Chapter 84: Pregnancy Pulse 2

Chapter 84: Pregnancy Pulse (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Bu Qi looked at Rong Yi who had made a fortune in such a short time, he thought perhaps later not only to learn enchantment, there were a lot of things for him to learn from Rong Yi.

"Uncle Rong, where did you and grandmaster shifu make your robes? I think they look pretty good. So I also want to make a few suits." One female disciple asked. Although they were required to wear the robe of the sect, they would often go down the mountain or go out for training, so that they could wear other robes.

Rong Yi answered, “There was a clothing shop in Eastwood Street. It’d open after the competition is over. Things are rather cheap. You can go there and take a look then.”

“OK.” That female disciple immediately said to her peers, “After the competition, let’s go take a look.”


The immortal who was supervising the competition then shouted, “Go back to your own seats. The competition starts in an hour!”

On hearing him, everybody went back to their own seats.

Immortal Yunyi then said to the immortal, “My little disciple would quit. Ranking means nothing to him.”

“Yes, yes, sure.”

Rong Yi then walked out of the hall with Immortal Yunyi and others, holding Yin Tao’s hand.

Immortal Yunyi said cockily, “Jixin, are you convinced this time?”

Immortal Jixin snorted, “This time it’s not about whose is more powerful, but about the ingredients.”

Immortal Yunyi did not argue with him since he won, and what Immortal Jixin said made sense. Without the Campsis Stone, Yin Tao could not win He Shuiyi. After all, He Shuiyi was a year ahead of Yin Tao.

He caught a glimpse of He Shuiyi who looked a bit frustrated, “Hmm, your disciple is indeed impressive. Some day he will definitely become a superb magic weapon refiner.”

Immortal Yunyi then rubbed He Shuiyi’s little head and said, “After you go back, keep up your good work. Next year I’ll let little Cherry compete with you again. And at that time he won’t lose again.”

He Shuiyi raised his head, “Are you trying to say I won this time?”

Immortal Yunyi smiled, “Yours is level one magical one, my disciple’s is level one refining one. Of course you won.”

“Yay!” He Shuiyi immediately jumped and cheered holding his seniors’ hands.

Immortal Yunyi then took them to his abode.

Rong Yi took out a bag of spiritual stones and give it to Bu Qi, “Here.”

Bu Qi didn’t refuse.

Rong Yi sized up Immortal Yunyi’s abode while holding Yin Tao’s hand.

Then everybody sat in the hall, and one disciple here served them some spiritual tea.

Rong Yi and Yin Tao looked at the spiritual tea and then the disciple standing aside who served it, and then Immortal Yunyi. Rong Yi felt a little depressed. Only tea?!

Immortal Yuiyi noticed it and asked, “What is it?”

“I’m hungry!” The father and son said simultaneously.

“…” Immortal Yunyi then asked the disciple to serve a few plates of spiritual fruit.

But spiritual fruit could only supplement one’s spiritual qi, but could not stuff the father and son’s belly.

Bu Qi was a bit confused, “Master shifu, haven’t you been eating all the way here? How come you are still hungry?”

Rong Yi also had no idea.

Immortal Yunyi asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable? Or getting possessed?”

If he got possessed, it was no way they couldn’t see it through.

Rong Yi shook his head, “I feel good. I mean, I don’t feel uncomfortable or what. But I always feel I am hungry, like the food I ate would be digested soon.”

Even the food in his Storage Ring was eaten up.

Immortal Jixin said, “I know a little leechcraft. What about I feel the pulse for you?”

Rong Yi hesitated a bit and nodded, “Thank you then.”

Immortal Jixin then switched his seat with Bu Qi and felt Rong Yi’s pulse and then frowned.

On seeing this, Immortal Yunyi became anxious, “Does he get some serious disease?”

Immortal Jixin didn’t make a sound. After feeling the pulse of the other hand, he frowned even tighter.

Immortal Yunyi then urged, “Come on! Say something!”

Noticing Immortal Jixin’s face, Rong Yi also became very tense, “Am I having some terrible illness? Immortal Jixin, I can take it. Just tell me what I have got.”

Bu Qi’s face sank, “Whatever illness it is, I will find the best herbs to cure you.”

Immortal Jixin exhaled a breath, rubbed his temple and said, “I think Imust have been too exhausted today, so I would have illusions.”

Immortal Yun Yi glared at him, “I served you superior spiritual tea and you still feel exhausted?”

“Let me try again.” Immortal Jixin then felt Rong Yi’s pulse again, it was still the same type of pulse. He frowned, “Is it possible my leechcraft is not qualified?”

“What type of pulse is it?” Immortal Yunyi was very nervous, “If you can’t cure him, I’ll send them to get the physician.”

Immortal Jixin looked at Immortal Yunyi, saying reluctantly, “I felt the pregnancy pulse! Don’t you think I’m having illusion?”

Both Immortal Yunyi and Rong Yi looked at him, with a full face of question marks, “Pregnancy pulse?”

Immortal Jixin said to Rong Yi, “Yeah, I felt your pulse and found you are pregnant.”

Immortal Yunyi, “…”

Rong Yi, “…”

Bu Qi, “…”

Then the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Immortal Yunyi said grumpily, “You old thing! You nearly scared the shit out of me.”

This time it was Immortal Jixin who got confused.