw as he looked around was Davi, who had just removed her hand from covering Little Shin's eyes. Just then, he realized what had happened and that Hinari might have kissed him to make him regain his senses.

"You actually kissed me so naughtily even when Little Shin is here, huh." Zaki finally spoke and Hinari suddenly held his face and made him look at her.

"Beauty, you're back! You're really back now, right? Do you know me? How many fingers am I holding up?!" She exclaimed as she showed two fingers in front of his face, causing Zaki to suddenly get the urge to flick her forehead.

Looking at her, Zaki realized that Hinari was actually the one who woke him up this time and he couldn't help but feel something twist in his heart. Since the day Sei took him out of that place, no one had ever managed to actually stop him when he was like that other than Sei. It was only Sei who could tame the inner beast which he himself couldn't control for all these years. But now, it was actually Hinari who woke him up this time? Did this mean Hinari could now also control him?

While Zaki looked like he was in daze again, looking at Hinari with those unfathomable eyes, Hinari gently shook him.

"Hey, beautiful! Are you listening to me? Don't you go back to your scary self again. Hey!" She ranted as she continued shaking him and the quiet Zaki finally raised his hand. As he was about to pinch Hinari's cheek, he noticed something hard wrapped around his neck.
When he saw what it was, his brows creased and his eyes narrowed.

"What the hell is this?" he asked and Hinari immediately explained things to him.

"You were about to go berserk a moment ago so your brother, the great, chained you, just in case." She explained as she lifted her hand which was holding the end of the chain and Zaki's veins could only pop.

At that moment, Zaki raised his head and his gaze fell towards Sei standing there while bunch of men were kneeling in front of him. He then narrowed his eyes as he looked at them before he heaved a sigh.

He took a step to walk towards Sei but he was suddenly pulled back and stopped mid-step.

"Hinari, let go of the chain." He said but Hinari puffed her cheeks as she walked and blocked his way.

"I was ordered by the big boss not to let you go so you can't be stubborn right now!" Hinari exclaimed and Zaki was about to flick her head but for some reason, he stopped.

"I'll just go get the key for this thing around my neck. So, be a good little girl and go be with your friend back there." He ordered but Hinari just tightened her grip to the chain as she replied.

"No. Right now, I'm more loyal to the big boss than you."

"..." Zaki was speechless. This fiancee of his was actually blatantly telling him that she was more loyal to Sei than him?!

Zaki could only bite his lip while Hinari continued speaking.

"So just give up and wait for your brother, the great, here. You can't go there! What if you will get provoked again?" She said, this time, she seemed to be a mother yelling at her son, not even letting him to speak a word.

"If you insist, I'll kiss you hard again. Besides, I'm only not allowed to touch you when we're alone, remember?"

"…" Zaki was again speechless. Why was his fiancee always threatening him with kisses?

Zaki almost wanted to naughtily tell her to go ahead and kiss him again but when he saw the serious look in Hinari's eyes, he could only pinch the skin between his brows and give in for now. He couldn't possibly let her kiss him again at this moment or else his parents, who were watching them with eagle eyes, might call some priest to wed them on the spot, right here, right now.

"Okay, you win. But at least let me find somewhere to sit." He finally gave in and Hinari was about to celebrate if not for his last line.

"Wait… don't tell me you're hurt somewhere!" she exclaimed with widened eyes and this time Zaki didn't hesistate and he flicked her forehead.

"Ouch! Is this how you treat your saviour? Didn't i tell you that a beauty should act like a beauty?!"

"What saviour, all you did was awakened me like some perverted alarm clock."

"You... you actually called your very own fiancee a perverted alarm clock?! Fine..." With puffed cheeks Hinari suddenly pulled the chain and Zaki was forced to move closer to her.

"Since some of your nerves still seemed to be sleeping, let the alarm clock keep ringing." She said with a seductive voice and Zaki's eyes widen as he immediately held her face stop her from kissing him.

"Hinari, did you forget about our deal?" Zaki said but Hinari simply smiled.

"You only said i'm not allowed to flirt Mr. Beautiful, you never said anything about the conditions. If you said i'm not allowed to flirt all the time, i would be behaving right now but you didn't so i assumed that those rules only applied when we're alone." She stated and Zaki couldn't even retort anymore. He looked like he doesn't have anymore energy left to bicker with her so he just heaved a long sigh, indicating his total surrender at the moment.

"Behave Hinari... Little Shin is watching. I just want to take a sit." Zaki said and seductive look in Hinari immediately dissapeared.

"Seriously, beauty. Are you really alright?" She asked as she loosened her grip on the chain.

"When did wanting to take a seat mean being hurt?" Zaki calmly answered but Hinari still creased her brows, looking a bit worried.

"Well, it's not like that. It's just that... it's rare to see you look tired." She replied when Zaki suddenly paused for a few seconds before he just turned his back on her while holding her wrist, pulling her with him towards the bench near Davi and Little Shin.

"You're imagining things." He said as they walk and Hinari blinked, looking a bit confused.
Why does it feels like there's something wrong with him? What's wrong with you, Beauty? Are you just still not fully awake?

Meanwhile after giving every single one of the Zhao's private army a real good beating, Kir walked towards Sei.

"What are we going to do to them?" Kir asked and Sei threw a glare on the leader before he replied.

"Tell your master to stop this nonsense. I will never give you another next time. If he do something again, i will make him regret for the rest of his life." Sei said with horrifying eyes of a monster that seemed to be ready to annihilate the entire Zhao clan down to their very roots, leaving everyone who heard him shivering.

Sei then turned towards Kir and answered him.

"Don't let them die. Just make sure they will never want to see my face again in their lifetime before you throw them back to their master." He replied loud enough for the entire army to hear him which made them jolt in fear.

Must our young master be this cruel? Can't he see we already suffered the worst beating of our entire lives? We can't even open our eyes anymore and yet he still wants us to suffer? He's not possibly thinking about skinning us all alive just to let us spend the rest of our days in pain, is he?!