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795 Drones are the Future

Jiang Chen finally understood why Natasha brought her luggage to the door, rather than returning to her apartment to drop off the luggage, She was planning to live here from the very beginning.

"I don't have a choice, your housing prices have risen too fast. I can no longer afford the apartment I rented on Embassy Street with my current salary. Anyway, since you have plenty of rooms here, you won't lose anything by sharing a room," Natasha rolled her eyes and said bluntly.

"Does the embassy not have staff accommodations or something?" Jiang Chen said.

"Yes, but it's too small. I like to live in a spacious house." With eyebrows raised, Natasha scorned. "Do you not welcome me?"

It was inconvenient by any means. However, Jiang Chen did not have plans to develop the apocalypse in the short term, so he agreed.

"If you only live here until you find another place."

After lunch, Natasha consciously helped Ayesha put all the dishes in the dishwasher.

Then Jiang Chen took her to her room and handed the room key to her.

Natasha's room was at the end of the corridor on the second floor, next to Ayesha's room. Ayesha helped her with her luggage and she moved in. At the same time, she arranged a housework robot Xiao Lin in her room to take care of her daily life.

"I don't need this stuff." Natasha said pointing to the robot.

"We need it," Ayesha said indifferently. "To ensure that you will not make play tricks in our home."

"Please, am I that stupid?" Natasha rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

It was unwise to play tricks in front of the chief instructor and commander of Ghost Agents.

What's more, she herself was not willing to do so.

After cleaning up the room, Natasha went to the bathroom with a change of clothes. Ayesha went to Jiang Chen's office.

"Natasha is taking a bath. I checked her luggage, and there are no devices inside, only clothes and carry-on items. If there are any changes, I'll immediately report back to you."

"Mhmm, I will leave it to you then. However, don't be overly suspicious." Jiang Chen caressed Ayesha hair, smiling at her.

In addition to the kitchen, gym, bathrooms, guest rooms and other facilities, places where there may be sensitive information, including the study room and basement, were installed with cameras. Entering without permission would trigger an alarm.

However, Jiang Chen knew that Natasha would not be trying any tricks.

After Natasha took a shower, Ayesha and Jiang Chen also went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then returned to their rooms for a short nap.

At about two o'clock, Jiang Chen ended his nap and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Then he put on some formal clothes, and went to the garage.

Just as he had gotten into his car, and was preparing to leave, Natasha, dressed in a security uniform, came downstairs and knocked lightly on his car window, biting her bright red lip while using a fake flirtatious tone.

"Hey Handsome, can you take me for a ride?"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and lowered the window.

"Get on."

The garage door slowly opened, and they steadily hit the road.

Jiang Chen turned the steering wheel and drove in the direction of Embassy Street.

After sitting down, Natasha put on her seat belt. At this time, Jiang Chen suddenly noticed from the front mirror that the pair of turbulent spheres were distorted by the seat belt. The conservative and dignified uniform not only did not disguise the charm but made it look even more attractive!

[You didn't need to wear a seat belt. No police will check my car...]

Jiang Chen originally wanted to remind her, but the words were then swallowed down.

Perhaps it was because his attention was focused on the flying scenes. Time flew quickly, and they arrived on Embassy Street.

Jiang Chen parked the car on the side of the street and reached out to unlock the door.

"Thanks." Natasha grinned and unbuckled her seat belt.

"No problem—"

However, before he finished, Natasha suddenly printed a bright lip print on his cheek.

Very moist.

Also very soft.

Jiang Chen looked blankly at her. He could not comprehend the situation and it took him a while to squeeze out a sentence.

"This is ... a unique way for Russians to say hello?"

"That's right. But even the most open-minded Russian beauty only uses this way of saying hello to special someone in herlife." Then, her firm legs stepped out of door. Natasha, who had stepped out of the vehicle, blew a kiss and disappeared at the end of the street.

She was gone.

After reminiscing about what happened, Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile.

The pounding heartbeat was dispelled from his mind. He re-started the car and stepped on the gas.

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Because he was delayed for a while, it was already three o'clock when Jiang Chen arrived at the company.

Before getting off, Jiang Chen looked into the front-view mirror and repeatedly confirmed that there was no residue on his face before leaving with assurance.

As usual, before he went to his office, he headed straight to Xia Shiyu's office and listened to her report on the company's recent progress.

"At noon yesterday, Global Express had begun installing the drone logistics network in Xiangjiang. A total of 329 drone terminals will cover the whole Xiangjiang region and achieve zero traffic occupancy. The Xiangjiang Government has seen our holographic concept map. And immediately understood the benefits. In addition, the Fire Department and the Police Department of the city are consulting us on the price of the Beta-1 and Beta-2 drones and the difficulty of introduction."

The Beta-1 and Beta-2 drones were firefighting and police drones respectively. The former could carry dry powder fire extinguishers into the fire, and the latter could fire rubber bullets or special 5mm bullets. They could be considered the two powerful weapons in maintaining normal order in high dense cities!

With Beta-1, there would no longer be the worry of fire trucks being blocked on the road. Ten drones were the equivalent to one truck! Twenty drones could control most fires.

After seeing the convenience of drones, it was not surprising that the two emergency departments became interested.

"Only debating about the price?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes, there are major divides within the Xiangjiang government aboutthe introduction of these two drones. On the one hand, it's due to the price. On the other hand, it's due to the safety concern of the police drones."

For a major city like Xiangjiang, the cost of a drone logistics network would be around 200 million US Dollar. But the cost of establishing a complete drone firefighting network would be almost three times the cost of the former. As for the drone policing network, it would be even more expensive.

And security even more so. Logistics and fire safety were less of a concern, but the police drones were equipped with guns. If Future Group left a back door in this drone system, it would be a disaster.

It would be impossible to introduce this system until the parties have established enough trust.

"Leave the problem of Xiangjiang government aside, how is the little Beta-4's progress?"

The Beta-4 drone would be a true masterpiece launched by Future Heavy Industries. Unlike popular technologies such as firefighting, policing, and logistics, Beta-4 planned to tackle the medical field with the most innovative capabilities!

"It has entered the final stage of experiments. The person in charge of the lab and I spoke, and by next month, at the lastest, we can have the prototype ready!" Xia Shiyu grinned.

Jiang Chen was pleased with the positive news.

"Can I ask a question unrelated to work?"

"Of course."

"Why are you so interested in drones?" Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses and looked at him with curiosity

"Because drones are the future."