Chapter 86: Overweening 2

Chapter 86: Overweening (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Rong Yi looked at them and felt that they were up to no good. He took back the hurt hand and rubbed it. Just as he opened his mouth to refuse their invitation, Rong Yuanqin sneered, "Father talks about Rong Yi every day? Hehe, are you kidding? I see that he is curing Rong Yi and wishing he would die sooner, then he wouldn’t bring disgrace to the family. Hum! I don’t know why was so angry after knowing Rong Yi was pregnant and even claimed to kill Rong Yi at once.”

Liu Yuyi was still wearing a calm smile, "No matter who heard his grandson is pregnant he would be angry, say some angry words, but after the anger, dad also slowly accept the thing? You see Yi and his sin are pretty well, that means father is just saying some angry words, Yi, let’s go. You can't keep your grandfather waiting.”

“Hum! Hypocrite!” Rong Yuanqin then turned to Rong Yi, “Rong Yi, don’t listen to her. Your grandfather invites you only wanting to ask you about where your father has hidden the ingredients.”

If Rong Yi would go with her, she would never let his father succeed.

Liu Yu smiled, frowning, “Yuanqin, how can you say that about our father? How would he covet the ingredients our big brother has left to his kid?”

Rong Yuanqin said sarcastically, “Even if not, that’s because Rong Yi’s son is Immortal Yunyi’s most favored disciple, so dad wants to suck up to Immortal Yunyi, wanting Immortal Yunyi to smelt magic weapons for him.”

Now Rong Yi have probably understood both of their purposes, for original owner having such a family, he would feel sad for him. If he could, he wished he would never see those people ever again. "You two stop quarreling for me. I can tell you now. I would go neither of your abode, not now, and never. And you don't have to cook something on me, because I don't know where my dad has hiddem those ingredients, and even if I know, I will not tell you. Beside, don’t expect to use my son to let Immortal Yun smelt magic weapons for you. If you really want him to do it for you, you go beg him yourself. Bu Qi, let’s go home.”

“Yes.” Bu Qi then switched the direction of the sword.

Liu Yuyi hurriedly said, “Little Yi, don’t listen to your aunt’s bullshit. Your grandfather is not that kind of person.”

Rong Yi ignored her and said to Yin Tao, “Son, don’t you talk to them if you see them again, or even go with them, you know?”

Yin Tao nodded, “I got it.”

“Hum! Kid, you are really overweening!” Someone snorted from far away. And then next moment, five men wearing robes of Nine Void Sect flew over on the swords and stopped before Rong Yi. They even deliberately stopped 1 meter higher in the air, showing kind of commanding position. “Hubby!” Liu Yuyi then flew to the man in the headmost.

Rong Werchen sneered at Rong Yi, “Rong Yi, do you have any idea those words you just said are like saying you’ll cut loose to our whole Rong Family? Hum! Without the protection of Rong Family, you will have no place in Nine Void Sect…”

Bu Qi then interrupted him, “Immortal Yunyi will protect them well.”

His words were like telling Rong Weichen and others that without Rong Family, Rong Yi could still stay in Nine Void Sect, so they should not be so arrogant.

Rong Weichen narrowed his eyes, “OK, fine. You better mark your words today. Don’t you ever come to us if anything happens to you…”

Rong Yi nodded, “Don’t you worry. I will never go to look for you. But if you have anything, don’t you ever come to me either. I’m afraid I can’t entertain you.”

For relatives like them, the more you gave them, the greedier they became, wishing that they could suck out every bit of you. So the best way was to cut loose from them.

“Let’s go.” Rong Weichen tossed his sleeves and left flying his sword.

“Hubby, hubby…” Liu Yuyi quickly chased after him. Until Rong Yi could not see them, she immediately lowered her voice and said, “You were too impulsive just now. Let’s put aside the ingredients your big brother has left. How are you gonna explain to father? And Shao Family! Once Shao Family takes over Tianxu Peak, he has plenty of time to look for the ingredients you big brother has concealed. Having wandered around the world for a few hundred years, your big brother must have gathered numerous precious stuff. Do you want to offer them to Shao Family?”

Rong Weichen said angrily, “But look at what that kid said! What did you expect me to do?”

“It’s all your second sister’s fault. She put everything above the table, apparently trying to tell us if she could not get him, neither could us. We can push everything to your big sister and let father figure it out.”

Rong Weichen nodded, “Hmm.”

After they left, Rong Yuanqin still wanted to exploit something from Rong Yi. Pity that Rong Yi and others directly flew away on the swords.

After they flew far away, Bu Qi said, “Master shifu, don’t worry. Without Rong Family, you still have me and Immortal Yunyi to protect you.”

Yin Tao immediately shouted, “And me! Daddy, you still have me!”

Rong Yi then pinched his little face softly, “You little thing! I can carry you with one bare hand. How are you gonna protect me?”

Yin Tao pouted, “Father is powerful. I can let father protect you.”

Bu Qi nodded, “Master Yin is really someone few people have the guts to trifle with.”

Speaking of Yin Jinye, Rong Yi immediately thought of the morning kiss. He couldn’t help touching his lips. After they kissed, he neither felt disgusted nor had the feeling of vomiting, but instead, he kind of missed that kiss now.

Rong Yi covered his face with a hand, groaning sullenly. Hadn’t he hated gays and could not bear to see two men kissing and holding each other? Why was he missing a man’s kiss now?”

At this time, over a dozen disciples wearing robes of other sects flew from down the peak and rushed to them and someone yelled at Rong Yi, “Rong Yi, you are finally here!”